Religious Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Best Way To Express Your Love and Support For The Parents-To-Be

Meaningful religious gifts always make wonderful gifts to give in a baby shower. While they symbolize the love of God, giving such gifts to a couple expecting a baby is one way to let them know your support for them in their new phase in life. What’s more, the power of such gifts does not only touch someone’s soul, they  are also meant to last forever. Here are some cool religious baby shower gift ideas to choose from.

Heirloom Baby Bible

Perhaps nothing beats bible as a baby shower gift because bibles symbolize a treasure of a lifetime—Faith. And what better way to make this gift even more extraordinary is by accessorizing it with hand embroidered cotton cover. You may also put it in a stylish box with your message imprinted on it.

Irish Keepsake Baby Bible

Heirloom Baby Bible with Hand Embroidered Cover


A cross can add more meaning to a gift. It symbolizes God’s love and sacrifices to mankind, which makes it a wonderful baby shower gift for the parents expecting a baby as a way to express your support for the baby.

The best thing about using cross as baby shower gift is that there is  a wide range of styles to choose from. You can choose to give handheld crosses made for meditation or prayer. Another option are cross pendants or keychains. These are usually available at affordable prices at

“Living Cross” Personalized Baptism Wall Tile (Girl)

“Living Cross” Personalized Baptism Wall Tile (Boy)

Angel Worry Stones and Comfort Stones With Cross

Many people use comfort stones with cross for prayer or meditation. They can be rubbed or held to bring about feelings of connection to God and of calmness. Meanwhile Angel Worry stones are believed to help protect you. Because of their compact size, you can place them in a purse and bring them anywhere you go everyday. They don’t just serve as a symbol that God is with you but also as a reminder of your faith in God.

These stones can make wonderful baby shower gifts that parents-to-be will surely treasure for a lifetime. To make it more unique and add personal touch to it, it can also have a few words laser engraved by an engraver.

Angel Gifts

One of the most popular but cool religious baby shower gift ideas is angel gifts. In the Christian religion, angles serve as messengers of hope, peace and love. Thus, giving angel gifts is one way to tell the parents-to-be and their baby that you care, support and love them. There is a wide range of angel gifts to choose from. They can be decors like angel figurines or vases or baby items like shoes or clothes with angel prints. They can also be keepsake boxes.

What’s best about angel gifts is that you have many options to choose from to suit your budget. You can already purchase cool and personalized angel gifts at $5 each. Some websites even offer free shipping.

Above are just a few of the coolest but most powerful and meaningful religious baby shower gift ideas you can choose from. With the help of the Internet, your options of religious gifts are actually as unlimited as your imagination.

Personalized Angel Keepsake Ornament (with skin color and hair color options) – Girl

Personalized Angel Keepsake Ornament (with skin color and hair color options) – Boy

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