Planning a Halloween Themed Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower with interesting themes can be fun and guests and the expectant mom will definitely enjoy the baby shower party. There are many themes for a baby shower. You can even create your own theme. One great theme especially during the months of October and November is to have a Halloween themed baby shower. It might sound strange but it can actually be fun. For one thing, you can use recycle or reuse decorations you have used during the Halloween.

You can start by thinking of a Halloween themed name for the baby shower party. Examples are ‘Mommy’s Little Pumpkin’ and ‘my Lil’ Pumpkin Baby Shower.” Next, you have to come up with a baby shower with a Halloween theme as well. You can make baby shower invitations shaped like a pumpkin or any other items related to Halloween. Those who are not artistic enough can download Halloween themed baby shower invitations from many baby shower party websites.

After sending out the invitations, plan the baby shower decorations next. This should not be difficult since you already have a theme and you can reuse Halloween decorations from past Halloween parties. Use black and orange colors and decorate the party place with pumpkins, witches, spiders, skeletons and many more. You can also ask guests to come in costumes.  You also need to prepare foods which go with the theme of the party. For example the baby shower cake can be a pumpkin cake roll or a butterscotch pumpkin bundt cake.

One of the most important things to do when planning for a baby shower party is to make sure that you have enough baby shower activities and baby shower games to make the party lively. Some good games you can have are: Halloween crossword puzzles, pumpkin bowling, baby pumpkin carving and trivia games about Halloween and motherhood.

Some of the unique Halloween themed baby shower games which are highly suggested by those who have tried include: ‘Baby Sounds’ and ‘Creepy Crawlers’. For ‘baby sounds’, you will need to record different baby sounds then make the players guess the sound or the activity related to the sound. For the ‘creepy crawlers’, put different Halloween related items in a small bag then let guests feel then guess what is inside the bag. These two games can definitely make the baby shower party memorable to those who attended the party.

Aside from games, there are other baby shower activities which can be done. You can have a Halloween onesies painting activity. Prepare white onesies and different paints. You can then ask the guests to paint the onesies with Halloween related stuff. You can also have a baby shower pumpkin activity. It is basically the traditional pumpkin carving but with a twist. Challenge the participants to carve something which is related to babies. For example, they can carve a crying baby or a diaper, a smiling baby and so on.

It is indeed challenging to prepare for a Halloween themed baby shower but it can also be fun. If you do lack baby shower ideas, you can ask help from people who have experience in planning baby showers or you can read books about baby shower parties. You can also search the internet for great ideas and you can even get some materials from some websites for free.

How to Prepare a Fantastic Party with Lady Bug Baby Shower Theme

Looking for a unique baby shower theme to celebrate the coming of your precious little angel? Why not choose lady bug baby shower theme? Lady bug theme is a great choice for a myriad of reasons. Aside from being cute and unique, lady bug theme also suits both sexes. So whether you are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl, choosing this theme for the party is no problem. Moreover, it’s also a great idea to decorate party items such as balloons, foods, giveaways and tablecloth.

Here is a list of things to prepare to make your ladybug baby shower a success.

  • Table Centerpiece

1.    One idea you can use as a table centerpiece is flowers in a pot. To stick to your theme, you can glue different sizes of plastic ladybugs on the leaves. If you don’t want to buy plastic ladybugs, you can also make your own. Cut out a red construction paper into circles according to the size that you prefer. You can draw black dots on them with a permanent marker.

2.    Another centerpiece idea for your ladybug baby shower theme is an arrangement of cookies. The cookies should look like ladybugs and you can order them from your favorite bakeshop. If you know how to bake, you can also create your own ladybug cookies. These sweet treats also make good baby shower favors that your guests can take home after the party.

  • Party Decoration

1.    The table for the cake and the gifts can be covered with green tablecloths that give the feel of green grass. This makes a great match for ladybug baby shower party themes.

2.    You can also make creative utensils for the party by using red plastic cups. You can draw black dots on them to make them look like ladybugs.

3.    If you have a knack for cutting and pasting, you can make DIY ladybugs and hang them all over the place. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor parties.

4.    Fill small jars with red candies to go with the party motif. They would be nice ladybug favors for party guests.

  • Fun Foods

1.    Ladybug baby shower themes and food may include cakes, fruits and beverage or anything that you wish to serve your guests.

2.    You can serve iced tea infused with raspberry or red punch for the beverages. You can also make a tray of red fruits such as watermelon and strawberries. Ladybug baby themes are fun and so your party cake should make a fun statement too. Make a ladybug cake with a red icing then top it with sandwich cookies like Oreo to serve as the ladybug’s black spots.

  • Ladybug Shower Invitations

The theme of party invitations is a cute and sweet way of expressing your happiness and anticipation for the coming baby. Making use of the ladybug as a theme will  definitely add bold colors to the design of the invitations.

Invitations shaped like ladybugs are great baby shower theme ideas. Use black paper and cut into circles. This will serve as the body of the bug and the base of your invitation card. Cut red papers into oval shapes to serve as wings then draw black spots on them. You can write your message of invitation at the back of the body or base.

Baby showers are special celebrations that expectant parents want to share with their guests. They want it to be as special and as fun as they can. Having a lady bug baby shower theme to highlight the event will make it truly fun and memorable.

Preparing A Baby Shower Infused With African American Baby Shower Themes

Preparing a baby shower is a daunting task as there are many things to keep in mind to make such party a success. Hosting a baby shower is even more challenging if you are planning to integrate African-American baby shower themes into the celebration, for these themes should emphasize African-American cultural values and manners of celebrating new life and birth.

When done right though, your baby shower party will not only be unique. It will also be a beautiful and memorable event that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Here is how to prepare a successful African American baby shower.

1.      Select an appropriate Afro-centric baby shower theme. By appropriate we mean baby shower party themes that consider the age, gender and personality of the shower party guests. This will make the party easier to plan and to manage guests.

2.      Prepare creative baby shower invitations that also show the African-American culture. This adds more meaning to the theme of the baby shower.

3.      The party atmosphere will also be more enhanced by baby shower greetings such as welcoming the guests with Swahili phrases. The African culture will also be more felt in this way and this can be incorporated with the games later on. This will greatly encourage guests to participate.

4.      Put together baby shower party decorations, centerpieces and party favors that go with the party theme. Make special crafts that exude the African tradition.

5.      The games for a baby shower can be composed of traditional African games and rituals which are good ways to make the baby shower more symbolic and meaningful. This promotes unity among the people in the celebration as well as gives them a positive experience to cherish.

Other Ideas for the African American Baby Shower

Party Cake

An interesting suggestion from a book is to make a Swahili baby block cake. Three block cakes should be created for the party and each block will represent the letters A, B and C and the words abee, barikwa and chunga.

The first baby block represents the Swahili word abee that means “I’m on my way” in English, while the second one represents barikwa that means “your blessing”. The last block chunga stands for “look after me”. The baby block cakes express an entire message saying “I’m on way, your blessing; look after me”. This cake suggestion is one of the most interesting and unique cake to have in a baby shower.

Prayers and Blessings

For Africans, prayers and blessings are as important as the religious and respectful greetings that other people use to greet each other. They also believe that a prayer has better chances of coming true when there are many people joining their hands together in prayer.

With the help of all the prayers from the guests, the baby shower party will be filled with more blessings especially the baby shower wishes for the coming baby. As an alternative, the mother-to-be can also ask the guests to write down their prayers and the notes will be collected in a decorative bowl. The expectant parents can read them later on and make keepsakes out of them.

Africans take pride and give a lot of importance to their heritage and express this in whatever way they can. African parents would be very delighted to celebrate the coming of their baby with African American baby shower themes for this celebration.

Tips For Planning Rubber Duck Bath Time Theme Baby Shower Favors

Your friend might be having a baby soon and you want to make the baby’s arrival as special as possible. Planning a baby shower is the best way to celebrate that with your friends and family members. One of the most popular products associated with children in general are rubber duckies, which is why planning your own rubber duck bath time baby shower favors a traditional option for a theme for such an event.

To fully understand why this is a popular option for duck baby shower theme, it is important to examine the history of rubber duckies. These baby items are actually a misnomer since they are not made out of rubber, but instead are made from vinyl plastic. They are used by parents for enticing their child to have a bath and make the bathing experience more enjoyable.

A rubber duck could come in variant sizes, colors, and shapes to suit your child’s preference. However, yellow duck is the most popular color option available. Some of them are manufactured to produce whistling or squeaking sounds to capture the child’s attention or make bathing time more fun than usual. Give these characteristics, it is no wonder why rubber duckies are quite popular.

You can now have several ideas that you can use given this tradition that you can incorporate into planning your rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors.  So, how do you come up with the design concepts for this party? Some of the obvious elements you can incorporate into the design will involve rubber duck, and other components that would remind one of bath time for kids.

You can go over the top with the design and table decorations for rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors. An ideal location for this party would be to hold it poolside wherein you can adorn the pool with extra large rubber duck. You can also serve small rubber ducks floating into the punch bowl for more fun.

You can go as far as incorporating the rubber duck baby shower theme into the menu. For instance, you can add a half-inch football mold into a round cake. Then, you can decorate it with small plastic bubbles to make the cake look like a tub.

When sending out invitations for the rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors, you can ask the invited guests to bring items that would suit with the bath theme. In fact, you can ask them to dress up and stay with the bath time theme.

Finally, deciding on the best gift idea for rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors need not be as difficult as it seems. If possible, avoid buying a rubber duck for a gift. But still, you can remain consistent with the bath theme by giving other bath products such as baby shampoo or soap, bath kit, and other similar items. This is therefore a fun and innovative way to celebrate the arrival of a new child with duck themed baby shower and keep up with a long-running tradition.

Planning a Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Baby Shower

When planning a baby shower a simple way to make everything more organized and easier to do is to choose a theme. A theme allows a person to tie everything together and choose supplies based upon the theme. Themes allow a person to set up specific color schemes and symbols that will be used. A now I lay me down to sleep baby shower is a great example of using a theme to simplify the planning.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep is a popular children’s prayer. Almost everyone has heard of it and it evokes a sense of security and comfort when people hear it again. Using this theme for a baby shower is quite simple. The first step is to determine the color scheme and symbols that will be used. Commonly used colors include blue and yellow. Common symbols include pillows, stars, moons and praying hands. Once the colors and symbols are chosen it is time to start planning.

The important aspects of the shower should all be tied into the central theme. The invitations can incorporate the now I lay me down to sleep poem on the front or inside. Food is the next essential item. The cake should be decorated with coordinating symbols and can also include the poem. The next thing to consider are the decorations and favors.

Decorations and favors are where the theme really comes out and is tied in with the party. Decorations should clearly spell out the theme of the party. Some great ideas are to use the stuffed animals that say the prayer as table center pieces. After the party these can go home with the mother-to-be for the baby. Glitter is often used with this theme and can be used to dress up tables as well. Streamers in the colors can be used around the party area. Favors are another great way to incorporate the theme. A creative idea is to make potpourri sachets that look like small pillows with the prayer written on them and the baby’s name or just use “Baby” and the last name. There are many store bought options that tie in with theme as well.

A now I lay me down to sleep baby shower has an atmosphere that evokes the peacefulness of a baby sleeping. The party should be kept low key and relaxed. The atmosphere is set with the decorations, cake and favors. Once the party is underway all the planning will be worth it.

Baby Showers In Houston Texas, An example of a shower theme

Baby showers are often centered around a theme. One great theme idea is to use the geographical location. For example, baby showers in Houston Texas are often tied in with a favorite past time of the area, BBQ. Using this theme is actually quite practical. After all the party is to celebrate the baby coming to its home. What better way to do that then celebrate in a traditional way.

Using Houston as an example, planning this BBQ baby shower can be a breeze. First of all, this is a good idea for someone wanting to invite everyone to the party. Women and men will both enjoy this theme. Houston also offers great weather for a BBQ. Once the theme is secured it is time to get planning.

The theme will help make ideas for other aspects of the party, like invitations and favors, come easier. For a BBQ shower invitations could be something like a wagon wheel with wording that says ‘Help the little one roll into town’. Decorations could include bandana napkins, cowboy hat cups or other western type items turned in decorations or supplies. The party favors should be also themed. A cute idea are small cowboy boots filled with candy. Once the décor is taken care of it is time to look into the other important factors: food and games.

Food and games are going to be the highlight of the party. A person can get very creative with the BBQ food. They can serve baby back ribs and baby ears of corn if they wish to be cute. Of course the guests won’t care as long as it is tasty. Games are a fun way to get everyone involved in the party. Since the party is being held outside and there are going to be a variety of people the games can be of a great variety. Water balloon tosses or even a piñata are great ideas. There can also be more traditional games. If possible the games should somehow tie into the BBQ theme.

Baby showers in Houston Texas are only one example of the types of geographical themes a person can use. The BBQ theme lets the party be more of a family celebration then just the mother and some friends. It also allows for much creativity and many ideas.

A Baby Shower Moon and Stars Theme

Creating a baby shower around a theme is one of the easiest ways to make planning simple. There are many themes a person can use. Some themes are based on licensed ideas, other themes are more generic. The more specific and detailed a theme, though, the more expensive. For the planner on a budget a baby shower moon and stars theme is an easy theme that requires nothing special except a little imagination and creativity.

The steps in creating a baby shower with a moon and star theme is to start from the top. The first thing to do is to choose the colors. The most popular colors for this theme are yellow, blue and silver. These colors should be incorporated into the different aspects of the party. Of course the moon and star shapes will also play a big part in the overall décor of the party.

The main things to cover are as follows: – decorations – cake – invitations – favors For each of these the colors and moon and star shapes should be used.

Moon and star shapes are easy to create. A person can cut decorations out of construction paper or easily find moon and star décor at the store. The cake can be easily shaped like a moon or star and decorated with the colors. Another cake idea is to decorate the cake with moon and star decorations. Glitter is another decorating tool that works great with this theme. Glitter can be sprinkled on tables to add to the table settings.

A baby shower moon and stars theme is easy to put together. It is generic enough to be able to find items easily at a store or create them from scratch. It also creates a mood for the party of a dream-like quality. Using a theme helps the party planner stay organized and makes their job much more simple.