Make Baby Showers a Blast with Decorated Baby Shower Cakes

Coming up with the best baby shower gift can be a difficult task sometimes and you may find yourself at a loss as to what gift to give. If you find yourself in this situation, perhaps, you can volunteer to bake the baby shower cake. Specially decorated baby shower cakes can be the star of the occasion and can make the shower more special for the mom-to-be.

A cake may not last longer than the event itself but then, there is always something special with artfully decorated baby shower cakes especially in the eyes of the future mom. Catchy lines and toppings on the cake are always fun and you have free reign over the decorations.

Ideas for cake decorations abound and there are designs you can choose from for boys, girls and twins. You can also flavor baby showers cakes in many ways. Common flavors include lemon, butter-cream, mixed fruit and chocolate.

Decorated baby shower cakes look best when they are baked specially for the new mother. There are more ways than one to make a cake for baby showers memorable for a new mother. You can surely find interesting baby shower cake recipes online as well as helpful tips on decorating them. There are several patterns for decorating cakes that can turn them into baby shower centerpieces.

Here are some ideas for baby shower cake decorations you can consider.

  • Bake a simple cake shaped like a heart, square or round and by using icing pens, decorate it by writing the baby’s name on it or a quote for the newborn or a message to the parents.
  • If you are in charge of planning the baby shower party, come up with a theme and decorate the cake according to that theme. You can bake the cake in the shape of cartoon characters, animals, alphabets, or make use of toys as baby cake toppers.
  • You can also use ready-made plaques in your baby shower cake decorating. These plaques available in the market and come in themes like toys, angels, teddy bears, a stork carrying a baby, etc.
  • If you want to really mark the occasion, you can make the cake in the shape of a pregnant belly.

The ideas above for decorated baby shower cakes are for edible cakes. There is another kind of cake commonly prepared for baby showers which is made of disposable diapers. A baby shower diaper cake is made by rolling disposable diapers and tying them with fancy ribbons. The rolled diapers are tied together with rubber bands and depending on the number of diapers, you can make a 2 to 3 tiered cake. You can decorate a diaper cake with other useful baby things like bibs, shampoos, soaps, clothes, etc.

Indeed, well decorated baby shower cakes, edible or not, can be the centerpiece of the party. And to make a unique baby shower cake, you simply need to be creative and devote some time to prepare it. Your efforts will surely be greatly appreciated by the expectant mother.

Make the Right Choice on Your Baby Shower Cake Wording

Yes! After spending anxious time sitting in front of your Ob-gyne or indefinitely waiting for the two-stripe result on your pregnancy test kit, finally, it is confirmed that there is a gentle human being inside your womb, and then what is next? Baby shower party is a celebration that commemorates child birth in order to be “showered” with blessings. After all the preparations done either by you, your sisters or even friends, you suddenly realize that you’re on a dilemma because you cannot decide what would be the best baby shower cake wording. In choosing the proper baby shower cake wording, you should consider a lot of factor since you don’t want your party to be ruined by a single mishap.

All baby shower stuffs should be delicately prepared and fortunately there are some guidelines  that might help you on how to make your baby shower party ideas turned into a perfect baby shower party that includes on how to make your cake inscriptions.

Coming up with the perfect baby shower cake wording does not have to be difficult and perhaps you might be surprised that it is really a piece of cake! When putting an inscription on a baby cake, you must keep it plain and simple because your cake might look crowded if you’re going to put a lot of words on it. But if you can’t avoid to express all your feelings specially your instinct as a mother, then it would be better to print a poem and put it beside the cake. Otherwise your guest might end up pulling their glasses just to read those words definitely you don’t want that to happen.

You could also adopt some lines from nursery rhyme books or from your favorite kiddie charters or movies. Here are some suggestions that you might want to use: It’s A Boy! Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice, Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun, Welcome Baby! Oh Baby, A Star Is Born, Little Prince, Our Family Is Growing By Two (Or Four) Feet, Little Princess, Snakes And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails, It’s A Girl! Little Angel, Celebrate! Sweet Pea. The gender of the baby plays also a big rule, if it is a girl the wordings should be more cute while baby boy might indicate tougher, naughty, and funnier.

But if you’re a friend of the expectant parents, you can personalize the wordings in order to make them feel more special, take note that they wait to hard for the delivery of the baby and somehow you should make them more special . And if you are the proud father who plans the baby shower party, you must show your best effort to make your lovely wife feel very special. Pamper her with those promising words on her baby shower ceremony and make her the proudest mother of your child.

Always put in mind that after all  baby shower party favors nothing else is more treasured than a very touching welcoming baby shower cake wording not only for the baby but for the mother that would embrace the grueling world of motherhood!

Homemade Diaper Cakes: How to Have Your Own Business

People prefer to give homemade diaper cakes nowadays rather than edible ones. It is because the former is obviously more practical. Especially for parents who are expecting more than one baby, this baby cake is very helpful. Creating a diaper cake for an expectant will also showcase your creativity. It allows the giver to put a personal touch on his or her shower gift. Creating a baby gift diaper cake would definitely make the receiver happy.

The materials needed to create a diaper cake are easy to find at a very reasonable price. It is quite impossible not to be able to make your own. Even time cannot be a reason not to make them because it won’t take much of your time. The most important part here is your imagination and of course, the diapers.

Start by thinking what design you wan to do. Most people give multi-tiered diaper cakes. This means you would need more diapers for your expectant friend. Look for something that will hold the diapers in place. Baby diaper cake instructions are available in the internet and the instructions are very easy to follow.

Start by cutting card boards into three different sized circles. Make sure that the diameter is big enough to hold the diapers. The base circle should be the biggest as it will serve as the foundation of you baby diaper cake. Now unfold and roll the diapers and tie them with a ribbon. You may use blue ribbons for baby boy cakes and pink ribbons for baby girl baby shower cakes. Put the diapers vertically on the cardboard that you have cut earlier. Use the biggest cardboard circle first. You may need around 14 diapers for this layer. Do the same process with the next two layers. Your homemade diaper cakes would look better if you put doilies on the sides of your cardboard.

Once you have finished the three layers, put the baby diaper cakes centerpiece on top. You may also want to add more details depending on the design you chose. From afar, this diaper cake would look like a real cake. Baby shower cake diapers are becoming a trend nowadays not only because of the practicality but also because it is inexpensive. To make you present better, get diapers in different sizes. For the first layer of your diaper cake, you may use newborn size, then small and medium for the second and third layer.

Baby gifts diaper cake may also be used as a centerpiece for your baby shower. If you are successful in making your very own homemade diaper cakes, other soon to be moms may even ask or order from you. This way you can start your own business. Just make sure you do not lose you personal touch so that your clients will keep on coming. Make different designs, take photos of them, and bring it around. Do not forget to give your clients a reasonable price because thy do know how much diapers cost. This idea will surely be a hit.

Best Baby Shower Foods Recipes Ideas

Are you running out of baby shower foods recipes ideas? Preparing for a baby shower may seem never to end, especially if you got stuck with ideas on what or how to serve a delightful meal to celebrate the coming of your little angel.

The worldwide web offers hundreds and even thousands of baby shower menu ideas. In the same way, cookbooks offer just as much to help you prepare for that day when your pregnancy is being celebrated. Throwing a baby shower might be fiddly but this is the beginning of your new responsibilities as a mom. This includes choosing the best food recipes for that special day.

The theme turns on the mood of your baby shower, but the food is always the jewel. You can enjoy this momentous moment by adding gimmicks and gags to your shower party like having some unique baby shower games but it is always superb to serve food recipes that would match the entire theme of your party and the taste of your guests.

You can start your baby shower with a punch! Everybody loves punch, you or your mommy-to-be pregnant guests, and kids can have some. Some of the most wonderful punches for a baby shower would be a raspberry punch, fruit shower punch, and even an orange juice would do! You can also make either a blue punch for a baby boy shower and pink for a girl. You can try looking for more ideas online to make your sweet tasting and themed- punch.

Now comes the centerpiece of the baby shower, the baby shower cake! Your baby shower cake should suit perfectly with your theme. It can come in many different shapes, colors and styles. Some of the most common are baby bottle cakes, diaper cakes, nappy cakes, teddy bear cakes and so much more. You can try using a vanilla or a chocolate on your base cake. Also, a pink baby cake regardless of its shape would indicate a baby girl shower and blue for the boys.

Don’t forget finger foods. If you are planning a picnic like baby shower or even just right outside your garden, you can always rely on finger foods as your appetizers. These include sandwiches, fresh fruit plates, chicken or veggie trays or cheese and meat trays. These are just some samples of the thousands of baby shower foods recipes ideas that you can get online.

You can also add luscious desserts and salads. Keep in mind that while some guests might be a pure vegetarian, some might have allergies to certain food such as nuts and sea foods. Thus, it is essential to make sure to offer a variety of food to each of your guest. If you are planning quite an enormous baby shower, you can ask friends and family members to assist you with the preparation of food.

There are so many baby shower foods recipes ideas and you can get them speedily online. These guidelines will surely make your baby shower a memorable one.

Get Fun and Creative With A Baby Shower Umbrella Cake

A baby shower would not be complete without a cake. Cakes do not only satisfy cravings for sweets, but they are good on the eyes too. There are different styles of cakes to choose from, and one of them is the baby shower umbrella cake. An umbrella cake best suits the celebration. It is fun, creative and colorful, which is what a baby shower should be all.

Things to Consider When Buying an Umbrella Cake for Baby Shower

An umbrella cake for a baby shower is just one of the many baby shower cake ideas out there. If you decide to get a baby shower umbrella cake, it would be best to ask other mothers. They could recommend bakeries or people that bake cakes from home. For sure, they would only recommend those they trust when it comes to baby shower cakes. Moreover, when you order a cake, think of the  expected number of guests first. The size of the cake must depend on the number of guests that you are expecting. If you are not so sure as to which size to choose based on the number of guests, ask for the suggestion of the baker himself or herself. It is also important that the cake goes with the theme of the baby shower, if there is one. Present your own design or take a look at the set of baby shower cake designs that the baker may have.

Making It Yourself Is a Great Option

You can put some personal touch to your baby shower cake by making it on your own. There are recipes and pictures of baby shower umbrella cakes that you can use as guides. Do not get intimidated by the idea of making a cake for a special occasion as a baby shower. All you need are the basic baking ingredients and equipment and some creativity. Get those fun ideas that are lurking in your head to good use. Pattern your cake to the actual shape of an umbrella, and play with the flavors. It could be that the top of the umbrella is chocolate-flavored while the handle is composed of several strawberry-flavored mini-cupcakes. Another thing that you can do is make a regular-shaped cake, either rectangular or round, and decorate it with a cute umbrella-inspired design.

A cake is a universal symbol for celebration, and a baby shower is indeed a celebration of the joy of having an addition to the family. If you are the host, it is a chance for you to be fun and creative. It is a chance for you to get those baby shower ideas working. Highlight that with a baby shower umbrella cake. You can also make use of your knowledge on baby shower cakes in the future. You may get invited to a baby shower, and you may want to have a cake as your baby shower gift. Other popular and  fun baby shower cakes include the baby block cake, baby duck cake, baby carriage cake, and baby bootie cake.

Cake Ideas for Baby Shower: Tips on Purchasing Cakes or Making Your Own

A baby shower cake is one of the things to think about in planning a baby shower party. There are many cake ideas for baby shower to choose from.  While it is important that the cake goes with the desired party theme, it is also necessary to consider the size, price and taste of the cake. The cake should not only be affordable and delectable, but should also be big enough for all the guests.

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Girl

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Boy

Things to Consider in Purchasing Cakes

  • Decide between cakes and cupcakes. Both are cute and adorable ideas for dessert.
  • Consider your budget so you’d know what you’re going to get with it. If you’re going to purchase baby shower cakes, this will help you compare prices and search for a bakery or cake maker that will give you the best deals. Meanwhile, if you’re going to make your own shower cakes, you’ll get an idea what materials can be bought with your budget.
  • Look for a cake design that fits your baby shower theme. For example, if you have chosen a ladybug theme and will be sending ladybug invitations to guests, it would be nicer if your cake also looks or is designed like a ladybug.
  • To buy or to bake – that is the question. If you can’t bake, look for reputable bakeries in your area to design and bake a baby shower cake for the party. Meanwhile, if you have the skill then bake and design the baby shower party cake. You can also look at cake images online for some inspiration.
  • Nothing beats experience so ask for advices from your friends who have experienced holding baby showers. They might be able to help you find affordable cake makers or give you tips on where to buy cheaper materials or alternatives that cost less but still serve well.

Other Considerations to Make

  • Determine when the cake should be ordered. If you’re planning to hold a baby shower during a busy season like Christmas, you have to make sure that you place your order early on. By doing this, there will be plenty of time before the actual date of the babyshower. You avoid getting in a frenzy looking for a bakery or cake maker during the last hour.
  • Estimate the number of guests for the baby party to determine the size of the cake. It should be large enough for everyone attending the party. If it’s going to be custom-made, inform the cake maker how many guests are invited.
  • Choose one among the baby shower cake ideas that you have in mind. Select whether you prefer a chocolate or white cake. Choose a specific design and appearance for the cake and let the baker know about it. Some baby shower cakes to choose from are baby blocks, baby bootie or baby carriage cakes.
  • If you’re planning to make DIY cakes, a few suggestions on the design include bunny, ladybug, peas in a pod, Noah’s ark, teddy bear and many more. Just keep your preferred baby shower themes in mind in decorating the cakes.
  • Consider making or buying baby shower cupcakes. They are good alternatives to the traditional cake and will also save you the trouble of slicing a portion for the guests.

In considering different cake ideas for baby shower, the most important things to consider are the budget, theme and deciding on purchasing or making your own cake. But above all, the essence of baby showers should be the primary inspiration in holding a shower party.

Precious Moments Cake Designs for Baby Showers

One of the most popular themes being used for various occasions like birthdays, weddings, and even bridal and baby showers, is the Precious Moments motif. This inspirational line has been in existence since 1978, and is a Precious Moments, Inc. Trademark. In every occasion, the Precious Moments collection has the right figurine and décor for them. Thus, if you are considering throwing a shower for your baby using this theme, you need not worry if there are available Precious Moments cake designs for baby showers.

The Baby Shower Cake

Arguably, the best element of the baby shower is the cake. It serves as a symbol of the whole occasion’s goal of celebrating the arrival of a new baby. So, if you are going to use the Precious Moments theme for your baby shower, it also means that the cake must be decorated the Precious Moments way.

First, you must decide what kind of cake you would like to use. Ask yourself if you are going for the edible or inedible option. Let’s take a look at the inedible cake options.

Diaper Cakes ala Precious Moments

One of the most popular inedible cake options is the diaper cakes. This is perfect for baby showers, not only because diapers are being used, but also because this alternative adds a whole new twist to your baby shower.

There are a lot of designs to choose from online. You also have the option of making them yourselves for there are online tutorials available, but you can also purchase one if you do not have enough time to prepare them.

Precious Moments Towel Cake

Same with the diaper cakes, this option will also use inedible materials to make the body of your baby shower cake. Instead of diapers, you can use colored face towels that you can decorate on your own or purchase from a store near you. You can also choose from the Precious Moments cake designs for baby showers online.

Edible Precious Moments Cake Options

If you want an edible baby shower cake for your Precious Moments theme, you have several options to decide on. You can have a customized Precious Moments cake from your favorite bake shop. Just bring a photo or an invitation that has the Precious Moments image you like to be recreated on the cake.

Another option is to decorate it yourself. Buy several edible cake decorations that are connected to the Precious Moments theme. Bake a cake on your own, and then add the decorations you bought on top of your homemade cake. You can even place on the center a baby figurine from the Precious Moments collection.

If you want to do something creative for your baby shower, you can make use of cupcakes or muffins arranged in different tiers. You can scatter candy sprinkles on top, and then add bakery bites recreated from the Precious Moments collection.

The Precious Moments collection is a great theme to use for baby showers. The warmth and joy you want to express and celebrate for your baby’s arrival will be reflected by the choice you will make from the Precious Moments cake designs for baby showers that are available for you.

Choosing Baby Girl Shower Cakes for Expectant Moms

Organizing an event as special as a baby shower entails a lot of hard work and careful planning. There are a lot of factors to consider and things to prepare. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on the most important part which is the cake. And if the soon-to-be-mom is expecting a baby girl, there are certainly hundreds of online stores from where you can order baby girl shower cakes that are sure to melt her heart and put a smile on her face.

Baby girl shower cakes come in different styles, designs, shapes, and sizes. There is practically a baby shower cake for almost all types of expectant mothers. Whether they prefer to have simpler and traditional cakes or those decorated with a myriad of cute and delightful colors in different frostings, fillings, and flavors, there is certainly a long line of baby shower cakes to choose from.

Depending on your preference and on how creative you can get, you can choose to have a teddy bear or Barbie doll cake, a cake that resembles a garden with fairies and angels, or even a cartoon cake decorated with famous girl cartoon characters such as the powerpuff girls and superwoman. A dress cake or a gown-shaped cake is also a famous baby girl shower cake, as well as a cake covered and decorated with a simple and exquisite arrangement of flowers in different colors. Even baby shower cupcakes are perfect.

But what’s probably a simple, unique, and practical baby shower cake is a diaper cake. Diaper cakes are made out of diapers, which can either be disposable baby diapers or cloth diapers. Dozens of diapers that are rolled up are usually required in order to create a professionally and elegantly looking baby shower diaper cake. Some diaper cakes are made of colored diapers to make them look more attractive and impressive. While not really edible, the best thing about having a diaper cake for baby shower is that you are providing the expectant mother essential items, such as diapers and socks that the baby can use during the first few days or months.

One great example of a diaper cake that is being sold online today is the Diaper Cake Grande. Specifically designed for moms expecting baby girls, this diaper cake comes with 152 premium disposal diapers and two pairs of socks. It also comes with a removable sock corsage that soon-to-be-moms can wear. There is also the Forever Baby Diaper Cake that comes with 78 diapers for newborns, three pairs of newborn socks, and a keepsake album. For a more girlie diaper cake, there’s the Diaper Cake Delight covered in pink color. It is made up of 81 disposable diapers, as well as a baby sock corsage for expectant moms.

The type of baby girl shower cake that you bring as present for an expectant mother will reflect your style and creativity. And with hundreds of online stores that feature a huge array of baby girl shower cakes, there’s no way that you can’t find a baby shower cake that will not just reflect your style and creativity, but will also melt the heart and bring smile on a soon-to-be-mom’s face.

What to Write on Top of Baby Shower Cake?

If you decide to celebrate the coming of an additional member to your family, you may want to think about what to write on top of baby shower cake.  It’s going to be a challenging feat that will require a lot of preparation on your part so best to plan it ahead of time.

The key to planning what to write on top of baby shower cake is to do some brainstorming.  Write down your shower cake ideas on a piece of paper and solicit some shower cake ideas from your partner and other close friends.  Write down these shower cake ideas as well. This will give you tons of options for shower cake ideas to choose from.

Next, choose the shower cake ideas you like. There may be more shower cake ideas that you like so try arranging them according to your taste by assigning numbers in the ascending order.  You may also try to merge one or two of the shower cake ideas together to come up with even better shower cake ideas for your baby shower cakes.  Once again, write these shower cake ideas down as well.

To help you get started, choose how you want your baby shower to be like.  You can have a themed baby shower or a personalized baby shower.  This will help you determine what you want to write on top of your baby shower cakes.

Baby shower cakes may have themes such as vehicles, animals, or cartoon characters.  For instance, with a Winnie the Pooh theme for your baby shower you may choose to have each of its characters’ figurines on top of your baby shower cakes along with a short text at the bottom.  The text on your baby shower cakes may be a quotation from one of the Winnie the Pooh characters or it may only be the word “congratulations”.  This makes it easier to prepare with the option to order a ready-made one where you may ask to alter the decorations slightly to your liking.

However, personalized baby shower cakes may take more time, creativity and effort.  It all depends on how far you want to go with the decorations.  If you want simple baby shower cakes, make sure the colors of its icing mesh.  You may choose to place figurines on your baby shower cakes and just write a plain text like “congratulations” or “welcome” with or without the name of the baby.  You can also write your favorite nursery rhyme or put an edible picture of a baby on top of your cakes.  The options for personalized baby shower cakes are limitless.  All you need is a little imagination and everything you do goes a long way.

In addition, other text you can write on your baby shower cakes may be short phrases like “it’s a boy”, “it’s a girl”, “welcome”, and many others.  You can use any of these clichés or you can write an original text such as your own expectation about your baby.  You may even write the due date when the baby arrives or turn baby shower cakes into guest books where your guests sign their names. The possibilities are endless for spectacular baby shower cakes.  All you need to do is to plan it well. You should be able to decide what to write on top of baby shower cake.

Guide to Making Your Own Baby Shower Fondant Cake

Purchasing an order of a baby shower fondant cake can be quite expensive, thus preparing a homemade fondant cake is quite a great and practical idea for anyone planning for a baby shower. This cake recipe is simple to do with results comparable to that one prepared by a professional baker.

Since fondant is made out of pliable sugar paste, it is popularly used for decorating cake recipes. This comes with a texture comparable to that of molding clay, such that you can use it for providing a smooth covering on the outside layer of the cake. To make your own at home, follow this simple baby shower fondant cake recipe.

If you do not want to follow the traditional recipe for making fondant, you can also make marshmallow fondant since this is considered as the best alternative around. You must prepare the following ingredients: 16 ounces of mini marshmallows, 2 pounds of powdered sugar, and 2 tablespoons of water. Melt the marshmallow in water then pour in the powdered sugar. Stir in the mixture until it develops a dough-like consistency.

Put some oil into your hands before you start kneading the fondant. At this point, you can add the remaining powdered sugar. Continue kneading until you are able to stretch out the fondant without it breaking or tearing. You can now use it for preparing your baby shower fondant cake recipe.

You need to start off by baking the desired number of cake layers you will be using for the recipe. You need to keep your cakes lightweight though since putting the fondant will add more weight onto the final cake. The ideal thickness for the cake would be between 3 to 5 inches high.

Once the cakes layers are ready, you can now begin assembling them for your baby shower fondant cake. Make sure to brush the outside of each cake layer with a thin layer of buttercream. This will serve as the foundation before you will apply the fondant onto the cake.

The ideal thickness of fondant to be applied onto the baby shower cake would be around ¼ inch. You must roll the fondant to the same shape as that of the cake. You must wait for the cake to completely cool before you apply the fondant or else it will melt the sugar. You can use a jam or frosting to seal the fondant onto the cake and keep it from falling off. Smoothen out the surface of the fondant before you place it on the fridge to chill and help the fondant harden for a bit before serving it to your guests.

Preparing your own baby shower fondant cake is actually simpler than most think. If you know the steps for making it, then there is no point in spending lots of money ordering one from your local baker. You can also enjoy the freedom of decorating it with various elements that would suit the theme for your baby shower. You can practice on making it before the big day to ensure that you can perfect this recipe.