Announce a Baby’s Arrival with Pretty Princess Baby Shower Invitations

For mothers expecting baby girls, princess themed baby showers are just appropriate. A princess baby shower is all about soft pastel colors, laces, ribbons, baby girl scents and everything pink. Since the mother-to-be is expecting a princess, it is just right to send out princess baby shower invitations to all invited.

Baby shower invitation cards are important because these can create excitement among the invitees as well as help create the environment. When making invites, let your creativity flow and send these in styles that are out of the norm. Don’t simply settle with plain or printed cards for baby shower invitation designs. You can send the princess baby shower invitations along with a tiny pink shoe, a miniature bonnet, a tiny tiara, etc.

Party invitations can be made easily at home as long as you have a home printer and a computer with internet connection. There are a lot of sample baby shower invitations online that you can get ideas from. There are also printable invites you can choose from. You can also make your own design by looking up some princess theme pictures and putting them together before printing. Do not forget to put some important details about the princess theme party.

Another approach is to buy princess baby shower invites online where you are bound to find unique designs. The costs of these invites vary according to their designs and colors. Some online companies can also personalize the baby shower invites if you request them to or you can just wait for the cards to arrive in the mail and personalize them as you see fit.

The princess baby shower invitations you send out should also contain important details like the date, time, venue, the name of the guests of honor as well as the RSVP information like their address and phone number. You may also include some special instructions for the party i.e. a dress code.

Baby shower invitations can definitely add style to baby announcements and set the tone for the anticipated day. Pregnancy is a time for people to reflect on the meaning of family and invites for baby showers can in turn reflect the joy of welcoming a new member of the family. A baby shower can gather friends and family together for a memorable moment spent in celebration, laughter, stories and advice.

As mentioned, it is easy enough to make invites however printed cards must be of the finest quality because these are not simply things of practicality. Printed invitations are sent so people can commemorate the importance of that event and announce the coming of a baby in style. With this said, handmade invites for baby showers are more durable and unique in beauty and style. Handmade baby shower invitations can last for decades and the parents can save one for their child to see when she is grown up. Make your princess baby shower invitations as unique and long-lasting as you can to make the child know in her adult life just how anticipated her arrival was.

Make Baby Showers a Blast with Decorated Baby Shower Cakes

Coming up with the best baby shower gift can be a difficult task sometimes and you may find yourself at a loss as to what gift to give. If you find yourself in this situation, perhaps, you can volunteer to bake the baby shower cake. Specially decorated baby shower cakes can be the star of the occasion and can make the shower more special for the mom-to-be.

A cake may not last longer than the event itself but then, there is always something special with artfully decorated baby shower cakes especially in the eyes of the future mom. Catchy lines and toppings on the cake are always fun and you have free reign over the decorations.

Ideas for cake decorations abound and there are designs you can choose from for boys, girls and twins. You can also flavor baby showers cakes in many ways. Common flavors include lemon, butter-cream, mixed fruit and chocolate.

Decorated baby shower cakes look best when they are baked specially for the new mother. There are more ways than one to make a cake for baby showers memorable for a new mother. You can surely find interesting baby shower cake recipes online as well as helpful tips on decorating them. There are several patterns for decorating cakes that can turn them into baby shower centerpieces.

Here are some ideas for baby shower cake decorations you can consider.

  • Bake a simple cake shaped like a heart, square or round and by using icing pens, decorate it by writing the baby’s name on it or a quote for the newborn or a message to the parents.
  • If you are in charge of planning the baby shower party, come up with a theme and decorate the cake according to that theme. You can bake the cake in the shape of cartoon characters, animals, alphabets, or make use of toys as baby cake toppers.
  • You can also use ready-made plaques in your baby shower cake decorating. These plaques available in the market and come in themes like toys, angels, teddy bears, a stork carrying a baby, etc.
  • If you want to really mark the occasion, you can make the cake in the shape of a pregnant belly.

The ideas above for decorated baby shower cakes are for edible cakes. There is another kind of cake commonly prepared for baby showers which is made of disposable diapers. A baby shower diaper cake is made by rolling disposable diapers and tying them with fancy ribbons. The rolled diapers are tied together with rubber bands and depending on the number of diapers, you can make a 2 to 3 tiered cake. You can decorate a diaper cake with other useful baby things like bibs, shampoos, soaps, clothes, etc.

Indeed, well decorated baby shower cakes, edible or not, can be the centerpiece of the party. And to make a unique baby shower cake, you simply need to be creative and devote some time to prepare it. Your efforts will surely be greatly appreciated by the expectant mother.

Homemade Baby Gift Ideas: Give a Gift that Will Surely Be Cherished by the Mom-to-Be

For future moms, the baby shower is one of the most special events, marking the whole family’s anticipation and preparation for the arrival of the new member of the family. If you are invited to a baby shower, you must not forget to bring along a nice gift. A unique gift for the future mother would be a more appropriate baby shower gift however this might prove difficult to acquire. It will just be so easy to buy a gift, wrap it nicely and present it but then there is always a risk that someone else will be giving the same gift. Avoid this risk by looking up some really good homemade baby gift ideas.


There is a whole range of homemade baby gift ideas available through the Internet these days. All you really have to do is spend some time browsing and researching about handmade baby gift ideas which are not only unique and will surely stand out from a sea of other presents but also inexpensive. Handmade baby gifts are personalized, charming pieces of crafts that the whole family can cherish.


If you are the crafty type, baby gifts are easy to make, especially if you crochet or sew. Ideas range from baby blankets or quilts, booties, sweaters or bibs. If you want something that is easier to do, then look for cross stitch gifts for babies. Cross stitching is a sewing craft that can be tackled even by beginners as there are always easy to follow patterns. Cross stitched homemade baby gift ideas include bibs, nursery door hanger, sippy cups, etc.


If you are crafty with wood, or if you know someone who is, you can come up with a great handmade baby gift that can be treasured for years. There are fabulous plans for wood crafts that you can follow and make a cradle, toy train or cars, animal figures and other items that a child can grow up with.


If you like working with papers and scissors, then perhaps you can make a scrapbook or a baby book. A scrapbook can be a unique baby gift that can hold many of the child’s growing up memories. You can either create the album yourself or buy a ready-made one and simply add some crafted scrapbook pages.


You can also come up with a personalized baby gift basket for the would-be-mother. This is easy enough to do, just make a list of the baby things that can be added to this basket. You can include personalized towels and napkins, homemade scented candles, personalized baby clothes, homemade cookies and even a special recipe for homemade baby foods.


These are just some of the best homemade baby gift ideas that you can consider if you are attending one of these special events. You can wrap your baby shower gifts in a creative way and make it even more special by adding small baby socks to the gift wrap. You can explore other ideas for the perfect gift for the would-be-mother and her child online or by visiting a craft store where you can be hit by a unique and interesting gift idea.

Good Choice of Wholesale Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower can be a costly event to set up but if your business involves hosting these events for expecting moms, it is necessary for you to find ways to cut costs, the lower your investment, the higher your profits. When hosting this event, the most expensive part is the gifts used for shower activities. Here is where wholesale baby shower gifts come in. buying baby shower favors wholesale is a wonderful way to lessen investment costs and still provide excellent service to your clients.

Using designer baby gifts will only result to you charging your clients a higher price and still making less money. This practice is also bad for business as this will drive your customers away who will look for other services that can offer more reasonable prices. Using cheap baby shower gifts can get you a step ahead of your competitors and can contribute to the overall growth of your business. Be sure to select the best quality items there are tough to uphold the good reputation of your business.

There are many suppliers that can provide you with wholesale baby shower gifts. A lot of them will want to see your business license because they do not directly deal with regular consumers. However, once they verify the authenticity of your business, then the rest will be easy. Wholesale suppliers of baby showers gifts have websites that let you check on the merchandise they offer and choose the best baby gifts you can find. In most cases, orders are processed online or over the phone. After placing your order, the baby gifts for the shower will be shipped directly to your indicated location.

Some suppliers of wholesale baby shower gifts offer additional deals like free shipping especially if you place large orders. Aside from the gifts, it will also be a good idea to buy baby shower items by the bulk. Select items that you know will be a big hit for each shower you host and that you can use for many events. Common baby shower supplies you can buy wholesale include outfits, rattles, blankets, toys and other infant accessories. These supplies are available for boys, girls, as well as non-gender parties. Sometimes, it is a good idea to buy baby shower stuff that are not tied to a specific gender because they offer more flexibility.

When it comes to wholesale baby shower gifts, clothes are among your excellent choices. As a coordinator, you’d want your baby shower gift ideas to be unique and presented in ways that are out of the norm. Baby clothes can be packaged as cakes and shaped into bouquets so they can appear more interesting than other gifts.  Aside from clothes, baby shower gifts include picture frames, baby photo albums, soft baby blankets, portable bassinets and decorative themed wall hangings.

The purpose of holding a baby shower is to provide the future mother with a lot of presents that she can use for her baby. Wholesale baby shower gifts serve this purpose without people spending too much.

Super Fun Printable Babyshower Games

Expectant mother? Expectant Father? Or just a fun loving party giver? Whichever of the three you are, you can plan a babyshower that’s almost to perfection with these printable babyshower games!

If you are planning to give a babyshower but you don’t have too much time to put into it, just include some of these games perfect for a babyshower and you can turn it into a very fun and memorable event to welcome the newest member of the family.

Before you proceed to the main baby shower games, break the ice through the classic plate game. Put a baby sticker on the inside of one (or five, it depends on the number of prizes you want to give out for this game) paper plate. Pass paper plates out to each of the guests, and the guest or guests who get the plate with the baby sticker on it wins a prize.

Entertain your guests with the Babyshower Bingo Cards game. This is game is just right for a babyshower. It is similar to the good ol’ Bingo wherein whatever has been drawn from the tile bottle will be crossed out from the Bingo card. But instead of numbers, list down several things in relation to having a baby, for example, blanket, baby bottle, rubber duckie, formula, pacifier, baby book, baby toy, baby food, baby clothes, and onesies. Keep on drawing out the words until someone fills in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row and shouts Bingo!

Have fun with the Baby Animal Name Game. This printable babyshower game will test the knowledge of your guests about baby terms. List down around 10-15 adult animals with their corresponding baby names. For example, Kangaroo–Joey, Cat–Kitten, Eagle–Eaglet, Fox–Cub. Print out a list of the adult animals. Give each of your guests a copy of this list and have them write down the baby term for each animal for 5 minutes. The person with the most number of correct names wins!

Have a laugh with a babyshower game entitled The Rice and Safety Pins game. Using a fishbowl, or a large bowl, fill it halfway with dry rice. Mix in the small safety pins with the rice. Blindfold your guests and using only one hand, have them find as much pins as they can in one minute. The guest who will be able to find the most number of pins will win.

The next babyshower game than you can try is the Babyshower Memory Game. On a tray, put 12-15 things associated with having a baby. You can use any of the following: baby bottle, onesie, bib, baby lotion, brush, safety pin, pacifier, or a bootie. Leave this tray out in front of your guests for 1 minute, then safely tuck it away from their view. Now, give each of your guests a sheet of paper. Ask them to write down all the items that they can remember that was on the tray. The person who gets the most number of correct items wins!

This game for a babyshower will try out your guests’ baby vocabulary. In The Baby Word Scramble game, list down 15 things related to babies or to maternity. Now, scramble the letters then print these scrambled words out. Give each of your contestants a sheet of paper with these words. Give them 1 minute to unscramble all the words. Tease the contestant that gets most of the words unscrambled and tell them they are ready to have a baby!

With these printable babyshower games, I assure you that not only will you have the time of your life, this party will most definitely be a memorable one.

Perfect Baby Gifts for Baby Showers

Babies are blessings from God. And this is indeed the reason why people, especially upcoming moms, celebrate to welcome their new angels. So, they will put up a baby shower to welcome the new addition to their family. Baby showers are usually done for first time moms. But of course, it can also be done to anyone. When attending a baby shower, you should definitely have perfect baby gift or gifts.

Different baby gifts ideas are now available anywhere. Some creative minds even created diaper cakes for their little angels. Baby basket gifts are also available for baby boys and baby girls. But no matter what you will choose, the expectant mother and her family will definitely appreciate that.

So the first thing to do before you buy baby gift or gifts is to know if the baby that they’re expecting is a boy or a girl. Well, though there are different baby gift sets for both genders, but you can also get cute and colorful stuff for each gender.

Baby Gifts for Baby Girls

The perfect baby gifts for girls are usually cute little baby clothes. These little clothes have different kinds. You can

choose from baby pajamas to baby gowns. Cute little shoes that match these tiny baby clothes are also available. But the most common today are personalized baby stuff. You can give a cute baby diaper cupcakes with the baby’s name on it. Another unique idea is to give customized baby bibs. These are the most common gift for baby girls. Aside from these, there are other different baby gift or gifts for cute little baby girls. There are some cute little nappies, baby rattles, stuffed toys, cute baby albums, baby scrap books, and baby picture mosaics.

Baby Gifts For Baby Boys

Just like baby girls, there are also some cute baby gifts for boys. Well, actually, almost all of them are the same. It is just that this stuff for baby boys is in different color. Baby boys are usually represented by color blue while color pink is for baby girls. There are also some different clothes for baby boys. Little baby shirts are available for a cute little man. Baby toys are available too. From rattles to stuffed animals, everything can be a perfect addition to your baby gift set. Customized baby clothes are also available for baby boys. Be sure to get the best so your gift will stand out. But no matter what gift you bring, it will still be perfect for a cute little boy.

See, these things are perfect for babies’ ages 0 to 2 years. Moms will surely love these creative ideas for their new angels. These are among the perfect gifts that you can bring to a baby shower. You can buy more depending on your budget.

Baby gift or gifts are given to welcome these angels to the outside world. Aside from gifts, the most important thing is to let the parents know that you are happy for them for their new blessing.

Natural Baby Shower Products; Baby’s health Above All

Baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term “shower” is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is “showered” with gifts. Planning for a baby shower party is exciting. From the baby shower invitation to baby shower souvenirs, you just can’t help but be thrilled with the prospect of a baby coming. This baby shower items to be bought can be personalized or ready made, however, a new trend has emerged. Have you ever heard of Natural Baby Shower Products? If not, read on.

Natural baby shower products are the new “in” thing in the market. With the latest interest in reducing our exposure to chemicals and toxins in the environment, why not give a baby shower gift that is eco-friendly? Perhaps one best way of helping mother have a new start on protecting her baby from unwanted toxins is by providing a wonderful natural baby shower products. Supplies for baby which includes bath items, baby skin products, clothing, infant feeding set and baby toys can come in organic forms.

Mothers are conscious of the health risks of using so many of the products created for children. They cringe when they receive items like talcum powder or any baby bath products with chemicals known to be toxic. Organic and natural baby shower products are the best choice.

Shopping at an organic cotton store for natural baby clothes is ideal and can be fun. Organic cotton clothing will feel so comforting next to their tender skin. Although organic baby clothing is definitely not an inexpensive way to outfit a baby, it proves to be one unique baby shower gift. All organic babies clothing is made from 100% cotton with natural dyes. The cotton is farmed without the use of pesticides or other chemicals so the cotton fabric that is used to make organic baby clothing is free from these toxins. Parents of babies and infants will surely appreciate the thought that goes into buying organic baby gifts.

Throwing a trendy eco-friendly baby shower is one fun activity. Aside from being earth conscious, you are protecting the baby’s health. So while planning, include in the baby shower invitations that you are hosting an eco-friendly baby shower and it would be greatly appreciated if gifts given would be natural or organic. When that big day arrives, you will feel proud that you have come up with an exceptional party, even Mother Earth would really appreciate your hard work.

An advantage of natural baby shower products, aside from being eco-friendly, it is also inexpensive. Unique baby shower gift comes in many forms. One is an organic feeding set. It won’t be long before baby is eating solid food, so buy him/her a nice feeding set which includes a bib, spoon, travel cup and other essentials. An organic baby toy is nice too. Babies, when they reach the age of two, put everything inside their mouth. That is why organic toys which are free from chemicals are much safer for babies to chew on.

Baby Jewelry or Gift: An Infant’s First Treasure

Gifts are one way of showing love and affection. It is a symbol of an unspoken depth of joy, gratitude or apology. Weddings, newborn babies, promotions, love, Valentine’s Day and Christmas are few occasions which entail the presence of a gift.  It’s not easy choosing the perfect gift though. This task entails a rigorous shopping and a keen eye for what the recipient might like. Sure, couples would want a new tea set, or your boyfriend would want the latest Rolex watch, but nothing’s more gruesome than finding the perfect baby jewelry or gift.

There a lot of exciting things in the world to look forward too, and one of them is the birth of your baby, or your best friend’s, or your cousin’s. Nonetheless, you are thrilled to welcome a perfect tiny angel into the world and you just can’t wait to find the most amazing baby jewelry or gift. Sadly, that is the most challenging part of gift giving. Finding the right gift for a new born baby proves to be a hard task.

It’s really difficult to come up with an impression.  You roam around the city and search every shop, and find the most amazing baby boutique. Voila! You are faced with a lot of choices ranging from colorful baby bottles, intricate baby quilts, cutest baby blankets, a hypoallergenic pillow, or a rattle in the shape of SpongeBob. Confusing right? With so many choices, why not buy the whole bunch, a baby basket gift. This basket can either be a personalized baby gift basket, with assortments of your own choice. Adding a personal flare to a baby jewelry or gift somehow makes the thought deeper. We always have some bit of narcissism for when we put a little bit of ourselves, we hope that when the baby grows up, he/she can look back and enjoy the fact that there is something given specifically to her.

However, for some, shopping can be a bit tiresome, so they go online shopping instead. Buying baby jewelry or gift online are very common nowadays, it provides a wide range of choices for baby basket gift.  Choices aren’t limited when you go online buying. Some websites offers variety of baskets. There’s one basket which is perfect for bath time, it’s called “Bath time for Baby” basket. It includes travel size containers of some of Johnson’s most popular items as well as a rubber ducky, diaper cream, brush and comb and an adorable hooded towel. Quaint isn’t it? The contents are negotiable and can be according to your preference.

At the end of your perfect baby jewelry or gift searching, you realize that the thought always count. Gifts are meant to show love and appreciation, nonetheless, the fun of picking the most wonderful baby booties amongst hundreds of pairs (which probably looked the same) or making your mind for the thousand time if purple is better than lavender (which I think, looks the same again). Always put in mind when a newborn arrives most people give the cutest gifts they can find but take into consideration that these aren’t always the cheapest and most practical choices.

Baby Shower Printable Cards: A Perfect Way to Start a Baby Party

Whether parents are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy and everything is done with the delivery, it is now the best time to get the family ready for a baby shower party. To start the baby shower excitement, baby shower invitations are a big part in the shower planning process. Baby shower printable cards are very important as they communicate with what the guests should know regarding the details of the shower. This simple tip could be a good reminder when you are trying to make baby shower printable cards.

When making a baby shower card, it should be more than merely signing your name. If you take the time to select and make a baby shower card, pamper the new or soon to be parents with your best wishes words. If you already know whether the expected God-given angel is a girl or a boy, make a card that indicates the baby’s sex. Be cautious and be able to distinguish between a shower card, sent to the mother or both parents before the baby’s birth, and a newborn baby card, which congratulates the couple on their new child’s arrival. Check first the content of the card before you proceed in printing the card.

There are a lot of styles and themes now available where the parents have the privilege to choose what is suitable for their baby. It could either be from a classically stylish baby shower for boys or a cute baby shower invites for girls, suitable baby shower decorations and to an elegant matching thank you cards after the shower. Depending on the mood, theme and sex of the baby, parents can have fun and creative time planning for the baby shower printable cards.

With many different styles of baby shower printable cards available, now offered online, parents especially Mom’s can have fun browsing and personalizing different baby shower designs suitable in making the cards. Through online, it gives the interested parents also the ability to preview, add and change the text on the baby shower invitations, allowing them to customize baby shower invitations like never before.

Baby shower printable cards may contain baby shower clip art, baby shower invitations templates or even baby shower invitation poems. Some also prefer to include cute baby sayings, new baby poems and new baby wishes. But most importantly, it must contain the very essential details such as the name of the guest, the party venue, the date and time. The theme of the invitation should also run parallel to the theme of the upcoming shower party whether it may be traditional or not.

Some may think that having a grand party and that these baby invitations are “off-the-budget”, parents still see to it that they can give the best for their baby. Loving one’s own baby is not based on how grand a party may be not even how many had come to the shower, nor on how the baby shower printable cards look like but on how happiness is shared on welcoming the newest member of the family.

Baby Shower Invitations for Free Print: Good News to Newbie Parents

The term “baby shower” gives us ideas of giggles, games and good times. People enjoy looking forward to these chances wherein they share each other’s happiness and wishes in the arrival of the newest blessing from God- the baby. Along with planning to make the best event for the baby with decorations and games, the baby shower invitations selected also plays a significant part in the joyous celebration. But some parents frequently ask nowadays how much would it cost them to spend on these invitations not knowing that there are baby shower invitations for free to print. But first we should consider the funny idea that in making the baby shower invitations is like buying a perfect party dress!

These are some reasons why do people say that: want them to be girly, unique, and fun. 2. Feminine colors, textures, and styles are huge factors. 3. it should be fun (well for girls), not stressful. 4. never ask for your husband or boyfriend’s opinions!

Deciding the theme first for the shower is necessary so parents must decide well before making the invitation or before checking free baby shower invitations to print. The colors of the invitation are necessary because it will let the guest know if the celebrant is a boy or a girl or even a twin. Many baby shower planners like to use also baby shower poems as wordings of these invitations. There are really a lot of ideas to choose from.

Parents can view websites online which caters to the needed designs and style appropriate to the party and customize it. Some even offers downloadable baby shower invitations. They can choose between the different themes for the shower whether for a baby girl shower invitations or for a baby boy shower invitations. There are websites that offers these without paying anything online. Parents got to choose from a lot of samples for free. Through online, they can choose the perfect baby shower invitations and the last thing to do is print it!

Baby shower invitations for free to print means that parents can decide well by judging for the look of the invitations printed because more often than not some items appear to be better if printed than just being viewed through the computer screen besides the shower invitations can stand out also by using decorative theme papers. What is important is that all necessary details are included such as the name of the celebrant and the guests, the venue, the date and time of the shower.

Because of the economic conditions now, it is better to use our money appropriately by spending it on more useful things. We are lucky enough to have the Internet which makes it unnecessary for every parent out there to leave the comfort of home just to look for baby shower ideas at baby shower shops and stores. What more can you ask for, with just a click on your personal computer you can have baby shower invitations for free to print.