Free African American Baby Shower Games for Future Moms

An African American baby shower theme is a fabulous idea for future moms who want to celebrate their culture and heritage along with their baby’s arrival. A mom-to-be can use symbols and imageries related to her culture and make use of it as the central theme of her shower party. Although she can use the normal baby shower games for her party, she might want to include games that are related to her theme to complete the whole experience. If at a loss in searching for games related to this kind of theme, better read on and find several free African American baby shower games that can be used by future mothers in their own shower parties.

Strong and Mighty Black Mommas

This African American-inspired game is played like a quiz bee. The person in charge of the games for the baby shower will need to compile the names of all the powerful black mothers that she is aware of. Prepare a set of clues for each name and challenge the guests in answering who the famous person is. Not only will this provide fun and laughter to your party, this game will also show the guests that a strong and mighty black woman can also be a powerful mother.

An example question would be, “this strong and mighty black woman is the Queen of Talk and is considered as one of the most influential women in the world”. Answer: Oprah Winfrey

Inspiring Black Couples

For those who are going to throw a baby shower with large amount of guests or from mixed groups, it will be a great idea to play this next selection from the free African American baby shower games on our list.

The mom or the coordinator of the party will need to create tags beforehand that bear the names of well-known inspiring black couples. They will, then, be given out and pinned at the back of the guests randomly as they arrive for the shower party. The guests must be informed that the game’s objective is to intermingle and socialize with fellow guests until they are able to locate the other half of their inspiring black couple tag.

The participants are not permitted to ask precisely what name is attached on their backs and must use clues and coded words to let the other guest know the name assigned to them.

Name her Baby the African American Way Game

If the mom-to-be is still undecided on the baby’s name, this next game could help her out in choosing the name for her coming baby. Provide each guest with pen and paper, and then ask them to list all the names of influential and authoritative African American personalities that they could think of. The guest who has the most number of names that were not mentioned in the other guests’ lists wins.

Now that there are free African American baby shower games that soon-to-be moms can use for their parties, they can rest assure that their celebration will be filled with fun and laughter. They will be able to rejoice the baby’s arrival and honor their culture at the same time.

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