Planning a Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Baby Shower

When planning a baby shower a simple way to make everything more organized and easier to do is to choose a theme. A theme allows a person to tie everything together and choose supplies based upon the theme. Themes allow a person to set up specific color schemes and symbols that will be used. A now I lay me down to sleep baby shower is a great example of using a theme to simplify the planning.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep is a popular children’s prayer. Almost everyone has heard of it and it evokes a sense of security and comfort when people hear it again. Using this theme for a baby shower is quite simple. The first step is to determine the color scheme and symbols that will be used. Commonly used colors include blue and yellow. Common symbols include pillows, stars, moons and praying hands. Once the colors and symbols are chosen it is time to start planning.

The important aspects of the shower should all be tied into the central theme. The invitations can incorporate the now I lay me down to sleep poem on the front or inside. Food is the next essential item. The cake should be decorated with coordinating symbols and can also include the poem. The next thing to consider are the decorations and favors.

Decorations and favors are where the theme really comes out and is tied in with the party. Decorations should clearly spell out the theme of the party. Some great ideas are to use the stuffed animals that say the prayer as table center pieces. After the party these can go home with the mother-to-be for the baby. Glitter is often used with this theme and can be used to dress up tables as well. Streamers in the colors can be used around the party area. Favors are another great way to incorporate the theme. A creative idea is to make potpourri sachets that look like small pillows with the prayer written on them and the baby’s name or just use “Baby” and the last name. There are many store bought options that tie in with theme as well.

A now I lay me down to sleep baby shower has an atmosphere that evokes the peacefulness of a baby sleeping. The party should be kept low key and relaxed. The atmosphere is set with the decorations, cake and favors. Once the party is underway all the planning will be worth it.

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