Make Baby Showers a Blast with Decorated Baby Shower Cakes

Coming up with the best baby shower gift can be a difficult task sometimes and you may find yourself at a loss as to what gift to give. If you find yourself in this situation, perhaps, you can volunteer to bake the baby shower cake. Specially decorated baby shower cakes can be the star of the occasion and can make the shower more special for the mom-to-be.

A cake may not last longer than the event itself but then, there is always something special with artfully decorated baby shower cakes especially in the eyes of the future mom. Catchy lines and toppings on the cake are always fun and you have free reign over the decorations.

Ideas for cake decorations abound and there are designs you can choose from for boys, girls and twins. You can also flavor baby showers cakes in many ways. Common flavors include lemon, butter-cream, mixed fruit and chocolate.

Decorated baby shower cakes look best when they are baked specially for the new mother. There are more ways than one to make a cake for baby showers memorable for a new mother. You can surely find interesting baby shower cake recipes online as well as helpful tips on decorating them. There are several patterns for decorating cakes that can turn them into baby shower centerpieces.

Here are some ideas for baby shower cake decorations you can consider.

  • Bake a simple cake shaped like a heart, square or round and by using icing pens, decorate it by writing the baby’s name on it or a quote for the newborn or a message to the parents.
  • If you are in charge of planning the baby shower party, come up with a theme and decorate the cake according to that theme. You can bake the cake in the shape of cartoon characters, animals, alphabets, or make use of toys as baby cake toppers.
  • You can also use ready-made plaques in your baby shower cake decorating. These plaques available in the market and come in themes like toys, angels, teddy bears, a stork carrying a baby, etc.
  • If you want to really mark the occasion, you can make the cake in the shape of a pregnant belly.

The ideas above for decorated baby shower cakes are for edible cakes. There is another kind of cake commonly prepared for baby showers which is made of disposable diapers. A baby shower diaper cake is made by rolling disposable diapers and tying them with fancy ribbons. The rolled diapers are tied together with rubber bands and depending on the number of diapers, you can make a 2 to 3 tiered cake. You can decorate a diaper cake with other useful baby things like bibs, shampoos, soaps, clothes, etc.

Indeed, well decorated baby shower cakes, edible or not, can be the centerpiece of the party. And to make a unique baby shower cake, you simply need to be creative and devote some time to prepare it. Your efforts will surely be greatly appreciated by the expectant mother.

Satisfying the Sweet Tooth: Fun and Easy Way Through Baby Shower Chocolate Lollipop Molds

Baby shower is a celebration we might have all heard of yet it’s prevalence among expecting parents are very much uncommon. It is typically a “welcome party” for their most precious gift – their little cuddly baby. Generous guests of the party often prepare gifts for the baby and it comes in different shapes and sizes be it in cash or in kind. Among the common gifts are clothes, toys, baby’s equipments such as strollers, baby bottle, diapers and cribs and so much more. Some friends and family members would actually opt to help out in the preparation of the party, this is the best time to talk about themes, food, and tokens. And speaking of souvenirs, you might want to try chocolate lollipops which you can actually make using baby shower chocolate lollipop molds.
A party like this can become so fun and can go on without a hitch especially if you take in consideration these simple tips. You can incorporate baby shower games, themes and invitations, decorations and souvenirs, baby shower centerpieces for tables and not to forget sweet desserts such as cakes, pies, candies, chocolate bars and lollipops.
The basic things you should consider are the date and time of baby shower, the party’s theme, the venue, baby shower items, the number of expected guests and more importantly, the number of food and the kinds of food that will be served.

As much as possible you should have a definite time frame in attending to or planning of the above mentioned to-do-list to avoid cramming as well as to have more time in dealing with other activities such as inviting guests. Now you have to remember the basic characteristic of a kiddie party and that is the presence of delectable and fun looking desserts. There are lots of baby shower desserts to choose from. Chocolates and candies are the usual things you would see in the party table if you attend a baby shower.

For those who want to make their baby shower unique and cost effective why not try baby shower chocolate lollipop molds. The good thing about baby shower chocolate lollipop molds is that you can prepare it yourself and you don’t need to use bulky and special equipments, it is less laborious and much cheaper compared to baking a kid’s cake.

To get started, the first thing you need is a model of the item you want to make into lollipops. Some ways to get the model is to make it yourself or buying it at a local arts and crafts store. Lollipop molds has an exquisite appeal to party goers because you can make varied shapes and sizes or incorporate your own design such as a smiley.

After making or buying the lollipop and candy molds, the only thing left to do now is to pour inside the mold the flavored candy mix, wait till it hardens and viola you now have unique baby shower chocolate lollipop molds that kids and adults alike will surely love. Baby shower lollipop molds are cheap but the satisfaction in making one as well as its significance to a baby shower and the level of fun this lollipop mold brings to guests is definitely priceless.