A Baby Shower Moon and Stars Theme

Creating a baby shower around a theme is one of the easiest ways to make planning simple. There are many themes a person can use. Some themes are based on licensed ideas, other themes are more generic. The more specific and detailed a theme, though, the more expensive. For the planner on a budget a baby shower moon and stars theme is an easy theme that requires nothing special except a little imagination and creativity.

The steps in creating a baby shower with a moon and star theme is to start from the top. The first thing to do is to choose the colors. The most popular colors for this theme are yellow, blue and silver. These colors should be incorporated into the different aspects of the party. Of course the moon and star shapes will also play a big part in the overall décor of the party.

The main things to cover are as follows: – decorations – cake – invitations – favors For each of these the colors and moon and star shapes should be used.

Moon and star shapes are easy to create. A person can cut decorations out of construction paper or easily find moon and star décor at the store. The cake can be easily shaped like a moon or star and decorated with the colors. Another cake idea is to decorate the cake with moon and star decorations. Glitter is another decorating tool that works great with this theme. Glitter can be sprinkled on tables to add to the table settings.

A baby shower moon and stars theme is easy to put together. It is generic enough to be able to find items easily at a store or create them from scratch. It also creates a mood for the party of a dream-like quality. Using a theme helps the party planner stay organized and makes their job much more simple.

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