Unique Baby Gifts and Toys That Won’t Break Your Bank

Giving baby shower gifts to parents expecting a baby is a wonderful way of sharing your joy about their upcoming baby and showing your support to them as they go through a new phase in life.  And what better way to show this joy and support than through giving cool or unique gifts that don’t break your bank! Here are some tips on how to find affordable but unique baby gifts and toys you can give at a baby shower.

Shop Smart

Look for a one in a million gift. It does not have to be a diamond pendant or a college scholarship grant. But it has to be something that will make the baby and the parents remember you for the rest of their lives. Personalized gift items are the best in making these history-in-the-making acts.

  • Baby clothing does not have to be dull. Why not choose a clothing that says “Just Hatched!”  or “Daddy’s Future Caddy”? Meanwhile, for parents-to-be who are fond of social networking websites, you can get them bodysuit that says, “You Tube Get Connected Personalized Bodysuit”, “Twitter Get Connected Bodysuit”, or “Facebook Get Connected Personalized Bodysuit”.
  • Toys like building blocks and play tents can also make useful baby gifts. What’s best about these gifts is that the baby can play with them longer, and even if the baby is old enough. They can also make good nursery décoration during the baby’s first few months.
  • Another cool gift that will surely delight a mom is a gift basket filled with colorful baby    essentials, such as clothes, cologne, and socks. A beautiful and colorful gift basket can even be made a centerpiece at the baby shower! Cornerstorkbabygifts.com and toocutebabygifts.com offers a wide selection of items you can include in your gift basket, such as “Caterpillar Crawlers” baby socks, baby denim/suede boots, and personalized bed clothes.  These gift items are available in many colors and at a price of $5 to $20 each.
  • Another great idea would be baby keepsake gifts, such as Irish baby fork and spoon gift set or religious items. The beauty of such gifts is that they can become heirloom, which can be passed from one generation to another.
  • Any mom would love to capture the baby’s every cute and endearing moment on film. Thus, giving memory or photo albums is always a great idea. You can personalize it, if you like, by putting your message or a poem in the album.  This is a winner idea that is sure to be cherished through the years!
  • Play mats and bouncers also make wonderful gifts that will surely be appreciated by the parents and that will also surely entertain the baby.

You can always make inexpensive gifts unique and cool in many ways. Personalizing it using your creativity and talent is one best way to turn your baby shower gift extraordinary. Shopping from a website that offers unique baby gifts and toys at affordable prices is also one great option for you. There are actually many websites that offer unique baby gifts and toys at very affordable prices. Two of which that should check out are cornerstorkbabygifts.com and toocutebabygifts.com.

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