Baby Gifts at Hospital: Common Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies

Newborn babies can bring a lot of excitement and happiness not just to the family but to friends and relatives of the new moms. Giving baby gifts at hospital is one of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of babies and is an excellent and outward indication of best wishes and congratulations for both the baby and the mom. While some people may prefer to give gifts during baby showers, there are those who choose to visit hospitals and give gifts that babies can use when they arrive.

Finding that perfect baby gift to bring with you to the hospital is very easy as there are many gift ideas that you can choose from. What’s probably the most popular one is a baby journal. Baby journals are where parents can put stuffs like baby pictures and personal writings. A baby journal is also where parents can record their babies’ progress and milestones.

A baby gift basket is also a popular gift option. Depending on your preference and your budget, you can choose to include various baby items like bottles, toys, and diapers. If you can, choose a gift basket that can also serve as baby carrier. Parents are sure to appreciate such thoughtful and useful baby gifts at hospital.

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of a unique baby gift, you can choose to give a gift voucher to have the baby’s hands and feet sculpted. Many parents consider such items their most treasured possession as these are sure to remind them of days when their grown up child used to have those soft, pinkish, and kissable little fingers and toes. A gift voucher for professional photography to capture babies’ growth during their first three months, six months, and until they reach their first year is also a good gift idea.

Diaper cakes, also called nappy cakes, are also unique baby gifts at hospital. These are cakes that are made out of diapers. Although they are not the usual cakes you are familiar with or those that can be eaten, such thoughtful creations are sure to bring smile to the parents’ face. You can garnish your diaper cake with baby items like bibs, toys, baby socks, and pacifiers. A dose of creativity and imagination may be required as you create your own diaper cake. There are, however, ready-made diaper cakes that you can purchase from various baby stores.

You can also give personalized gift items like quilts, bibs, teddies, photo frames, where the baby’s name is etched. Even handmade crochet blankets and towels with babies’ name printed on them will be highly appreciated.

There are just too many ideas for baby gifts at hospital. Remember, however, that the best gifts are not always those that are tangible or those that are pricey. As what people say, it’s not the price or the kind of item that counts. In gift giving, it’s the thought that really counts. Spending time with the parents the day the baby is born is a good gift itself. While at the hospital, you can take pictures to commemorate such a special event or help out moms tend their babies. Parents are sure to appreciate the time you have to spend with them.

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