Sentimental Baby Shower Ideas

Sentimental baby shower ideas are for the mom-to-be that wants to remember every moment of her pregnancy. Many moms -to-be wish to cherish every moment from the minute they find out they are pregnant. It may be the hormones or just how pregnancy makes women more emotional, but sentimental baby showers will help a mom-to-be to never forget her baby shower.

A common theme of sentimental baby showers is creating a keepsake at the party for the mom-to-be. a good example is a picture frame that everyone at the party signs with their name and a message. The picture frame is then presented to the mom-to-be. Another idea of a keepsake is a journal where each guests writes about an experience or time they remember that they and the mom-to-be shared. Another keepsake idea is one where each guests brings with them a picture of the mom-to-be from sometime in the past. Some guests may have known her since she was a baby herself and can bring pictures from her childhood, while other guests may be able to bring pictures from a past decade when they first met the mom-to-be.

The photos are then put in an album for the mom-to-be share with her new baby one day. Another ‘bring to the party’ type activity is where each guest is sent a quilt square to decorate and bring to the
party. The squares are then sewn together for a quilt. Sentimental baby showers can also include sentimental games. One idea is a remember when game where guests take turns talking about a time they remember when about the mom-to-be. Another game could include pictures of each guest as a baby where the
other guests must match up who is who.

Games and keepsake gifts are a big part of sentimental baby showers. Sentimental baby shower ideas revolve around creating a feeling of nostalgia for the mom-to-be. Remembering past times or creating things for the future are sure to make any mom-to-be start feeling sentimental.

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