Making Pink Baby Shower Fortune Cookies

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Pink baby shower fortune cookies

One of the best options in choosing a good baby shower favor is the pink baby shower fortune cookies. Baby shower fortune cookies make good baby shower favors for couples who are running on a tight budget. You can use the pink baby shower fortune cookies if the baby you are expecting is confirmed as a girl, or you can use other feminine colors like yellow or orange. On the other hand, you can use blue baby shower fortune cookies if the baby you are expecting is a boy, or you can also use other masculine colors like green or violet. Nevertheless, the color of the fortune cookies for your baby shower is entirely up to you of course; you can even have them in assorted colors if you want.

However, just keep in mind that it is best to choose and use light colors and hues on the colors of your baby shower cookies. Why, you ask? This is because it is psychologically proven that light hues and colors give and impress that soothing effect on people. That soothing color effect would certainly enhance the impression that your baby shower favors make on your guests.

Aside from choosing the color of the fortune cookies for your baby shower, be they pink baby shower fortune cookies or blue baby shower fortune cookies, the fact that they are fortune cookies makes a good and lasting impact on your guests as well. After all, who does not like fortune cookies? The excitement and enthusiasm that fortune cookies bring would surely lift the mood of your baby shower and make sure that each of your guests leaves the place with a smile on their faces. What makes the fortune cookies so special after all? The highlight of every fortune cookie is of course the message hidden inside the cookie. Generally, they are inspirational quotes or passages that people can relate somewhat to their futures. However, you can definitely make your own messages you like for the fortune cookies of your baby shower. If you are feeling confident about your rhetorical skills, you can certainly make a multitude of unique passages for each of the fortune cookies. However, keep in mind that this is a tedious process especially if you have plenty of guests. Nonetheless, a sole inspirational message or some passages repeating here and there would not hurt either.

It may seem that the highlight of fortune cookies for baby showers, be they pink baby shower fortune cookies or blue colored ones, is the hidden message inside the cookies. Nevertheless, you must not forget that fortune cookies are still cookies, and all cookies, whatever type they may be, are meant to be eaten. The point here is that you must not disregard the taste and outward appeal of your baby shower fortune cookies. They certainly have to be delicious as well. If you have a good hand at making pastries and cookies and have the time to burn, then go ahead and make sure that the cookies are top notch in terms of taste. If not, you can always avail of pre-made blue and pink baby shower fortune cookies. One of the more popular and highly rated ones out there is the New Baby Girl Decorated Giant Fortune Cookie made by CookieHQ.

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