Planning a Halloween Themed Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower with interesting themes can be fun and guests and the expectant mom will definitely enjoy the baby shower party. There are many themes for a baby shower. You can even create your own theme. One great theme especially during the months of October and November is to have a Halloween themed baby shower. It might sound strange but it can actually be fun. For one thing, you can use recycle or reuse decorations you have used during the Halloween.

You can start by thinking of a Halloween themed name for the baby shower party. Examples are ‘Mommy’s Little Pumpkin’ and ‘my Lil’ Pumpkin Baby Shower.” Next, you have to come up with a baby shower with a Halloween theme as well. You can make baby shower invitations shaped like a pumpkin or any other items related to Halloween. Those who are not artistic enough can download Halloween themed baby shower invitations from many baby shower party websites.

After sending out the invitations, plan the baby shower decorations next. This should not be difficult since you already have a theme and you can reuse Halloween decorations from past Halloween parties. Use black and orange colors and decorate the party place with pumpkins, witches, spiders, skeletons and many more. You can also ask guests to come in costumes.  You also need to prepare foods which go with the theme of the party. For example the baby shower cake can be a pumpkin cake roll or a butterscotch pumpkin bundt cake.

One of the most important things to do when planning for a baby shower party is to make sure that you have enough baby shower activities and baby shower games to make the party lively. Some good games you can have are: Halloween crossword puzzles, pumpkin bowling, baby pumpkin carving and trivia games about Halloween and motherhood.

Some of the unique Halloween themed baby shower games which are highly suggested by those who have tried include: ‘Baby Sounds’ and ‘Creepy Crawlers’. For ‘baby sounds’, you will need to record different baby sounds then make the players guess the sound or the activity related to the sound. For the ‘creepy crawlers’, put different Halloween related items in a small bag then let guests feel then guess what is inside the bag. These two games can definitely make the baby shower party memorable to those who attended the party.

Aside from games, there are other baby shower activities which can be done. You can have a Halloween onesies painting activity. Prepare white onesies and different paints. You can then ask the guests to paint the onesies with Halloween related stuff. You can also have a baby shower pumpkin activity. It is basically the traditional pumpkin carving but with a twist. Challenge the participants to carve something which is related to babies. For example, they can carve a crying baby or a diaper, a smiling baby and so on.

It is indeed challenging to prepare for a Halloween themed baby shower but it can also be fun. If you do lack baby shower ideas, you can ask help from people who have experience in planning baby showers or you can read books about baby shower parties. You can also search the internet for great ideas and you can even get some materials from some websites for free.

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