Super Fun Printable Babyshower Games

Expectant mother? Expectant Father? Or just a fun loving party giver? Whichever of the three you are, you can plan a babyshower that’s almost to perfection with these printable babyshower games!

If you are planning to give a babyshower but you don’t have too much time to put into it, just include some of these games perfect for a babyshower and you can turn it into a very fun and memorable event to welcome the newest member of the family.

Before you proceed to the main baby shower games, break the ice through the classic plate game. Put a baby sticker on the inside of one (or five, it depends on the number of prizes you want to give out for this game) paper plate. Pass paper plates out to each of the guests, and the guest or guests who get the plate with the baby sticker on it wins a prize.

Entertain your guests with the Babyshower Bingo Cards game. This is game is just right for a babyshower. It is similar to the good ol’ Bingo wherein whatever has been drawn from the tile bottle will be crossed out from the Bingo card. But instead of numbers, list down several things in relation to having a baby, for example, blanket, baby bottle, rubber duckie, formula, pacifier, baby book, baby toy, baby food, baby clothes, and onesies. Keep on drawing out the words until someone fills in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row and shouts Bingo!

Have fun with the Baby Animal Name Game. This printable babyshower game will test the knowledge of your guests about baby terms. List down around 10-15 adult animals with their corresponding baby names. For example, Kangaroo–Joey, Cat–Kitten, Eagle–Eaglet, Fox–Cub. Print out a list of the adult animals. Give each of your guests a copy of this list and have them write down the baby term for each animal for 5 minutes. The person with the most number of correct names wins!

Have a laugh with a babyshower game entitled The Rice and Safety Pins game. Using a fishbowl, or a large bowl, fill it halfway with dry rice. Mix in the small safety pins with the rice. Blindfold your guests and using only one hand, have them find as much pins as they can in one minute. The guest who will be able to find the most number of pins will win.

The next babyshower game than you can try is the Babyshower Memory Game. On a tray, put 12-15 things associated with having a baby. You can use any of the following: baby bottle, onesie, bib, baby lotion, brush, safety pin, pacifier, or a bootie. Leave this tray out in front of your guests for 1 minute, then safely tuck it away from their view. Now, give each of your guests a sheet of paper. Ask them to write down all the items that they can remember that was on the tray. The person who gets the most number of correct items wins!

This game for a babyshower will try out your guests’ baby vocabulary. In The Baby Word Scramble game, list down 15 things related to babies or to maternity. Now, scramble the letters then print these scrambled words out. Give each of your contestants a sheet of paper with these words. Give them 1 minute to unscramble all the words. Tease the contestant that gets most of the words unscrambled and tell them they are ready to have a baby!

With these printable babyshower games, I assure you that not only will you have the time of your life, this party will most definitely be a memorable one.

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