The Baby Shower Game Smell the Diaper

Games are one of the most anticipated parts of a baby shower. Guests love playing the usually goofy games and they really help to bring a party together. There are many traditional games, but today’s baby showers are getting more creative and adding humor into the ideas. The baby shower game smell the diaper is one such game.

One of the newest trends in baby showers is making the games very interactive and humorous. Smell the diaper brings a but of gross-out humor to the party. The concept of smell the diaper is for guests to smell diapers that have been smeared with melted candy. Of course, the melted candy looks suspicious inside a diaper and makes for plenty of laughs and funny faces.

To prepare the game there needs to be diapers and candy that can be melted or smashed into pieces. The person setting up the game should assign numbers to each diaper and record what candy is in the corresponding numbered diaper, so there is no confusion later. Melted candy can be smeared on the diapers and smashed candy sprinkled into the diaper. Of course, chocolate makes for the best choice as it will cause the most commotion from guests.

When it is time to play the game, the diapers are passed around to each guest. Guests smell the diaper and record their guesses as to what type of candy is in the diaper. The person with the most correct guesses wins. One rule, though, no tasting -smelling only.

The baby shower game smell the diaper is a creative twist on traditional baby shower games. This game will have guests rolling with laughter. They will have a ball playing the game and the mother-to-be will surely love the reactions, providing a great memory. This game is easy to set up and fun to play.

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