Super Fun Printable Babyshower Games

Expectant mother? Expectant Father? Or just a fun loving party giver? Whichever of the three you are, you can plan a babyshower that’s almost to perfection with these printable babyshower games!

If you are planning to give a babyshower but you don’t have too much time to put into it, just include some of these games perfect for a babyshower and you can turn it into a very fun and memorable event to welcome the newest member of the family.

Before you proceed to the main baby shower games, break the ice through the classic plate game. Put a baby sticker on the inside of one (or five, it depends on the number of prizes you want to give out for this game) paper plate. Pass paper plates out to each of the guests, and the guest or guests who get the plate with the baby sticker on it wins a prize.

Entertain your guests with the Babyshower Bingo Cards game. This is game is just right for a babyshower. It is similar to the good ol’ Bingo wherein whatever has been drawn from the tile bottle will be crossed out from the Bingo card. But instead of numbers, list down several things in relation to having a baby, for example, blanket, baby bottle, rubber duckie, formula, pacifier, baby book, baby toy, baby food, baby clothes, and onesies. Keep on drawing out the words until someone fills in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row and shouts Bingo!

Have fun with the Baby Animal Name Game. This printable babyshower game will test the knowledge of your guests about baby terms. List down around 10-15 adult animals with their corresponding baby names. For example, Kangaroo–Joey, Cat–Kitten, Eagle–Eaglet, Fox–Cub. Print out a list of the adult animals. Give each of your guests a copy of this list and have them write down the baby term for each animal for 5 minutes. The person with the most number of correct names wins!

Have a laugh with a babyshower game entitled The Rice and Safety Pins game. Using a fishbowl, or a large bowl, fill it halfway with dry rice. Mix in the small safety pins with the rice. Blindfold your guests and using only one hand, have them find as much pins as they can in one minute. The guest who will be able to find the most number of pins will win.

The next babyshower game than you can try is the Babyshower Memory Game. On a tray, put 12-15 things associated with having a baby. You can use any of the following: baby bottle, onesie, bib, baby lotion, brush, safety pin, pacifier, or a bootie. Leave this tray out in front of your guests for 1 minute, then safely tuck it away from their view. Now, give each of your guests a sheet of paper. Ask them to write down all the items that they can remember that was on the tray. The person who gets the most number of correct items wins!

This game for a babyshower will try out your guests’ baby vocabulary. In The Baby Word Scramble game, list down 15 things related to babies or to maternity. Now, scramble the letters then print these scrambled words out. Give each of your contestants a sheet of paper with these words. Give them 1 minute to unscramble all the words. Tease the contestant that gets most of the words unscrambled and tell them they are ready to have a baby!

With these printable babyshower games, I assure you that not only will you have the time of your life, this party will most definitely be a memorable one.

Where to Get Free Baby Shower word Scramble Game?

There are many baby shower activities one can prepare to make a baby shower more entertaining. Baby shower games are of course good ice breakers. Playing a baby shower word scramble game is one of the fun activities. There is a list of free baby shower word scramble game in many web sites for those who do not want to spend money for this activity. Scramble games are amusing and they can also test if guests are familiar with words related to motherhood, pregnancy and babies.

Creative baby shower ideas can make the party a big hit and will make the expectant mom feel special. Preparing games such as word scrambles is one creative idea many will probably appreciate. Those who do not have time to prepare a word scramble game by themselves can look for a list of free baby shower word scramble game online. They are usually available in sites offering free printable baby shower games. You can just click and copy the word scramble games. Some sites also provide a printable version of the word scramble.

Word scramble games for baby shower parties should all relate to babies, maternity and pregnancy. They are usually easy but the organizers should be prepared to give clues in case there are some words which are difficult to unscramble. The word scramble should also be made in an interesting manner. Using different font sizes and colors can make the word scramble more attractive which can add more excitement to the game. You can also draw pictures or give clues for the difficult words. These are some ideas to make this baby shower activity more exciting.

Organizers can have fun making different rules for the word scramble game. All the guests can join this baby shower game or you can just pick some participants. Sometimes, picking single guests can be fun because they are not that familiar with motherhood and babies yet. You can also make teams. The time limit can also be adjusted depending on the difficulty of the words. The organizers can prepare prizes for the winners and punishments for the losers. There are many fun and creative ways to make the word scramble game more interesting.

Those who want to create their own fun baby shower games to play can also make their own word scramble games. You can check out the different baby shower word scramble games online for reference. You can prepare word scramble games with different difficulties. You can have an easy round, intermediate then difficult to make the game more exciting. Use the dictionary for list of words which are related to motherhood, pregnancy and babies. Do not make use of medical words. Otherwise, no one will be able to solve the word scramble which will make the game not fun anymore.

Coming up with baby shower activities can be fun and easy if you know where to look for great ideas for the baby shower party. You can get some ideas from books and internet sites. In the case of free baby shower word scramble game, just look for websites providing baby shower games and activities. Unique games and activities for the party will definitely make the expectant mom and the guests very happy.

Left-Right Game for Baby Showers is the Perfect Game for Your Baby Shower

Setting up a baby shower might blow your mind away, but with the right resources it can actually be extremely easy. There are hundreds of websites online that can help you in making that baby shower of your dreams come into reality. One of the toughest things that you have to organize is the baby shower games. You have to come up with baby shower games that are unique, fun and fresh. It has to be something that no one had played before to make your baby shower one in a million. Good thing, the left-right game for baby showers is juicy-crisp in the market! You can get this baby shower game online at a very reasonable price.  And it is sure to surprise your baby shower guests!
Right Left Baby Game
The Catch

You might wonder that it is impossible to keep this type of baby shower game new in the market when there can be hundreds of people purchasing it at the moment. It’s simple. You can personalize the game! It’s always new, though the rules may quite be familiar but the other than that, everything is always new.  What’s more, there are unique stories and instructions for Left-right games for baby showers available online at only $7. Just print it and you are all set to enjoy the game with the party guests!

Your Materials

Actually, you need NO materials at all! This is the most convenient part of the game. There are no tools, equipment, newspapers, or tomatoes to prepare, just a few gifts that can be anything of its kind and of course the left-right baby shower game story and instructions. Just get some three gifts for every ten baby shower guests attending. Have everyone join the game. The cliché ‘the more the merrier’ is always true for left-right game for baby showers like this.

The Time and Players

Games that are played too long will only bore baby shower guests, thus, choose a game that is short but fabulous! And this is the perfect game for you. It can be played for about five to eight minutes.

The Rules

Ask your baby shower guests to stand up and have them arrange themselves in a big circle where everyone can be seen. The moderator will read a fun and fabulous story of Mom going into labor.  There are many websites that sell unique stories and instructions for this game so you are assured that all your guests will enjoy the game.

Baby shower guests will pass on the gift as fast as they could to whatever direction you mentioned. If the moderator said LEFT, then guests must pass the gifts to the left speedily until they hear the moderator say RIGHT. If the moderator says STOP, the person who gets the gift will have to open it in front of everyone! Make sure that the gifts you have prepared are something funny and unique. It will be totally fun!

The left-right game for baby showers offers two versions of the most enjoyable and amusing stories to be read by the moderator:  Wright’s Golfing Day and A Special Dinner Out!

Fun and Funny Baby Shower Games, Gifts and Food

Baby showers can be so much more memorable with fun and funny baby shower games, gifts and food that all guests can enjoy. A fun-filled baby shower with fun games and good but cool food is a great way to celebrate the coming of a baby. Here are some tips on how to set up a fun-filled party for your baby.

Fun Things to Include in a Fun-filled Shower Party

Gifts. The gifts don’t have to be the usual presents that are given in baby showers. For guests, why not give the expectant parents some baby clothes with funny messages, or cool infant costumes?

Food. Preparing cool and unique food will surely add delight to the mood of the celebration. Preparing cool food like a cake shaped like a pregnant woman’s belly will definitely make the celebration more memorable.
The manners of serving the food can also make the party a lot of fun. Beverages can be served in bottle feeders while the food can be served on children’s plates and utensils.

Games. Of course, baby showers are not complete without fun baby shower games. For the party host, you do not really have to match the games with your party theme. What’s important is that the games you will host in the baby shower are fun and cool that everyone will enjoy.

Below are some fun baby shower ideas and games and how to play them.
• Clothesline Game
1. A string or clothesline will be stretched across the room. A basket containing pins and baby clothes will also be provided.
2. Each of the players will take turns in hanging as many baby clothes as they can on the line. They need to do this within 30 seconds.
3. To make the challenge more difficult, while hanging clothes on the line, the player will be holding a doll and will be talking to someone over the phone.
4. The other players can act as the person on the other line to distract the player.
5. The one who hangs the most number of clothes on the line wins the game.

• Stacking Game
1. Baby items such as clothes, plastic toys and diapers will be needed for fun baby shower games like this.
2. Players will race against each other to stack as many items as they can in one minute.
3. The stack should remain standing for a few seconds.
4. The player with the highest stack that stands without knocking over for the longest time wins the game.

• Gerber Game
1. This baby shower party game involves eating baby food.
2. Small jars for baby food will be prepared for this game.
3. Up to five different food flavors will be placed on each jar or depending on the choice of amount of the expectant mother.
4. The players will be blindfolded while tasting the first jar of flavor. The blindfold can be removed so the player can write down a guess then put back again to taste and guess the other flavors.
5. Most of the guesses are usually inconsistent or wrong but the player with the most number of correct guesses wins the game.

Fun and funny baby shower games, gifts and food do not only make the party enjoyable but also memorable for expectant parents and their guests. Choosing fun games, unique and fun gifts to give the expectant parents, preparing quality but cool food are the secret ingredients that make the celebration for the coming of a baby just perfect!

Coming Up With The Coolest Baby Shower Games

Planning for a fun and enjoyable baby shower must of course involve some of the coolest baby shower games. Baby showers games are important to every baby shower. This is because the baby shower games would sure bring life, fun, and enjoyment to the baby shower you are planning. However, thinking of and coming up with some of the coolest baby shower games can be a tedious task most of the time.

This is especially true if you have the date you have set for the baby shower is coming up fast, and you are running out of time. Not to mention the fact that you also have other important things to think of like work and domestic responsibilities. If you are one of those having difficulties with your baby shower planning, you could always ask a friend to help you out. After all, a baby shower party is supposed to be a group and collaborative effort by the loved ones and close friends of the soon-to-be mommy and daddy.

In order to come up with the coolest baby shower games, you have to come with a good baby shower theme first. Just like in any party or gathering, coming with a central theme for the baby shower is essential for the planning stage. With a theme for the baby shower decided already, you can easily come up with the other aspects of the party like invitation designs, the coolest baby shower games, baby shower gifts, prizes for the games, and even costumes if you like.

Keep in mind that baby showers are supposed to be fun and full of joy, so crazy, whacky, and informal themes would not be out of place here. If you look around the Internet, you can easily locate some good ideas for the theme of the baby shower you are planning.

One of the more popular themes is centered on a baby shower Snoopy theme. Peanuts anyone? After all, who does not like or cannot relate in some way to Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang? With Snoopy as the central theme of your baby shower, you can easily come up with the coolest baby shower games as well. For instance, you can play a simple Snoopy baby shower game like “Pin The Nose On Snoopy”.

This is pretty simple enough to set up and prepare. You just have to look for a large sized image or picture of Snoopy, or any other Peanuts character like Charlie Brown, and then have it printed on a poster sized paper. If you do not have a printer capable of printing on poster sized papers, you can just crop the picture into equal sized portions instead, and print them out individually.

Of course, you have to connect them and tape them together afterwards. Yes, this baby shower game might be very simple, but keep in mind that simple ideas are easier to expound and build on. Besides, keeping it simple would ensure that everybody in the baby shower would be able to participate and enjoy, from little kids to adults. The coolest baby shower games need not be sophisticated at all.


Free African American Baby Shower Games for Future Moms

An African American baby shower theme is a fabulous idea for future moms who want to celebrate their culture and heritage along with their baby’s arrival. A mom-to-be can use symbols and imageries related to her culture and make use of it as the central theme of her shower party. Although she can use the normal baby shower games for her party, she might want to include games that are related to her theme to complete the whole experience. If at a loss in searching for games related to this kind of theme, better read on and find several free African American baby shower games that can be used by future mothers in their own shower parties.

Strong and Mighty Black Mommas

This African American-inspired game is played like a quiz bee. The person in charge of the games for the baby shower will need to compile the names of all the powerful black mothers that she is aware of. Prepare a set of clues for each name and challenge the guests in answering who the famous person is. Not only will this provide fun and laughter to your party, this game will also show the guests that a strong and mighty black woman can also be a powerful mother.

An example question would be, “this strong and mighty black woman is the Queen of Talk and is considered as one of the most influential women in the world”. Answer: Oprah Winfrey

Inspiring Black Couples

For those who are going to throw a baby shower with large amount of guests or from mixed groups, it will be a great idea to play this next selection from the free African American baby shower games on our list.

The mom or the coordinator of the party will need to create tags beforehand that bear the names of well-known inspiring black couples. They will, then, be given out and pinned at the back of the guests randomly as they arrive for the shower party. The guests must be informed that the game’s objective is to intermingle and socialize with fellow guests until they are able to locate the other half of their inspiring black couple tag.

The participants are not permitted to ask precisely what name is attached on their backs and must use clues and coded words to let the other guest know the name assigned to them.

Name her Baby the African American Way Game

If the mom-to-be is still undecided on the baby’s name, this next game could help her out in choosing the name for her coming baby. Provide each guest with pen and paper, and then ask them to list all the names of influential and authoritative African American personalities that they could think of. The guest who has the most number of names that were not mentioned in the other guests’ lists wins.

Now that there are free African American baby shower games that soon-to-be moms can use for their parties, they can rest assure that their celebration will be filled with fun and laughter. They will be able to rejoice the baby’s arrival and honor their culture at the same time.

The Snoopy Baby Shower – Decorations and Activities

Are you putting together a baby shower? Looking for something fun to add a little energy to the gathering? How about a theme party around everybody’s favorite canine philosopher, Snoopy? A baby shower party game or two with Snoopy might just make real party animals out of you and all your guests!

It’s easy to develop a Snoopy baby shower. Images of Snoopy abound online and off. Print them from the net or buy Snoopy products from the grocery store and use the package (such as Snoopy fruit snacks). Make dog bone cupcakes! Find some Snoopy balloons! Let your imagination go wild and have some fun with it; your guests will too.

Here’s a fun Snoopy baby shower game to get you started. Once you get on a roll, you’ll have some ideas of your own.

Find yourself a Snoopy poster, or print one from the net. (To make a 17″ X 22″ poster yourself, find a suitable picture of Snoopy on the net, then copy it and paste it four times into a Word document. Use the picture toolbar (it’s under “view”) to crop your picture into 4 quadrants. Enlarge each quadrant by clicking the picture, then dragging the bottom left corner downwards and outwards until it reaches the limit of your margins. You’ll have four pages when you’re done. Print them, cut out the images and match them up, taping them together from the back. Put your Snoopy masterpiece up on the wall and play Pin the Nose on the Snoopy!

Don’t forget to use the Snoopy cartoon on your invitation. You could even cut out butcher paper paw prints to leave outside and mark the path. You never know… the Mom might just love it so much she’ll use it for her baby’s birthday parties themes for years to come.

The Baby Shower Game Smell the Diaper

Games are one of the most anticipated parts of a baby shower. Guests love playing the usually goofy games and they really help to bring a party together. There are many traditional games, but today’s baby showers are getting more creative and adding humor into the ideas. The baby shower game smell the diaper is one such game.

One of the newest trends in baby showers is making the games very interactive and humorous. Smell the diaper brings a but of gross-out humor to the party. The concept of smell the diaper is for guests to smell diapers that have been smeared with melted candy. Of course, the melted candy looks suspicious inside a diaper and makes for plenty of laughs and funny faces.

To prepare the game there needs to be diapers and candy that can be melted or smashed into pieces. The person setting up the game should assign numbers to each diaper and record what candy is in the corresponding numbered diaper, so there is no confusion later. Melted candy can be smeared on the diapers and smashed candy sprinkled into the diaper. Of course, chocolate makes for the best choice as it will cause the most commotion from guests.

When it is time to play the game, the diapers are passed around to each guest. Guests smell the diaper and record their guesses as to what type of candy is in the diaper. The person with the most correct guesses wins. One rule, though, no tasting -smelling only.

The baby shower game smell the diaper is a creative twist on traditional baby shower games. This game will have guests rolling with laughter. They will have a ball playing the game and the mother-to-be will surely love the reactions, providing a great memory. This game is easy to set up and fun to play.

Baby Shower Games For Older Guests

What’s In Grandma’s Cookie Jar?

So you’re throwing a baby shower? Good for you! Make it something to commemorate and celebrate the most important event imaginable: the birth of a baby.

Baby shower games can be a lot of fun for everybody. They’re easy to find online. Here are a few that you’ll find appropriate for your older guests, as well as the younger generation. Enjoy!

Baby Charades

Divide your guests into two teams, and then put them in two different rooms, so neither team can hear the other. They are to write down, on ten slips of paper you provide (don’t forget a pen!) ten different words or phrases that have something to do with babies. Here are two examples: 1) Dirty Pampers, 2) Buttons and Bows. Tell each team not to make it too easy. Then when they’re ready, put the folded slips into two separate bowls and play Baby Charades! You can use lots of variations for this baby shower game idea. Try using only titles of movies that have babies in them. Or baby names, or baby food. The sky’s the limit on this one.

Guess the Baby Drawing
(baby pictionary)

Here’s one that’s suitable for everyone and everyone loves! Get an easel, a big pad of newsprint, a thick black marker and a kitchen timer. Divide your guests into teams, have them write down the pictures to be drawn (all centered around baby themes, of course), and away you go! Make sure somebody keeps score and enforces the time limit or you may never get around to the baby presents!

There are tons of baby shower games you can buy, of course, such as Baby Shower Bingo, Pregnancy, and Guys & Dolls. Spend a few minutes checking them out; you may just find some you’ll want to use over and over, for other parties as well as your next baby shower.

More Grandma’s Shower Games

Animal Baby Shower Games

Animal Babies Match
Animal Babies Match

Once a hostess has decided to go with an animal baby shower theme it is time to begin brainstorming for animal baby shower games. A baby shower is never complete without games and when working with a theme using games that are theme oriented helps to keep everything together. There are many animal baby shower games or many games that can be adapted to an animal theme.

The following are some examples of animal themed games that can be used at a baby shower. Some of these games are often played at baby showers, but in these examples have been given an animal theme.

– Name the baby animals. The object of this game is to take the name of a baby animal and tell what it is called when it is an adult. For example a baby goat is called a kid. The guests get a list of baby animal names and must write in what the adult name is. So in the example they would have gotten the name, kid and had to provide the name goat. This game is most fun when using baby animal names that are unusual or not commonly known.

– Diaper the Baby. This game involves teams of two players. Each team must diaper a stuffed animal, but each team member can use only one hand. Whoever gets the diapering completed first wins.

– Guess the number of animal crackers. his twist on an old favorite evokes filling a jar or clear container with animal crackers. Each guest must guess how many animal crackers are in the jar or container. Whoever guesses the closest without going over wins.

– Create a keepsake. Each guest is given a large puzzle piece. The piece can be fabric or poster board or some other material that can be glued or sewn together to create a larger picture of an animal that will match the theme of the nursery. The guests write good wishes to for the new family on their piece and turn them in to the hostess. While this isn’t a typical game it is a nice activity that creates a keepsake for the mother.

These are just a sample of animal baby shower games, but they can open the doors to other creative ideas. For a twist on the theme, game prizes can also be animal themed. Guests are sure to love the animal themed party and enjoy the animal themed games that go along with it. Plus keeping the theme universal for all aspects of the party will help the hostess plan better and make it easier overall.

More Animal Baby Shower Games