Baby Shower Cake Decorations Ideas

Are you the hostess for a baby shower? What could possibly be more fun? A shower has to be one of the all-time most invigorating and life-inspiring occasions known to man (or rather, woman).

You’ll want to choose your theme first, and make sure you carry it throughout all phases of your party. For example, if it’s “hearts and flowers,” make sure you use plenty of both, either symbolically or authentically, in every aspect you can, from your invitations to the party favors you pass out at the end.

This article focuses on that all-important, central fixture of the baby shower: The Cake. When it comes to The Cake, you can never have too many ideas, though your decisions will probably be influenced by your choice of your overall baby shower theme. Below are some examples of baby shower cake decorations ideas designed to simply nudge your creativity. Each shape is easy to make and can be incorporated into a theme baby shower. Indeed, you may choose your theme after deciding on your favorite baby shower decoration for The Cake!

The Heart Cake

This is one of the simplest and sweetest shapes for a cake, providing you have – or can lay your hands upon – an appropriate number of heart-shaped baking pans. As you would imagine, all you do is bake the cakes, ice them with your party theme colors and symbols, and there you have a very lovely baby shower cake. Get as creative as you like with this or any other baby cake decorating idea you choose, but the Heart Cake stands on its own without any enhancement as a symbol of the enduring love between mother and child.

The Flower Cake

Another very easy cake to make and decorate is a flower cake, with four big “petals” made from four layers of heart-shaped sheaves. Put the pointy end of each heart toward the center and frost. Use a large round candle, cupcake or even baby bottle filled with tiny candies for the flower’s center, stand back and admire!

The Gift Cake

Another foolproof baby cake idea is this tried and true shape. Bake a rectangular cake of any size you like, then frost it to look like present you just wrapped. Voila! A dessert for your baby shower and a gift on the center of the table! Put it right next to that diaper cake, topped with a baby bottle, and you’ll have a hit.


Everybody’s favorite philosopher, the Snoopy character also happens to be a fairly simple one to imitate, even with cake icing. The easiest way to produce The Snoopy Cake is to bake a rectangular cake, frost it with any color other than black or white, and then “draw” Snoopy’s face on top of that icing, once it’s set. Make Snoopy’s face stark white, and his ears, nose and eyes stark chocolate. Everyone will recognize him immediately! (The Snoopy idea is a great one for a baby shower theme, too.)

Mommy’s Belly

Can you visualize your baby shower cake in the form of the mom’s pregnant belly? Then you can create it for your table! It’s just a step away from imagining that well-known shape to cutting it out of a rectangular cake, then adding a big belly button!

Yellow Rubber Ducky

This form is synonymous with baby, and, like the Mommy’s Belly Cake, is fairly easy to cut out of a rectangular sheaf cake. Draw the shape first on newsprint or newspaper, cut it out, then lay it on top of the cake and cut. When you’ve finished icing it in bright yellow and putting in details such as eyes and the duckbill, you will have a nifty baby shower cake that’s ducky!

Be creative and have fun! That’s the best way to ensure your guests will, too.