Get Fun and Creative With A Baby Shower Umbrella Cake

A baby shower would not be complete without a cake. Cakes do not only satisfy cravings for sweets, but they are good on the eyes too. There are different styles of cakes to choose from, and one of them is the baby shower umbrella cake. An umbrella cake best suits the celebration. It is fun, creative and colorful, which is what a baby shower should be all.

Things to Consider When Buying an Umbrella Cake for Baby Shower

An umbrella cake for a baby shower is just one of the many baby shower cake ideas out there. If you decide to get a baby shower umbrella cake, it would be best to ask other mothers. They could recommend bakeries or people that bake cakes from home. For sure, they would only recommend those they trust when it comes to baby shower cakes. Moreover, when you order a cake, think of the  expected number of guests first. The size of the cake must depend on the number of guests that you are expecting. If you are not so sure as to which size to choose based on the number of guests, ask for the suggestion of the baker himself or herself. It is also important that the cake goes with the theme of the baby shower, if there is one. Present your own design or take a look at the set of baby shower cake designs that the baker may have.

Making It Yourself Is a Great Option

You can put some personal touch to your baby shower cake by making it on your own. There are recipes and pictures of baby shower umbrella cakes that you can use as guides. Do not get intimidated by the idea of making a cake for a special occasion as a baby shower. All you need are the basic baking ingredients and equipment and some creativity. Get those fun ideas that are lurking in your head to good use. Pattern your cake to the actual shape of an umbrella, and play with the flavors. It could be that the top of the umbrella is chocolate-flavored while the handle is composed of several strawberry-flavored mini-cupcakes. Another thing that you can do is make a regular-shaped cake, either rectangular or round, and decorate it with a cute umbrella-inspired design.

A cake is a universal symbol for celebration, and a baby shower is indeed a celebration of the joy of having an addition to the family. If you are the host, it is a chance for you to be fun and creative. It is a chance for you to get those baby shower ideas working. Highlight that with a baby shower umbrella cake. You can also make use of your knowledge on baby shower cakes in the future. You may get invited to a baby shower, and you may want to have a cake as your baby shower gift. Other popular and  fun baby shower cakes include the baby block cake, baby duck cake, baby carriage cake, and baby bootie cake.