Choosing Baby Girl Shower Cakes for Expectant Moms

Organizing an event as special as a baby shower entails a lot of hard work and careful planning. There are a lot of factors to consider and things to prepare. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on the most important part which is the cake. And if the soon-to-be-mom is expecting a baby girl, there are certainly hundreds of online stores from where you can order baby girl shower cakes that are sure to melt her heart and put a smile on her face.

Baby girl shower cakes come in different styles, designs, shapes, and sizes. There is practically a baby shower cake for almost all types of expectant mothers. Whether they prefer to have simpler and traditional cakes or those decorated with a myriad of cute and delightful colors in different frostings, fillings, and flavors, there is certainly a long line of baby shower cakes to choose from.

Depending on your preference and on how creative you can get, you can choose to have a teddy bear or Barbie doll cake, a cake that resembles a garden with fairies and angels, or even a cartoon cake decorated with famous girl cartoon characters such as the powerpuff girls and superwoman. A dress cake or a gown-shaped cake is also a famous baby girl shower cake, as well as a cake covered and decorated with a simple and exquisite arrangement of flowers in different colors. Even baby shower cupcakes are perfect.

But what’s probably a simple, unique, and practical baby shower cake is a diaper cake. Diaper cakes are made out of diapers, which can either be disposable baby diapers or cloth diapers. Dozens of diapers that are rolled up are usually required in order to create a professionally and elegantly looking baby shower diaper cake. Some diaper cakes are made of colored diapers to make them look more attractive and impressive. While not really edible, the best thing about having a diaper cake for baby shower is that you are providing the expectant mother essential items, such as diapers and socks that the baby can use during the first few days or months.

One great example of a diaper cake that is being sold online today is the Diaper Cake Grande. Specifically designed for moms expecting baby girls, this diaper cake comes with 152 premium disposal diapers and two pairs of socks. It also comes with a removable sock corsage that soon-to-be-moms can wear. There is also the Forever Baby Diaper Cake that comes with 78 diapers for newborns, three pairs of newborn socks, and a keepsake album. For a more girlie diaper cake, there’s the Diaper Cake Delight covered in pink color. It is made up of 81 disposable diapers, as well as a baby sock corsage for expectant moms.

The type of baby girl shower cake that you bring as present for an expectant mother will reflect your style and creativity. And with hundreds of online stores that feature a huge array of baby girl shower cakes, there’s no way that you can’t find a baby shower cake that will not just reflect your style and creativity, but will also melt the heart and bring smile on a soon-to-be-mom’s face.

What to Write on Top of Baby Shower Cake?

If you decide to celebrate the coming of an additional member to your family, you may want to think about what to write on top of baby shower cake.  It’s going to be a challenging feat that will require a lot of preparation on your part so best to plan it ahead of time.

The key to planning what to write on top of baby shower cake is to do some brainstorming.  Write down your shower cake ideas on a piece of paper and solicit some shower cake ideas from your partner and other close friends.  Write down these shower cake ideas as well. This will give you tons of options for shower cake ideas to choose from.

Next, choose the shower cake ideas you like. There may be more shower cake ideas that you like so try arranging them according to your taste by assigning numbers in the ascending order.  You may also try to merge one or two of the shower cake ideas together to come up with even better shower cake ideas for your baby shower cakes.  Once again, write these shower cake ideas down as well.

To help you get started, choose how you want your baby shower to be like.  You can have a themed baby shower or a personalized baby shower.  This will help you determine what you want to write on top of your baby shower cakes.

Baby shower cakes may have themes such as vehicles, animals, or cartoon characters.  For instance, with a Winnie the Pooh theme for your baby shower you may choose to have each of its characters’ figurines on top of your baby shower cakes along with a short text at the bottom.  The text on your baby shower cakes may be a quotation from one of the Winnie the Pooh characters or it may only be the word “congratulations”.  This makes it easier to prepare with the option to order a ready-made one where you may ask to alter the decorations slightly to your liking.

However, personalized baby shower cakes may take more time, creativity and effort.  It all depends on how far you want to go with the decorations.  If you want simple baby shower cakes, make sure the colors of its icing mesh.  You may choose to place figurines on your baby shower cakes and just write a plain text like “congratulations” or “welcome” with or without the name of the baby.  You can also write your favorite nursery rhyme or put an edible picture of a baby on top of your cakes.  The options for personalized baby shower cakes are limitless.  All you need is a little imagination and everything you do goes a long way.

In addition, other text you can write on your baby shower cakes may be short phrases like “it’s a boy”, “it’s a girl”, “welcome”, and many others.  You can use any of these clichés or you can write an original text such as your own expectation about your baby.  You may even write the due date when the baby arrives or turn baby shower cakes into guest books where your guests sign their names. The possibilities are endless for spectacular baby shower cakes.  All you need to do is to plan it well. You should be able to decide what to write on top of baby shower cake.

How To Start A Diaper Cake Business

Diaper cakes are sweeping the baby party scene as of late. However, these are not edible cakes but are a common centerpiece item for baby showers. It therefore makes a great business idea if you wanted to take advantage of this rising demand and if you are passionate in planning baby shower gift or decoration items. There are a few things you need to know about how to start a diaper cake business to become more successful with your venture.

Starting a diaper cake business requires you to dedicate your time and effort into the startup process. There is a huge market for this business though and there is definitely a long-year demand for baby shower gifts.

Before you consider how to start a diaper cake business, you need to practice making diaper cake yourself first. Your familiarity of the process is vital to learn about the other factors of this business even if you do not intend to make them yourself to sell as part of your business. Thus, you can also make an assessment if there is a need to rent a shop or you can run your business at home.

The next step you need to know about how to start a diaper cake business is to determine your capital investment requirement. Then, you can move onto determining other financial aspect of your business such as the pricing for your diaper cakes. You need to figure in the cost for buying the accessories you need to make the diaper cake to ensure that you can quickly recoup your initial investment.

Once you are through with the planning stage, you are now ready to buy the supplies you need to start diaper cake business. It would be advantageous if you can find a direct supplier for all stocks you need for your business to cut costs.

Once you have the supplies and equipment you need for running the business, then you can decide on the business name. Coming up with a relevant but catchy name for your business is one of the key elements on how to start a diaper cake business and ensure your success. You can file for a registration for your business name to finalize the startup of your diaper cake business.

The next step following the startup phase is the marketing. You can make use whatever marketing medium suits your budget but do not limit yourself to local promotion. You can also do market research to determine your target audience and focus your marketing campaign towards them.

Creating a website for your business is also a great idea to increase your business’ market reach. Take photos of your products and upload it to your website for your potential customers to see. Then, you can provide contact information for interested customers to easily keep in touch with you. You might also want to set up a merchant account to make it easier for customers to transact payments on your website.

Knowing how to start a diaper cake business takes a lot of effort and dedication. But if you can take care of each aspect in the business startup phase, then you could be headed towards the right direction.

Diaper Cake Sub: Why is it a Great Gift for Baby Showers?

If you’re attending a shower party, a diaper cake sub is a great gift you can give to an expecting mother.  It may not only be used as a beautiful centerpiece during the special occasion but a practical gift as well.

A diaper cake sub is a multi-tier cake of diapers rolled and tied together in a circle with ribbons to replicate a cake.  It is made to look like a cake hence the word sub meaning substitute but it has nothing to do with an actual cake.  It is not food but it has everything to do with what the baby needs once he’s out of his mother’s womb.  It is therefore appropriate to call it with a more suitable name which is baby diaper cake.

A baby diaper cake is an ideal gift for baby showers because it has everything that soon-to-be parents ever need to for their child.  Depending on how big or small a baby diaper cake may be, one thing is certain and that is a week or more supply of diapers totally free.  Hence, couples can save a lot of money on diapers during their newborn’s first few weeks.  Other things that can be included in a baby diaper cake are baby food, baby powder, bibs, rattles, blankets, socks, bottles just to mention a few.

So, how exactly do you make a baby diaper cake?  How do you put together all these other things mentioned and still make a decent baby diaper cake?

The first thing you have to do is decide how many tiers you want your baby diaper cake to have.  Ideally, two to three tiers are good enough but if you wish to make more than three tiers for your baby diaper cake then go ahead.  The more the tiers, the more baby gifts you can include.

Once you know how many tiers you want your baby diaper cake to have, you may now begin rolling the diapers individually.  Make sure to use rubber bands to maintain their shape.

Next, tie the individually rolled diapers around a tall baby gift like shampoo, lotion or powder with a ribbon.  The tall baby gift will serve as your core for your first tier of baby diaper cake.  Apply the same procedure to create another layer but this time with lesser diapers.  Still insert another tall baby gift to act as its core.  Do this repetitively until you have achieved the number of layers you want your baby diaper cake to have.  Remember to use less and less number of diapers as you go up each tier.

Finally, arrange the layers of your cake to make it look like a real cake.  The ribbons that serve to bind them together should complement the colors of your diapers so as not create harmony. You can place the other gifts on top of each layer to serve as cake decorations for your baby diaper cake.

Baby showers are indeed a blessed event where we all anticipate the coming of an additional member to the family.  Whether girl or boy, this little tyke will sure capture everybody’s heart the moment he or she comes out to the world. But in the meantime, preparations for his or her coming are in order and a diaper cake sub or a baby diaper cake makes a beautiful and practical gift.

Guide to Making Your Own Baby Shower Fondant Cake

Purchasing an order of a baby shower fondant cake can be quite expensive, thus preparing a homemade fondant cake is quite a great and practical idea for anyone planning for a baby shower. This cake recipe is simple to do with results comparable to that one prepared by a professional baker.

Since fondant is made out of pliable sugar paste, it is popularly used for decorating cake recipes. This comes with a texture comparable to that of molding clay, such that you can use it for providing a smooth covering on the outside layer of the cake. To make your own at home, follow this simple baby shower fondant cake recipe.

If you do not want to follow the traditional recipe for making fondant, you can also make marshmallow fondant since this is considered as the best alternative around. You must prepare the following ingredients: 16 ounces of mini marshmallows, 2 pounds of powdered sugar, and 2 tablespoons of water. Melt the marshmallow in water then pour in the powdered sugar. Stir in the mixture until it develops a dough-like consistency.

Put some oil into your hands before you start kneading the fondant. At this point, you can add the remaining powdered sugar. Continue kneading until you are able to stretch out the fondant without it breaking or tearing. You can now use it for preparing your baby shower fondant cake recipe.

You need to start off by baking the desired number of cake layers you will be using for the recipe. You need to keep your cakes lightweight though since putting the fondant will add more weight onto the final cake. The ideal thickness for the cake would be between 3 to 5 inches high.

Once the cakes layers are ready, you can now begin assembling them for your baby shower fondant cake. Make sure to brush the outside of each cake layer with a thin layer of buttercream. This will serve as the foundation before you will apply the fondant onto the cake.

The ideal thickness of fondant to be applied onto the baby shower cake would be around ¼ inch. You must roll the fondant to the same shape as that of the cake. You must wait for the cake to completely cool before you apply the fondant or else it will melt the sugar. You can use a jam or frosting to seal the fondant onto the cake and keep it from falling off. Smoothen out the surface of the fondant before you place it on the fridge to chill and help the fondant harden for a bit before serving it to your guests.

Preparing your own baby shower fondant cake is actually simpler than most think. If you know the steps for making it, then there is no point in spending lots of money ordering one from your local baker. You can also enjoy the freedom of decorating it with various elements that would suit the theme for your baby shower. You can practice on making it before the big day to ensure that you can perfect this recipe.

Fun Ideas For Baby Shower Cakes Recipes

Planning a baby shower can be a lot of work with so many preparations to do such as decorating the venue, coming up with table decorations, planning the games or other activities. This is why the menu is often neglected, which often leaves your guests unsatisfied. There are several fun baby shower cakes recipes that you can try to suit the party’s theme and enable your guests to enjoy good food.

Below are easy yet delicious baby shower cakes recipes for you to choose from.

Jell-O Cake

This is one of the most innovative baby shower cakes recipes that you can prepare for the event. There are two sets of ingredients that you must prepare for this cake recipe: one for the cake and another for the topping. For the cake, you must prepare a package of white cake mix and a package of Jell-O. For the topping, you need instant vanilla pudding, 1 ½ cup milk, and whipped topping.

Follow the instructions on the white cake mix package and use a 9 x 13” greased baking pan to prepare the cake. Then, dissolve the Jell-O while the cake baking and pour in half a cup cold water to reach a syrupy consistency. Punch holes into the cake while it is still warm and pour the Jell-O into the holes. Store the cake into the fridge and let it cool.

To prepare the topping, you must mix the milk with the vanilla pudding. Wait until it thickens so you can add the whipped topping. Apply it onto the top of the cake and chill in the refrigerator.

Pineapple Baby Shower Cake

This is one of the simplest baby shower cakes recipes that you can serve to your guests at the party. It is also quite simple to prepare and the ingredients used are easy to find.

You can start by baking two regular sponge cakes. Once both cakes are ready, soak them in pineapple juice. Whip some heavy cream and layer it onto the cake before you add the pineapple at the center. Apply the whipped cream on top, then add some more pineapples and cherries.

Your guests will surely enjoy the wonderful taste and texture of a pineapple baby shower cake. It is also a good alternative if you cannot find or prepare your own pudding.

Stork Baby Shower Cake

This is another one easy recipe that your guests will love at the baby shower party . You must bake two rectangular shaped cakes that are 12 inches in measurement. Then, make two more round cakes, each measuring at eight inches and 12 inches in diameter.

Start by cutting the rectangular cake in a diagonal manner. Place it onto one side of the eight-inch round cake to serve as neck of the stork, while the round cake itself serving as the face. You must set the broad diagonal pieces on the round cake while the ones with pointed ends will serve as the beak. Finally, the 12-inch round cake will become the body of the stork.

You can add the neutral color icing onto the face and main body. You can use deep chocolate icing on the legs using melted chocolate. You can also use chocolate drop to form the eyes and lines on the facial features of the stork.

The Building Block Cake Recipe

You will need:

  • pound cake (frozen)
  • 2 16-oz. containers of cream-cheese, vanilla or white icing
  • 1 16-oz. container of pink strawberry icing
  • 1 small bottle of food coloring- blue, pink and yellow
  • 1 tube prepared white icing with screw-on plastic star tip
  • 1 Glass filled with hot water
  • a sharp-edged knife


Cut the frozen pound cake into three using a ruler. Trim the edges to make a cube like appearance for each slice. Now for the frosting, take some white frosting in a medium-sized bowl then add the blue food coloring. Mix the frosting and food coloring well using a hand blender. Repeat this procedure for the yellow and pink frosting. Refrigerate the frosting before use. Get the sharp-edged knife and dip into the glass of hot water then frost the cake cubes – one cube in yellow, one in pink and one in blue. After this, draw a letter or number on each of the cubes using the white icing tube. Arrange the cubes in a way that the pink and blue cubes are sitting side by side and the yellow cube is resting on the top edges of the pink and blue cubes. You will then have a charming baby shower cake shaped like building blocks.

The Butterfly cake

Bake two heart shaped cakes and about eight cupcakes. The cupcakes will form the body of the butterfly so they have to be placed in a row. Put the heart shaped cakes on either side of the row of cupcakes to represent the butterfly’s wings. Now you can start with the icing. Use white vanilla frosting to ice the cupcakes and yellow or pink strawberry flavored frosting for the butterfly wings. Complete the cake by creating the antenna using pick frostings. Butterfly cakes are perfect as baby shower cakes for girls.

Try any of these baby shower cakes recipes to serve on your party to treat your guests to a delicious and fun meal.

How to Choose Your Baby Shower Sayings and Cake?

It’s a lot of stress for expectant mommy’s to be choosing which cute baby shower sayings and cake to get.  Primarily because there are a lot of cute baby shower cakes available in the market nowadays that it gets a bit confusing.  Everything seems to look cute and delicious that you just want to have them all.  Unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury to be spending too much on cute baby shower cakes.

The key to having a cute baby shower sayings and cake means knowing what you want.  Begin thinking about 3 important things that will make your baby shower a guaranteed success.

Firstly, think about the flavor for baby shower cakes.  This is the most important as this will make all the difference in your preparation.  Your guests will appreciate it if they can enjoy your cake both before and after serving it to them. You can choose a single flavor for your cake like chocolate and add more flavors to it if you so desire. For example, chocolate baby shower cakes should taste great with cute slices strawberries and butter cream icing. The key is to harmonize the flavors you want with your cake.  This will guarantee your guests leaving satisfied so baby shower cakes should not only look great but taste great as well.

Secondly, be creative with your cake design.  While there may be cute ready-made baby shower cakes available on the market, they do not compare to an original design.  Personalize your cake to make it stand-out. Make your cake look exceptionally unique and cute.  Your guests will remember that cute cake for a long time.  To do this, you can ask a pastry chef to follow a cute design you came up with for your cute cake.

However, if you know how to bake your own baby shower cakes, then make your very own cute one along with little cute baby shower cakes you can use as give-a-ways.  You can use a recipe for cup cakes when making the cute little baby shower cakes if you so desire and decorate them the way you want.  But if you simply don’t have the time, then you can buy from a selection of ready-made baby shower cakes without icing and decorations.  This way, you can still add some cute personal touches with the decorations.

When decorating a cake, the cake icing flavor should go well with your cake.  Decorate the icing on your cake the way you like it with use of a decorating bag and cute decorating tubes. You can also use paste food color for applying tints on the icing of your cake without changing the icing’s consistency.  It’s guaranteed to make your cake colorful.  Flower nails are also useful if you want to create icing flowers for your cake which looks so cute in color.  You may center your design around a theme if you like.  Popular themes include: Noah’s Ark, Peas in a Pod, Baby Blocks and many others.

Lastly, do a little research for your baby shower sayings to place on top of your cake.  Choose cute baby shower sayings that are about cute little babies.  You can use a cute quotation from your favorite cartoon character, a cute nursery rhyme or poem, or a cute harmless joke to inject humor into the celebration.  It can be as short as a single word or as long as one or two stanzas that should fit right on top of your cake.  You may even place cute texts on the sides of the cake.

Whatever you choose, remember to make it exceptional.  Baby shower cakes should not only look good or cute but also taste good.  They should have a cute quotation, a cute poem or a cute joke.  These three things should guarantee you the very best experience for your guests.  So you see your preparation for your baby shower sayings and cake doesn’t have to be expensive.  All it needs is a little imagination and effort.

Why You Should Choose Baby Bib Shower Cakes for your Baby Shower?

Baby bib shower cakes may just be one of the many cake options you can choose for your baby shower.  But what makes it the appropriate one?

Every special occasion calls for a celebration and every celebration has a crowning event.  A crowning event in a baby shower is marked by a sweet treat.  This sweet treat is cake.

Traditionally, a cake for any celebration may just appear in a circular or rectangular shape.  But this is slowly beginning to fade.  Nowadays, people prefer to be more creative in their cake designs.  They want more flair with their cake which can be achieved with the use of more colors and by varying the shape designs.

Fortunately, bakers and pastry chefs have found a way to accommodate their customer’s requests.  For baby showers, a baby bib cake is one of the most popular designs.  There is a baby bib cake drawn on circular or rectangular shape cakes or formed using baby bib cake molders.  To make it look more attractive, different types of icing such as fondant is used to make the cake look extra special.

Besides its popularity, a baby bib cake is a cute design that automatically associates itself with babies and food.  It lets the guests know that the event is a baby shower even if they don’t have an invitation for the event with them.  Guests will know automatically and behave accordingly to the event.  It simply is practical and makes for a great baby shower gift.

To help you get started with your baby bib cake design, consider first two things.  Are you going to have the cake made for you?  Or are you going to be making your own cake?

If you choose to have the cake made, you can relax.  All you need to choose are the flavor and the colors you want for you cake.  Remember that they should be in harmony with each other.

However, if you choose to make your own baby bib cake, you might want to start planning on how you are going to do this.  You can start by choosing a flavor for your cake and your icing.  They should have distinct tastes if you choose to have them in just one category like chocolate but they should come together once tasted.  Next, pick out the colors for your baby bib cake and limit them to three to be safe.  This will enable you to create a cake that is pleasing to the eye as much as to the palate.

If you want to add little extra designs like miniature stars, blocks, shells or balls on your baby bib cake, you can do so with fondant icing.  Fondant icing also makes good letter cut outs and a fine cake finish.

There are a lot of things you can do to a baby bib cake.  You can glam it up or simple it down with your designs.  Just remember not to sacrifice the look with the taste.  Baby bib cake makes for an excellent cake design.  It’s simple and practical. So, why not make your shower cake into baby bib shower cakes?