Homemade Baby Gift Ideas: Give a Gift that Will Surely Be Cherished by the Mom-to-Be

For future moms, the baby shower is one of the most special events, marking the whole family’s anticipation and preparation for the arrival of the new member of the family. If you are invited to a baby shower, you must not forget to bring along a nice gift. A unique gift for the future mother would be a more appropriate baby shower gift however this might prove difficult to acquire. It will just be so easy to buy a gift, wrap it nicely and present it but then there is always a risk that someone else will be giving the same gift. Avoid this risk by looking up some really good homemade baby gift ideas.


There is a whole range of homemade baby gift ideas available through the Internet these days. All you really have to do is spend some time browsing and researching about handmade baby gift ideas which are not only unique and will surely stand out from a sea of other presents but also inexpensive. Handmade baby gifts are personalized, charming pieces of crafts that the whole family can cherish.


If you are the crafty type, baby gifts are easy to make, especially if you crochet or sew. Ideas range from baby blankets or quilts, booties, sweaters or bibs. If you want something that is easier to do, then look for cross stitch gifts for babies. Cross stitching is a sewing craft that can be tackled even by beginners as there are always easy to follow patterns. Cross stitched homemade baby gift ideas include bibs, nursery door hanger, sippy cups, etc.


If you are crafty with wood, or if you know someone who is, you can come up with a great handmade baby gift that can be treasured for years. There are fabulous plans for wood crafts that you can follow and make a cradle, toy train or cars, animal figures and other items that a child can grow up with.


If you like working with papers and scissors, then perhaps you can make a scrapbook or a baby book. A scrapbook can be a unique baby gift that can hold many of the child’s growing up memories. You can either create the album yourself or buy a ready-made one and simply add some crafted scrapbook pages.


You can also come up with a personalized baby gift basket for the would-be-mother. This is easy enough to do, just make a list of the baby things that can be added to this basket. You can include personalized towels and napkins, homemade scented candles, personalized baby clothes, homemade cookies and even a special recipe for homemade baby foods.


These are just some of the best homemade baby gift ideas that you can consider if you are attending one of these special events. You can wrap your baby shower gifts in a creative way and make it even more special by adding small baby socks to the gift wrap. You can explore other ideas for the perfect gift for the would-be-mother and her child online or by visiting a craft store where you can be hit by a unique and interesting gift idea.

The Best Christening Gift: Silver Plated Baby Gift Bibles

Traditionally, godparents welcome their new godchild into the world by bringing adorable baby gifts and offerings. But somehow, parents themselves opt to bestow their precious angel favors that are lasting and meaningful. The best baby gift you can give to a new baby is something that would last for more than a lifetime. Those kinds of gifts that can be handed down from generation to generation like a family heirloom are the best gifts you can give your baby during christening. It really does not matter if you are the parent or a godparent, as long as the gifts you bring to this little darling during christening is something very special and exceptional. Silver plated baby gift bibles are the perfect gifts for a perfect occasion like your baby’s baptism.

Christening is a religious proceed in which the baby is presented before God. It is a customary ceremony that epitomizes the love God has for the child and the infant’s acceptance in the church while families and friends gather together to celebrate this joyous festivity. Godparents are usually chosen by family members to casually guide the child in becoming a virtuous member of the religion.

There are a lot of baby gift ideas available to bring during christening. The most common however are those baby baptism gifts that are life-long and worth remembering. Gone are the days of giving good old baby albums, baby hats, or even simple baby dress clothes. Godparents these days opt for more chic and fresher ideas. Hence, you can get the baby some of the most common yet out of the ordinary baby keepsake gifts for christening.

Blankets are very well known christening gift. It is very useful and kids would easily attach to it. It may also be kept for passing on to the succeeding kin. To make it a one in a million blanket, you can stitch a biblical phrase on the blanket with the baby’s name, the date of christening, your name, and a very brief personal message and wish you have for the baby. Usually, the baby boys get the blue ones and pink goes for the baby girls.

Another good baby keepsakes idea would be silver gifts. It could either be a jewelry or chinaware and with personalized carvings, it is definitely on the A-list of christening gifts. These kinds are more likely to become family treasures.

Others would bring personalized gift items such as a tooth keepsake. This is where the baby’s first tooth is kept. While some choose to go with baby gift baskets, there are still others, who are practical enough to give bedding crib sets, diaper gifts, baby food, clothing and more.

And yet amidst this long list of wonderful items to give during christening, bibles are the most conventional and practical christening gift for the baby. But unlike giving the ordinary bible, you can perk it up by getting the baby silver plated baby gift bibles. Make it special and add personal touches through engravings and hot stamps. These may even be passed on for generations and more. Without a doubt, it is the perfect and most traditional gift any godparent can offer to a little child of heaven.

Heirloom Baby Bible with Hand Embroidered Cover

Irish Keepsake Baby Bible

Finding the Right Baby Gift Dropshipper

With the millions of soon-to-be-moms come millions of baby showers and consequently millions of babies. No wonder a lot of business-minded people take advantage of anything about babies business – from baby gift baskets to baby decorations. Now, one thing that makes their baby shops and e-stores work is finding the right baby gift dropshipper. They need to get their baby supplies at a wholesale price so that they turn a profit without having to price their products too high.

Basically, dropshipping is shipping items from the wholesaler directly to the customer – the items do not have to pass through the retailer who placed the order from the wholesaler. Having a baby gift wholesale company that provides dropshipping businesses is convenient especially for the owner of baby delivery gifts online stores. The retailers do not have to worry about inventories and other inconveniences that go with getting baby gifts delivered.

How to Choose a Reliable Dropship Company?

Working with a reliable dropshipper cannot be overemphasized. If you are not careful enough, you may easily fall prey to those companies whose main objective is to take advantage of you. To avoid doing bad business with these companies, it is important that you know the signs of an untrustworthy dropship company. One is when the wholesale supplier asks for a setup fee or some paperwork fee before you could finally buy the supplies from them. Moreover, if a wholesale supplier requires you to get a website going to sell their products, then think twice. There is no doubt that a website is a good platform to sell products. However, you will have to question the real intention of the supplier if they try to convince you that they are going to build and develop the website for you provided that you give agree on paying them a considerable amount of website development fee.

So, if your baby gift ideas are oozing and you want to put those ideas to good use by setting up a baby gift store, then beware of those fishy fees that a wholesale supplier is asking. How do you know that a dropshipper is not taking you for a ride? It is simple. Decent wholesale suppliers do not ask for set up fees, paperwork fees, website development fees, or website membership fees. All they need is for you to purchase their baby gift supplies and pay them according to the agreed amount of those supplies as well as the agreed upon delivery fees.

To get the best baby gift dropshipper for you, compare several companies. Ask for recommendations from people you know and trust, research, investigate. If what a supplier is offering is too good to be true, then get those hidden investigative skills working. Doubt. Hesitate. Chances are there are ‘hidden fees’ that go with the offer. This way, you get to make informed decisions. These decisions are crucial as you are dealing with business deals that could make or break your soon-to-be or existing baby gift store.

Getting The Right Elegant Party Favors Baby Shower

As much as a baby shower is an important celebration for the dads- and moms-to be, elegant party favors baby shower are of equal importance in the party as this is the couple’s way of thanking the guests. It’s somewhat difficult to choose what baby shower favors to give to your guests. You always have to make it extra special so they will not forget your baby shower.

If you plan to throw a baby shower, be aware that the celebration could get expensive, especially when you plan to have elegant party favors. But just because things can get a little too costly, it doesn’t mean you have to cut down expenses and settle for a measly party. There is always a way to get elegant party favors baby shower without the need to spend a lot of money. Buying wholesale party favors is one option. Not only can you get elegant party favors baby shower at a cut-rate price but you can also have them in good quality.

And what’s great is that you don’t need to get stuck in the shops and department stores flooded with crazy shoppers everywhere. All you need to do is browse the Web for baby shower ideas and start from there. Start by visiting our recommended store belowand you can instantly have all you need to get started with your baby shower.

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If you prefer to have your baby shower favors personalized, you can avail of our wax-lined 50-piece set of Personalized Colored Favor Bags in red, black, blue and wild rose, which may be purchased either blank or printed with your choice of prints and two-liner personalization.

If you have enough budget for more elegant party favors bay shower, you may prefer the Baby Bassinet Baskets, made with durable nested willow, priced at $160.00 for a set of two. There is also the Fleurville Re-Run Hana diaper bag in stylish botanical prints for $84.99 and the Fleurville Re-Run Messenger diaper bag in fun prints priced at $78.99.

With Cornerstorkbabygifts.com, you can never be wrong in presenting your baby shower favors.


Tips for Preparing Homemade Baby Gifts and Instructions

A baby shower is one of the most important occasions to welcome the arrival of a newborn in the family or to make baby announcements to family members and friends. For those who are attending a baby shower, it is important to learn a few basic tips on homemade baby gifts and instructions for choosing the right gift idea.

Contrary to what most people think, homemade baby gifts and instructions are quite easy to find or decide on. The least you would want to happen is to give out the same gift item as several others of the attendees to the baby shower have given to the mother-to-be. All it takes is some thought in determining your idea for baby shower gifts and ensure you can find something that will stand out from the rest. There is also no need to spend a great deal of money to please the recipient since a homemade baby gift will surely be much appreciated.

There are homemade baby gifts and instructions available online which could help you decide what kind of gifts you can make at home or what materials you can use for your gifts. You do not need to have a special talent to pull this off. You can simply knit a blanket, mittens, or set of booties for the baby or build a memory box, if that is what you are skilled at. You would be surprised too with the unique baby gift ideas you can come up with. If you cannot think of a novel concept, then you can try adding some fun twists to a classic gift idea to make it seem brand new.

Aside from your own skill or talent, it is also important to evaluate how much time you can allot for making homemade baby gifts and instructions. If you are quite busy and have a limited time to spare, then keep your gift simple and traditional. But if you wanted to make it extra special and you have the luxury of time to prepare the gift item, then go ahead with it and go over the top.

If you cannot find unique gift ideas, then you can settle for something that is practical. Some of the classic choices available that are also cost-efficient. If you ran out of ideas, then you can simply take out classic gift ideas and make them on your own for a more personalized touch. There are also homemade gift sets that you can buy such that you can prepare it in a convenient manner without losing the personal touch to your gift. All you have to do is assemble them and it can be completed within a short amount of time.

You do not have to mull over the perfect idea for homemade baby gifts and instructions. Keep it simple and practical. You must remember that a baby shower is intended to celebrate the addition of a newborn into the family. Do not lose sight of the real purpose of the practice of gift giving for this occasion.