Satisfying the Sweet Tooth: Fun and Easy Way Through Baby Shower Chocolate Lollipop Molds

Baby shower is a celebration we might have all heard of yet it’s prevalence among expecting parents are very much uncommon. It is typically a “welcome party” for their most precious gift – their little cuddly baby. Generous guests of the party often prepare gifts for the baby and it comes in different shapes and sizes be it in cash or in kind. Among the common gifts are clothes, toys, baby’s equipments such as strollers, baby bottle, diapers and cribs and so much more. Some friends and family members would actually opt to help out in the preparation of the party, this is the best time to talk about themes, food, and tokens. And speaking of souvenirs, you might want to try chocolate lollipops which you can actually make using baby shower chocolate lollipop molds.
A party like this can become so fun and can go on without a hitch especially if you take in consideration these simple tips. You can incorporate baby shower games, themes and invitations, decorations and souvenirs, baby shower centerpieces for tables and not to forget sweet desserts such as cakes, pies, candies, chocolate bars and lollipops.
The basic things you should consider are the date and time of baby shower, the party’s theme, the venue, baby shower items, the number of expected guests and more importantly, the number of food and the kinds of food that will be served.

As much as possible you should have a definite time frame in attending to or planning of the above mentioned to-do-list to avoid cramming as well as to have more time in dealing with other activities such as inviting guests. Now you have to remember the basic characteristic of a kiddie party and that is the presence of delectable and fun looking desserts. There are lots of baby shower desserts to choose from. Chocolates and candies are the usual things you would see in the party table if you attend a baby shower.

For those who want to make their baby shower unique and cost effective why not try baby shower chocolate lollipop molds. The good thing about baby shower chocolate lollipop molds is that you can prepare it yourself and you don’t need to use bulky and special equipments, it is less laborious and much cheaper compared to baking a kid’s cake.

To get started, the first thing you need is a model of the item you want to make into lollipops. Some ways to get the model is to make it yourself or buying it at a local arts and crafts store. Lollipop molds has an exquisite appeal to party goers because you can make varied shapes and sizes or incorporate your own design such as a smiley.

After making or buying the lollipop and candy molds, the only thing left to do now is to pour inside the mold the flavored candy mix, wait till it hardens and viola you now have unique baby shower chocolate lollipop molds that kids and adults alike will surely love. Baby shower lollipop molds are cheap but the satisfaction in making one as well as its significance to a baby shower and the level of fun this lollipop mold brings to guests is definitely priceless.

Unique Baby Baptism Party Favors for a Joyful Celebration

When having a baby, the next big celebration that you have to think of, is his or her baptism. Usually, baby baptism is done during the first three months. In some cases, baptism takes place from the fourth month onwards depending on the parent’s decision. Baptism is an important event for every Christian, because, this is about welcoming the baby into the Christian world. Baptism is also facilitated in different ways depending on culture, religion and family tradition. In any way or manner it is done, this is still considered a momentus event where a happy gathering is enjoyed by families, relatives and friends. With this, the idea of baby baptism party favors comes in.

There are many ideas that you can think of when planning to have a unique celebration for your baby’s baptism. It is a good thing that the internet is savvy ready in case you are in a rush to have a celebration for your baby. Party favors are important because this will determine what theme you want to have for your baby’s special occasion. Whether it is be a baptism or birthday that you want to celebrate, all the ideas can be seen online. All you need is to surf the net and you can get the best ideas for your baby’s special day. There is a unique baby boutique where you can find all your baby’s needs. You can choose to buy unique party favors from this shop and share it to your guests.

When thinking of  baby baptism party favors, you may consider themes which are related to your baby’s gender. For example if you have a baby girl, then you can think of baby girl favors like pink cupcakes, baby girl figurine, rainbow baby bottles or a girly calendar set. If you have a baby boy, then a baby boy favor is something that you should prepare for. There are miniature cars, cartoon CD’s, baby boy bottles and a unique baby boy gift basket. Whatever idea you have in mind, anything is possible. All you need is to plan out ahead of time to avoid the rush.

For your baby’s baptism, you can also think of a unique baby cake that can fascinate your guests. There are actually hundreds of baby cake designs and ideas to choose from in any bakery or pastry shop. You can have a personalized design or an idea coming from the baker himself. One unique idea is a baby cake diaper. You can get a baby diaper from your baby’s drawer and have it copied by your desired pastry shop. The style and color of the diaper is also under your preference.

Make your baby’s baptism something worth remembering. The kind of baby baptism party favors shall bring life to your baby’s baptism celebration. If you have a good budget, you can hire the services of one party provider and have everything under their responsibility. You can also opt to have a simple one with close family members and intimate friends. Whatever your plan is, the most important  thing is that your baby shall be baptized and your loved ones are there to celebrate this special occasion.

Wholesalers Only Party Favors For A Baby Shower; Easy Ways to Cut Your Baby Shower Costs

It is certainly possible to make that picture perfect baby shower and yet spend as little as possible from your pocket. The most laidback and trouble free way of preparing a baby shower is to make a check list of everything that you need to purchase from baby shower accessories to gifts and even to baby supplies and get them all at once online. This is called wholesaling. Now, you would always want your guests to remember that special day for your little darling, wouldn’t you? Give your guests the most unique baby shower gifts. The perfect idea for this would be to get them from sites that sell for wholesalers only party favors baby shower.

Nothing beats online shopping for your baby shower needs as it is cost effective and needless to say, it does not require you to travel in distances and spend a great deal of time to look for the right items. Save your time, effort and gas by making that one click online and browse from the thousands of sites that offer great prices for your dreamed baby shower to come into reality.

But before you start shopping online, make sure that you have already listed stuff that you deem are very important to make that baby shower extraordinaire. Some of the things that should be placed on top of your checklist for your online shopping would be your baby shower party favors.

Most sites give you the freedom to choose the design of your favors. Bear in mind that you have to choose something that would match perfectly to the baby shower theme you have chosen. These favors can also be personalized. You can add the date of the baby shower, your name and even short passages.

You can also find hundreds of baby shower decorations in the worldwide web. It comes in different colors and styles. Usually, people opt for pink if they are expecting a baby girl and blue for baby boy shower decorations. Don’t forget to also include those items that you need to make your baby shower games as interesting as they should be. These include baby shower game prizes.

Lessen your burden with getting the baby shower invitations done and order them in wholesale online, too. You can view and download hundreds of different baby shower invitation samples before choosing the design suited to your baby shower theme.

When you purchase everything all at once, chances are, you can avail discounted prices. Sites that sell to wholesalers only party favors baby shower oftentimes require a minimum order of at least one box. Purchasing from these online stores is an advantage most especially for anyone hosting a party with at least 30 guests.

Baby shower websites that sell to wholesalers only party favors baby shower are a few of the best ways to save. Guests would enjoy your baby shower and through your delightful favors, they will always be reminded of you and your baby’s very special day. Making your baby shower party, with the best favors you can give, is indeed one of the perfect ways to introduce your baby to the world!

How to Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors Kit that are Fun, Creative and Unique

One way to make a baby shower even more wonderful and memorable is to make your own baby shower favors kit for your guests. Although baby shower party favors are a traditional part of baby showers, you can make your favors a bit different and unique by giving personalized baby shower favors. And by making your own favors for baby showers, you don’t only put personal touch to the tokens you’re giving but also save more money.

  • Edible baby shower favors are great ideas for baby showers. You can make cookies that are designed or shaped like a baby or the things that babies use like booties, bonnets or mittens. Brownies and candies would also be wonderful treats. Wrapped in colorful wrappers and fancy ribbons, these sweet treats can be enjoyed by both young and adult guests.
  • Homemade baby favors like candles are crafts that you can also make by yourself. The colors and shapes of the candles should go with your chosen theme for the baby shower. For example, you can go for softer colors and baby-friendly shapes to suit the shower party. By following the instructions on a candle-making kit, you can create personalized candles to give to your guests.
  • Another baby shower favor idea is giving flower seeds to your guests. Seeds are kind of metaphors for new life and would serve as nice gifts. Purchase different packs of flower seeds and use a fancy envelope to wrap them. You can also make use of a seed paper to wrap the seeds in.
  • Miniature babies made out of bubblegum are fun baby shower favors to make. First, choose the color that you want for the baby shower motif so you can use the same color in making bubblegum babies. Roll bubblegum into different ball sizes to form the body parts of the baby and glue them together. You can be as creative as you want in providing details such as hair, clothes and even facial features.
  • Everybody loves fortune cookies so why not make them your favors for baby shower? You can prepare homemade cookies and customize fortunes by collecting funny, sweet or loving messages that you like. Print them out and put them in your fortune cookies with a twist.
  • Little jars with little trinkets or tiny stuff on them would also be unique baby shower favors. You can place any tiny items that you want to put in the jars such as little candies or jelly beans, colored sand, stones or beads. You can use ribbons or laces to tie around the jars for final decoration.
  • Simple favors like assorted candies wrapped in a pretty baby fabric are easy to make. You can bunch it up and tie a ribbon around it, as simple as that.

To make your own baby shower favors kit mean taking the time to savor and enjoy the time that you can prepare for something before your baby comes. It is a wonderful way of making your baby shower really memorable.

Do It Yourself Ideas at! Add a personal touch to your baby shower!

Making Pink Baby Shower Fortune Cookies

fortune cookies

Pink baby shower fortune cookies

One of the best options in choosing a good baby shower favor is the pink baby shower fortune cookies. Baby shower fortune cookies make good baby shower favors for couples who are running on a tight budget. You can use the pink baby shower fortune cookies if the baby you are expecting is confirmed as a girl, or you can use other feminine colors like yellow or orange. On the other hand, you can use blue baby shower fortune cookies if the baby you are expecting is a boy, or you can also use other masculine colors like green or violet. Nevertheless, the color of the fortune cookies for your baby shower is entirely up to you of course; you can even have them in assorted colors if you want.

However, just keep in mind that it is best to choose and use light colors and hues on the colors of your baby shower cookies. Why, you ask? This is because it is psychologically proven that light hues and colors give and impress that soothing effect on people. That soothing color effect would certainly enhance the impression that your baby shower favors make on your guests.

Aside from choosing the color of the fortune cookies for your baby shower, be they pink baby shower fortune cookies or blue baby shower fortune cookies, the fact that they are fortune cookies makes a good and lasting impact on your guests as well. After all, who does not like fortune cookies? The excitement and enthusiasm that fortune cookies bring would surely lift the mood of your baby shower and make sure that each of your guests leaves the place with a smile on their faces. What makes the fortune cookies so special after all? The highlight of every fortune cookie is of course the message hidden inside the cookie. Generally, they are inspirational quotes or passages that people can relate somewhat to their futures. However, you can definitely make your own messages you like for the fortune cookies of your baby shower. If you are feeling confident about your rhetorical skills, you can certainly make a multitude of unique passages for each of the fortune cookies. However, keep in mind that this is a tedious process especially if you have plenty of guests. Nonetheless, a sole inspirational message or some passages repeating here and there would not hurt either.

It may seem that the highlight of fortune cookies for baby showers, be they pink baby shower fortune cookies or blue colored ones, is the hidden message inside the cookies. Nevertheless, you must not forget that fortune cookies are still cookies, and all cookies, whatever type they may be, are meant to be eaten. The point here is that you must not disregard the taste and outward appeal of your baby shower fortune cookies. They certainly have to be delicious as well. If you have a good hand at making pastries and cookies and have the time to burn, then go ahead and make sure that the cookies are top notch in terms of taste. If not, you can always avail of pre-made blue and pink baby shower fortune cookies. One of the more popular and highly rated ones out there is the New Baby Girl Decorated Giant Fortune Cookie made by CookieHQ.

Choosing Expensive Baby Shower Favors

“Precious Cargo” Train Tea Light Holder

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Choosing great, fabulous and expensive baby shower favors for the guests of your baby shower is definitely a must in every baby shower celebration. Baby shower favors are provided and given as memorial gifts to the guests of the baby shower celebration. As a prim and proper hostess of a considerable gathering like the baby shower celebration, you should hand out substantial and good baby shower favors to your guests. The memorial gifts need not be very expensive baby shower favors, but they have to be reasonably attractive and appealing to a certain extent.

The first thing to consider in choosing baby shower favors is the interest of your guests. Yes, you have to make sure that the guests find your baby shower gifts appealing and memorable. Apparently, the purpose of the baby shower gifts is to make a lasting impression on your guests about that very memorable baby shower you just hosted. Naturally, the expensive baby shower favors available in the market are all very eye-catching and beautiful. Nevertheless, if you look hard enough and canvass your choices well, you can find some of the moderately expensive baby shower favors. They would most likely have the same effect as the most expensive ones out there without making that substantial dent on your wallet and finances. Obviously, you are having a baby, and everybody knows that having a baby is far from cheap or inexpensive.

A good way to acquire the good quality and moderately expensive baby shower favors is to look for the handiwork shops who custom make favors and other similar items. Compared to the expensive baby shower favors that you see in the department store stalls and display windows, these custom made baby shower favors would be more affordable. Aside from that advantage, it would feel more special to you and your guests because they are tailor cut to your specifications and details and are unique from the rest of the baby shower favors out there.

The type of baby shower favors you choose should of course coincide with the central theme of the baby shower celebration. For instance, if your baby shower theme is centered on baby animals like puppies and kittens, then it would be a good idea to give out figurines of baby animals as baby shower favors. This is why establishing the theme for your baby shower is very important in the planning stage. Once you come up with a good theme for your baby shower, then ideas for the baby shower games, the decorations, color motifs, baby shower favors, and other details would follow through easily.

If you have large budget for your baby shower celebration, then do not be a scrooge in choosing your baby shower favors. Always choose the best, most attractive and expensive baby shower favors available to you. Some good examples of the best looking and fabulous baby shower favors out there include the “Precious Cargo” Train Tea Light Holder , the “World’s Greatest Mom” Cheese Grater in Gift Box with Organza Bow , and the “Sweet Celebrations” Ice Cream Cone Timer.

“World’s Gratest Mom” Cheese Grater in Gift Box with Organza Bow

“Sweet Celebrations” Ice Cream Cone Timer

Water Bottle Wrappers Baby Shower

A baby shower would not be complete without the perfect baby shower gift, and one of the best gifts you can give an expectant mom holding her baby shower are water bottle wrappers baby shower.water bottle labels

A baby shower is one of the most anticipated celebrations especially since it is a celebration held for the coming of the newest member of the family. Throwing a baby shower for the soon-to-be mommy entails creativity and resourcefulness. From the theme of the party, the baby shower games, and down to the baby shower favors, everything should be as creative as can be. And one of the best treats you can have for a baby shower is to give out decorative water bottles as a baby shower favor.

This party idea will not only exercise your creativity but through you can also help save the environment. Instead of throwing away bottles, why not reuse them and – to make it look close to being new – wrap them with personalized and custom-made water bottle wrappers? These could make for great giveaways for a baby shower, especially water bottle wrappers baby shower fit for a party celebrating the mom-to-be’s safe and blessed pregnancy. You can decorate the food table with these colorful and customizable water bottles, or give them out to your guests.

If you are planning a baby shower, either for yourself or for someone you know, you might want to visit for fabulous baby shower ideas. is your number one resource when it comes to baby shower theme ideas, favors, printables, and many others. For water bottle wrappers baby shower, has offers a variety of colorful and thematic designs which you can choose from, such as  the Blue Camo, Cowboy, and Baseball. For the girls, there are the Flower, the Butterfly, and the Ladybug Bottle labels. There are also unisex water bottle labels like the Baby Blocks Baby Shower, the 2 Peas In A Pod Baby Shower, the Sage Water Bottle Label and the Pumpkin Water Bottle Label. There are even water bottle printable labels for mom-to-be’s expecting twins or triplets!

Apart from creativity and resourcefulness, making your own water bottle wrappers baby shower through will prove cost-efficient and time-saving. The size of a printable water bottle label is 10.5” by 2”, custom-made to fit both regular-sized and mini water bottle. You can also put in the baby shower details—like the soon-to-be mom’s name or the baby’s name or the date—across the water bottle label. There are three bottle labels in one sheet per design and all designs are priced at only $6.95 each.

Making the water bottle wrappers baby shower is easy. All you have to do is visit and choose a design for your bottle labels. Once you have chosen a design, fill up the order form, add to your cart, and wait until the printables are emailed to you. Once you have received the labels, type in your baby shower details and print in a white copy paper, cardstock or sticker paper and print as many as you want!

Ideas for Baby Shower Favors In Pittsburgh PA

Throwing a baby shower to commemorate the arrival of a newborn has always been a fun-filled occasion for the residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From the themes to venues, moms-to-be from this area really place a lot of effort in holding the perfect shower party for their babies. Among the details that soon-to-be mothers in Pittsburgh are worrying about is the selection of baby shower favors in Pittsburgh PA.

Why Selecting the Perfect Baby Shower Party Favors Is Important

Choosing the perfect and most adorable party favors for your baby shower is crucial in ensuring that this occasion will last in the memories of your guests. An adorable shower souvenir will put a smile on your guests’ faces when your shower party comes to an end. Whenever they see the keepsake you have given them, they will remember the shared laughter and the enthusiasm brought by the celebration for the impending arrival of your baby boy or girl.

Finding the Most Suitable Choice among the Shower Party Favors

Searching for the ideal baby shower favor will require you to do a bit of looking around Pittsburgh and checking which would be the most affordable and most appropriate for the theme of your baby shower. Ensure that you still have ample time before the shower is held so that you will have a clear head in selecting the perfect keepsake for your party.

Available Baby Shower Favors in Pittsburgh PA

Knowing why finding the perfect shower party favors is important, you must now check on the available options for you that can be found within the state of Pennsylvania.

One option is ordering cookies from the Pittsburgh cookie table collection of The Cookie Connection. This cookie collection is a recognized tradition around Pittsburgh that has already found its way into the different aspects of the residents’ lives. Their cookie favors have different shapes and decorations that would be appropriate for a baby shower. They are also individually wrapped for better presentation to your shower party guests.

Another option that you can easily find in the Pennsylvania State is the baby shower lollipops that you can order from the Chocolate Dreams and Wishes shop. They have a wide selection of chocolate-coated designs and ideas that you can choose from. You can even customize and personalize your baby shower party favors.

Their most popular chocolate lollipop product is the Chocolate Ultrasound Lollipop. This is really a unique choice for your shower party. It is, literally, a sweet way to announce to everyone the arrival of your baby. You can place an ultrasound photo of your baby at the center of the lollipop to make it even more special.

Another rare treat for your baby shower is their 3D Chocolate Favors. This delicious option offer molded chocolates embedded in cookies, hand-painted using luster dust to provide sparkle and color.

Both chocolate favors have clear cello bag packaging that is very glossy and comes with a bow.

In your search for the perfect Baby Shower Favors in Pittsburgh PA, you need not be overly pressured. Just remember that what matters most is the effort and thought you have placed in preparing them.

Getting The Right Elegant Party Favors Baby Shower

As much as a baby shower is an important celebration for the dads- and moms-to be, elegant party favors baby shower are of equal importance in the party as this is the couple’s way of thanking the guests. It’s somewhat difficult to choose what baby shower favors to give to your guests. You always have to make it extra special so they will not forget your baby shower.

If you plan to throw a baby shower, be aware that the celebration could get expensive, especially when you plan to have elegant party favors. But just because things can get a little too costly, it doesn’t mean you have to cut down expenses and settle for a measly party. There is always a way to get elegant party favors baby shower without the need to spend a lot of money. Buying wholesale party favors is one option. Not only can you get elegant party favors baby shower at a cut-rate price but you can also have them in good quality.

And what’s great is that you don’t need to get stuck in the shops and department stores flooded with crazy shoppers everywhere. All you need to do is browse the Web for baby shower ideas and start from there. Start by visiting our recommended store belowand you can instantly have all you need to get started with your baby shower. offers an array of baby shower ideas that you can choose from. From stunning baby shower invitations and baby shower games to the perfect baby shower gift and elegant party favors baby shower, all you need to have to get that much-awaited baby shower in order are right here at this one-stop shop. For those who want unique baby shower favors for a low price, has everything in store for you. For those who are on a tight budget, you can get the baby shower favor boxes like the two-inch Baby Polka Dot Favor Box Kit in Pastel Blue, Carnation Pink and Mint Polka Dot wrapped in satin ribbons, which are priced at only $16.00. There is also the 12-piece set of bow pouches made of nylon that come in various colors, which you can buy for only $13.99. You may also get the four-piece set honey-scented Beehive Candles for only $13.20, or the place card holders at only $8.40 for a set of four.

If you prefer to have your baby shower favors personalized, you can avail of our wax-lined 50-piece set of Personalized Colored Favor Bags in red, black, blue and wild rose, which may be purchased either blank or printed with your choice of prints and two-liner personalization.

If you have enough budget for more elegant party favors bay shower, you may prefer the Baby Bassinet Baskets, made with durable nested willow, priced at $160.00 for a set of two. There is also the Fleurville Re-Run Hana diaper bag in stylish botanical prints for $84.99 and the Fleurville Re-Run Messenger diaper bag in fun prints priced at $78.99.

With, you can never be wrong in presenting your baby shower favors.


Creating a Great Couples Baby Shower Using Couples Baby Shower Supplies and Favors

Finish Mommy’s Phrase / Finish Daddy’s Phrase

One of the newest trends in baby showers is a couples shower. A couples baby shower includes the mom and dad to be, plus guests of both genders. The popularity of this idea is fueled by today’s more shared parenting responsibilities. Part of planning a good couples baby shower is to adjust to the idea of men being at the party. Couples baby shower supplies and favors can help to integrate the couples theme into the party in an easy way.

A couples shower is obviously going to be much different from a traditional women only affair. The usual games and finger foods need to be revised, as do the decorations and favors. The emphasis should be on the family instead of just on the mom. Food at a couples baby shower is usually more filling than the traditional light finger foods usually served. Having a meal, like sandwiches, works very well for a couples shower. There is still favors, decorations and other supplies that need to be adapted to a couples shower.

Try to be creative and pick a theme for the shower – this will help to plan out the decorations and favors better. Storybook themes, Noah’s Ark or almost any theme that brings together men and women or the idea of two is a great couples theme. Base the decorations and other supplies around the theme. When it comes to the favors a person needs to consider that men might not be as amused by the cutesy items usually handed out. The whole idea is to make this an equal opportunity party.

A couples baby shower can be a great event. It gets everyone involved and helps everyone enjoy the celebration of the new baby. Planning the couples baby shower supplies and favors are not too difficult if a person chooses a theme and keeps in mind the adjustments that are needed when men are added to the guest

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