Baby Shower Games For Older Guests

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So you’re throwing a baby shower? Good for you! Make it something to commemorate and celebrate the most important event imaginable: the birth of a baby.

Baby shower games can be a lot of fun for everybody. They’re easy to find online. Here are a few that you’ll find appropriate for your older guests, as well as the younger generation. Enjoy!

Baby Charades

Divide your guests into two teams, and then put them in two different rooms, so neither team can hear the other. They are to write down, on ten slips of paper you provide (don’t forget a pen!) ten different words or phrases that have something to do with babies. Here are two examples: 1) Dirty Pampers, 2) Buttons and Bows. Tell each team not to make it too easy. Then when they’re ready, put the folded slips into two separate bowls and play Baby Charades! You can use lots of variations for this baby shower game idea. Try using only titles of movies that have babies in them. Or baby names, or baby food. The sky’s the limit on this one.

Guess the Baby Drawing
(baby pictionary)

Here’s one that’s suitable for everyone and everyone loves! Get an easel, a big pad of newsprint, a thick black marker and a kitchen timer. Divide your guests into teams, have them write down the pictures to be drawn (all centered around baby themes, of course), and away you go! Make sure somebody keeps score and enforces the time limit or you may never get around to the baby presents!

There are tons of baby shower games you can buy, of course, such as Baby Shower Bingo, Pregnancy, and Guys & Dolls. Spend a few minutes checking them out; you may just find some you’ll want to use over and over, for other parties as well as your next baby shower.

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