Baby Shower Favors and Baby Food Jars

Baby shower favors and baby food jars go easily hand in hand. There are many ways to use baby food jars to make favors for a baby shower. By combining different items a person can create a multitude of favors that are unique and fun.

The first step in using baby food jars for shower favors is to make sure each is cleaned, the label removed and the lids fit. Once this is taken care of a person can begin to design a unique party favor. There can be many different ways of looking at the favor. Favors can be food, decorative or serve a specific function.

An idea for using a baby food jar and food is taking candies and putting them in the jar and then tying a ribbon around the lid for a little decoration. The jars can also be filled with other small treats like bite sized cookies or homemade jam.

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To create a decorative favor, the jar can be filled with colored sands and a small seas shell glued to the lid. Another idea would be to fill the jar with potpourri.

Functional favors include paperweights, banks or candles, all of which can be made from a baby food jar. For a paperweight the jar can be painted or decorated and filled with a heavy material. A bank can be made by decorating the outside of the jar and cutting a slit in the top of the lid. Candles are always a gift any woman would love and homemade candle can be poured into the baby food jar for a simple favor.

Using these ideas it is easy to see how baby shower favors and baby food jars go so well together. These are just a few of the many ideas that use baby food jars to create unique baby shower favors. It is always fun and challenging to think up new ideas and guests are sure to appreciate whatever idea is used.