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So, you’re shopping for a quality gift at an affordable price?

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No problem! We’ve done the pre-shopping for you! And now, here’s…

Your Quick Easy Done” Shopping Guide

…Helps you find the baby gift that’s just right for

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Quick : Simply match the personalities and tastes of the new baby’s parents to one (or more) of the following categories

Easy : Skim our “suggestion bites” for some of this year’s most popular gift ideas

Done : Either purchase one of the featured gifts, or continue to one of our trusted merchant’s websites for an even wider selection and a pleasant, safe shopping experience

Personalized Gifts For First-Time Parents:

• Try a handmade, embroidered receiving blanket or quilt. Their rich satin-trimmed softness and “just right” size will be irresistible—meaning the one you pick stands a good chance of becoming baby’s “blankie.” Imagine the warm feeling you’ll get when the blanket YOU choose rarely escapes baby’s tiny grip.

• Bibs are Mommy’s best friend because they protect Baby’s cloths from whatever Baby’s eating or spitting up! These sweet embroidered bibs could be the “prized collection” Mommy uses to suit up Baby “extra cute” for family gatherings.

• Wrap up the essentials they need (clothing, bottles, toys, diapers, etc) into a cute personalized gift basket…better yet, have someone else do it! The pros at will make it look like you went to a ton of trouble (shhh, nobody has to know it was really a cinch. 😉

…Or Second, Third, or Fourth-Time Parents:

• Give them a Waterford silverware set and cup for that glorious day when Baby graduates from the bottle to the plate. These heirloom-quality sets will certainly be used by Baby’s babies someday.

• One easy way to mark milestones is on a growth chart. These, which may be customized for each child, are easy to write on. Great for days when you want to document something neat (but you don’t have the time to get out the baby book).

Wanna give a gift that’s guaranteed to get an “Awwwe, how cute!” when it’s opened? You simply can’t go wrong with an adorable monogrammed blanket (with many styles, including varieties of Whimsical and Vintage Chic). Or go for a personalized wall hanging for the nursery (although they will run you a pretty penny, their absolutely perfect for the price)… or a hand painted, personalized name plaque (with child-friendly paints!).

NOTE: If the parents-to-be don’t know Baby’s name or gender, go for a gift certificate from, a great source for this and other personalized gifts! Online shopping and a good cup of coffee: a great way for Mom to spend a precious moment of peace!

Great Ideas For Trendy Mamas:

Diaper Bags—Disguised as Designer Bags! …they’re so nice, you’ll probably catch Mom wearing one when baby’s not around! Visit for an almost endless selection of wonderful bags., including several “Daddy Bags”—masculine designs, that’ll never be mistaken for (ahem) a purse.

• The “onesie” (a.k.a. one-piece bodysuit) is one of the basic “must haves.” But why stick to the basics? You can find bodysuits and baby t-shirts with hip, sassy slogans. Come see the selection at

• Trend-setters will love any one of the dozen or so monogrammed blankets from the Modern Prints collection. If you haven’t seen these yet, click here now for a quick peek! There’s something to suit anyone’s taste. And when you consider the quality of these blankets, their welcoming selection, and the low price, it’s no wonder their so popular with so many new parents!

For Modern Tastes:

• Who says a good highchair has to be a bulky, plastic eye-sore? The most cherished gifts have more going for them than “pure functionality.” Like the fit, form, and function of these elegant highchairs, loaded with features Mom, Dad, and baby will appreciate. And they’re priced just right!

Strollers… welcomed gift, when suited to Mommy’s lifestyle. For the suburban mom, a stroller should be rugged for walks around the block… and storage is super-handy for trips to the mall. But for city streets, subways, or crowds, it better be durable, lightweight and road-ready. Often, specialty strollers handle better, have more features and last longer than your discount store special.

Diaper Bags for Daddy! Let’s face it, moms and dads are sharing the role of parenthood more than ever. And when Dad’s on diaper duty, he can look cool with a variety of options. Like the discreet Diaper Dude mini, camo bags, a classy football diaper bag, single-strap, cross-torso bags, and backpack diaper bags. Over two dozen to choose from at

Oh, wait… It’s hard to imagine a dad who wouldn’t appreciate Dad Gear. Like their cargo vests and jackets that discreetly hold baby items for quick trips, keeping daddy’s hands free to play with the little one!

Gifts that Last:

• As useful and practical as it is thoughtful and fun: the personalized step stool / puzzle. A popular gift for its colorful, block letters that double as baby’s first puzzle. And as a step-stool, its quality, study construction will come in handy for lots of hand-washings.

• There’s nothing like classic toys. Your favorite little guy will be the envy of the block when he tools around in his own shiny sports car. And the future glamour girls will fall in love with this pink and chrome sedan.

• Artisan-quality picture frame sets for “baby’s firsts”—so all those great shots don’t stay on the computer! Plus, other unique gifts that will be treasured for life, like hand-or-foot-print photo frames, keepsake boxes, baby’s first piggy bank, and more! Click here to browse the selection now.

Choose from these and hundreds of other one-of-a-kind gifts from two of the Internet’s most popular (and easy to surf) websites for baby shower gifts: and They’ll even take the hassles of gift wrapping and delivery off your hands. They each have knowledgeable in-store representatives who can answer anything you want to know.

Here’s why and
are our top picks for baby shower gifts online: is 100% Manhattan, the stylish solution for your baby gift needs (with an off-line store in New York City). has been featured on CNBC, Us magazine, FitPregnancy, The Learning Channel, and more! Plus:

  • Wide variety of truly unique and personalized gifts you’ll never find at the corner store
  • Easy “Gift Finder” feature lets you browse by price range and other categories. Or use their “clickable” list of every item they carry, in order of price.
  • Live online help for all your questions.
  • You don’t pay sales tax unless you‘re shipping to New York State. is dedicated to providing the ultimate in fashion for mothers everywhere. Started by a mom who was frustrated by her lack of options online, this easy-to-navigate site offers a complete line of diaper bags and accessories that are not only functional, but look absolutely fabulous. Plus:

  • Huge Selection – Hundreds of diaper bags, featuring every style imaginable
  • More than just diaper bags! They also offer Personalized Gifts, and more
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Why wade through the clutter at your local store? Visit these sites today for the very best in baby gifts—choices carefully selected to appeal to every style and budget. You’ll save time and stress while giving the truly special gifts your friends and family deserve.

Selection, Value, Service… and Convenient, Hassle-Free
Shopping with a Smile—what more do you need?

Get your shopping out of the way now (and have fun doing it!).

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