Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces Ideas

Using homemade items to decorate for a baby shower is a great idea. Not only does this save money but it brings a sense of warmth to a baby shower. Homemade baby shower centerpieces ideas are some of the easiest to come up with and easiest to make, so even a novice craft person can do it.

Homemade ideas run the range from food items to craft items.  Almost anything can become a renovated centerpiece. Centerpieces are the easiest to do because they do not need to be hung up and can be simply set in the middle of tables. They are also easy because the person making them will know the exact number they need and the size they need to be.

Ideas for food centerpieces include displays of food items that can then be eaten or taken home by guests. Cookie lolly pops stuck in a basket or a neat display of homemade mints will dress up any table.

Some ideas for a crafty centerpiece include recycled pieces or garden pieces. Recycled pieces can use any item from around the house that is dressed up as a centerpiece. Old tea cups and old candles can combine to make a wonderful luminaries centerpiece by melting down the candles, pouring them into the tea cups and adding a new wick. Flowers from the garden can make nice cut arrangements for a centerpiece.

Other ideas include using pictures of the parents-to-be as table decorations. Origami is another idea, if someone knows how to do it. Homemade baby shower centerpiece ideas are all about being creative.

Almost anything can be made into a centerpiece that looks as beautiful as anything that could have been bought. Guests will appreciate the effort it took to create each centerpiece and some may even ask for directions to make their own.

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