Homemade Baby Gift Ideas: Give a Gift that Will Surely Be Cherished by the Mom-to-Be

For future moms, the baby shower is one of the most special events, marking the whole family’s anticipation and preparation for the arrival of the new member of the family. If you are invited to a baby shower, you must not forget to bring along a nice gift. A unique gift for the future mother would be a more appropriate baby shower gift however this might prove difficult to acquire. It will just be so easy to buy a gift, wrap it nicely and present it but then there is always a risk that someone else will be giving the same gift. Avoid this risk by looking up some really good homemade baby gift ideas.


There is a whole range of homemade baby gift ideas available through the Internet these days. All you really have to do is spend some time browsing and researching about handmade baby gift ideas which are not only unique and will surely stand out from a sea of other presents but also inexpensive. Handmade baby gifts are personalized, charming pieces of crafts that the whole family can cherish.


If you are the crafty type, baby gifts are easy to make, especially if you crochet or sew. Ideas range from baby blankets or quilts, booties, sweaters or bibs. If you want something that is easier to do, then look for cross stitch gifts for babies. Cross stitching is a sewing craft that can be tackled even by beginners as there are always easy to follow patterns. Cross stitched homemade baby gift ideas include bibs, nursery door hanger, sippy cups, etc.


If you are crafty with wood, or if you know someone who is, you can come up with a great handmade baby gift that can be treasured for years. There are fabulous plans for wood crafts that you can follow and make a cradle, toy train or cars, animal figures and other items that a child can grow up with.


If you like working with papers and scissors, then perhaps you can make a scrapbook or a baby book. A scrapbook can be a unique baby gift that can hold many of the child’s growing up memories. You can either create the album yourself or buy a ready-made one and simply add some crafted scrapbook pages.


You can also come up with a personalized baby gift basket for the would-be-mother. This is easy enough to do, just make a list of the baby things that can be added to this basket. You can include personalized towels and napkins, homemade scented candles, personalized baby clothes, homemade cookies and even a special recipe for homemade baby foods.


These are just some of the best homemade baby gift ideas that you can consider if you are attending one of these special events. You can wrap your baby shower gifts in a creative way and make it even more special by adding small baby socks to the gift wrap. You can explore other ideas for the perfect gift for the would-be-mother and her child online or by visiting a craft store where you can be hit by a unique and interesting gift idea.

Natural Baby Shower Products; Baby’s health Above All

Baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term “shower” is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is “showered” with gifts. Planning for a baby shower party is exciting. From the baby shower invitation to baby shower souvenirs, you just can’t help but be thrilled with the prospect of a baby coming. This baby shower items to be bought can be personalized or ready made, however, a new trend has emerged. Have you ever heard of Natural Baby Shower Products? If not, read on.

Natural baby shower products are the new “in” thing in the market. With the latest interest in reducing our exposure to chemicals and toxins in the environment, why not give a baby shower gift that is eco-friendly? Perhaps one best way of helping mother have a new start on protecting her baby from unwanted toxins is by providing a wonderful natural baby shower products. Supplies for baby which includes bath items, baby skin products, clothing, infant feeding set and baby toys can come in organic forms.

Mothers are conscious of the health risks of using so many of the products created for children. They cringe when they receive items like talcum powder or any baby bath products with chemicals known to be toxic. Organic and natural baby shower products are the best choice.

Shopping at an organic cotton store for natural baby clothes is ideal and can be fun. Organic cotton clothing will feel so comforting next to their tender skin. Although organic baby clothing is definitely not an inexpensive way to outfit a baby, it proves to be one unique baby shower gift. All organic babies clothing is made from 100% cotton with natural dyes. The cotton is farmed without the use of pesticides or other chemicals so the cotton fabric that is used to make organic baby clothing is free from these toxins. Parents of babies and infants will surely appreciate the thought that goes into buying organic baby gifts.

Throwing a trendy eco-friendly baby shower is one fun activity. Aside from being earth conscious, you are protecting the baby’s health. So while planning, include in the baby shower invitations that you are hosting an eco-friendly baby shower and it would be greatly appreciated if gifts given would be natural or organic. When that big day arrives, you will feel proud that you have come up with an exceptional party, even Mother Earth would really appreciate your hard work.

An advantage of natural baby shower products, aside from being eco-friendly, it is also inexpensive. Unique baby shower gift comes in many forms. One is an organic feeding set. It won’t be long before baby is eating solid food, so buy him/her a nice feeding set which includes a bib, spoon, travel cup and other essentials. An organic baby toy is nice too. Babies, when they reach the age of two, put everything inside their mouth. That is why organic toys which are free from chemicals are much safer for babies to chew on.

Get Sterling Silver Baby Gifts Wholesale

When you need a baby shower gift to bring when invited for a pre-birth celebration or baby shower gifts for guests when you actually host the party, choose one which is timeless, valuable, and thoughtful. The gift item you will carry with you may be dedicated for the child, the parents, or even a third party host. When you need to order a bulk for guests, try sterling silver baby gifts wholesale. You get as many items as you want for lesser prices as compared to purchasing them in retail stores.

Silver as a gift for baby showers is an ingenious idea. It meets all three criteria for a great gift item. Since the unborn child is yet to enjoy your gift, a timeless piece such as silver should be picked. Once the baby is born, he or she is able to experience the sheer joy a piece brings. It can even be treasured for as long as it is within the child’s possession. The same rule applies if it is a token for the hosts or a giveaway for those with baby shower invites to the event. Both young and old from any generation can be able to take pride in owning a silver jewel.

The thoughtfulness of giving silver for a baby shower can be doubled by adding a personal touch. A jewel can be personalized. What type of and the design itself can be chosen. A bracelet is the best pick. It is not gender biased. It may be applicable for both baby girl showers and for a baby boy shower as well. To personalize the bracelet’s, a sketch of the yet to be born infant’s name may be engraved if it was already picked.

Silver may also be wrapped as gifts for hosts of the celebration. Getting silver as unique baby shower gifts for guests and attendees can be made more special with a personalized message. You may use traditional scripts such as “thank you for coming” or you may make up your own creative lines. Have it printed in colorful paper attached in lace, and tie in a little box where the jewel is placed as a ribbon. For multiple item orders, buy sterling silver baby gifts wholesale and save money.

Value is an understatement when sterling silver is talked about. Silver cannot be made into jewelry on its own because it is generally too soft. An alloy is usually added to enhance its durability. Copper is often used for this purpose. From such mixture we get sterling silver. For our baby showers ideas topic, not only can sterling silver be applicable as a gift item, it may also be used for other purposes. Silver pieces can be used as baby shower decorations. Aside from silverware for the dining table, additional silver pieces can placed at the center table as decorations for baby shower.

Sterling silver baby gifts wholesale is most applicable when purchased as free gifts for those who will participate in your baby shower party. Buy now and get timeless and valuable pieces everyone will surely love.

Baby Shower Gift Thank You Note Wording Ideas

Baby shower parties are fun and exciting not only for the expectant mother but for those who will attend the party as well. Those who will attend the baby shower are all expected to bring gifts for your baby. After the party, it would be good to prepare a thank you note for baby shower. Expectant mothers are normally tired because of their pregnancy so sometimes writing a letter or a thank you note can be exhausting for them especially if they have write to many people. To help expectant mothers with this problem, some companies came up with the idea of providing baby shower gift thank you note wording.

Planning a baby shower can be fun and tiring at the same time. It all starts with the baby shower announcement then the baby shower invitations should be sent. A unique baby shower theme is chosen which will be the basis of all the activities during the baby shower. Examples of baby shower themes include baby shower for baby girl or boy, butterfly baby shower, and diaper party baby shower and many more.

Those who are planning the baby shower should prepare baby shower decorations, baby shower cakes, baby shower games and other activities. Since all this preparations for the baby shower can be tiring and requires a lot of effort for the party planers and for those who will attend the party, it is a very good gesture on the part of the expectant mother to prepare a baby shower thank you note to express her gratitude.

As mentioned above, it can be difficult sometimes to write even a simple thank you cards or notes for the baby shower. Fortunately, there are good sources of baby shower gift thank you note wording expectant mothers can use to help them come up with unique and special thank you cards or letters to those who attended and planned the party. A baby shower thank you note usually includes the name of the person of course, the type of gift they gave and how much you appreciated their gift and presence during the baby shower.

It is better to write the name of the person instead of using a common heading for all. It is also good to mention the gift because this will make the receiver feel more appreciated. For those who have time, handwritten notes, cards or letters are better because they are more personalized than printed ones. However, these days, your friends will not think ill of you if you send thank you note though email. Just make sure that it is not generic and that you wrote the note or letter yourself. You should not just copy and paste. Your friends will feel that you do not appreciate their efforts if you do so.

If you do not know the proper baby shower gift thank you note wording or you are not sure how to start, you can read some sample thank you notes online. You should not copy them verbatim, but it will give you an idea on how to write your thank you note.

Religious Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Best Way To Express Your Love and Support For The Parents-To-Be

Meaningful religious gifts always make wonderful gifts to give in a baby shower. While they symbolize the love of God, giving such gifts to a couple expecting a baby is one way to let them know your support for them in their new phase in life. What’s more, the power of such gifts does not only touch someone’s soul, they  are also meant to last forever. Here are some cool religious baby shower gift ideas to choose from.

Heirloom Baby Bible

Perhaps nothing beats bible as a baby shower gift because bibles symbolize a treasure of a lifetime—Faith. And what better way to make this gift even more extraordinary is by accessorizing it with hand embroidered cotton cover. You may also put it in a stylish box with your message imprinted on it.

Irish Keepsake Baby Bible

Heirloom Baby Bible with Hand Embroidered Cover


A cross can add more meaning to a gift. It symbolizes God’s love and sacrifices to mankind, which makes it a wonderful baby shower gift for the parents expecting a baby as a way to express your support for the baby.

The best thing about using cross as baby shower gift is that there is  a wide range of styles to choose from. You can choose to give handheld crosses made for meditation or prayer. Another option are cross pendants or keychains. These are usually available at affordable prices at babyshowerstuff.com.

“Living Cross” Personalized Baptism Wall Tile (Girl)

“Living Cross” Personalized Baptism Wall Tile (Boy)

Angel Worry Stones and Comfort Stones With Cross

Many people use comfort stones with cross for prayer or meditation. They can be rubbed or held to bring about feelings of connection to God and of calmness. Meanwhile Angel Worry stones are believed to help protect you. Because of their compact size, you can place them in a purse and bring them anywhere you go everyday. They don’t just serve as a symbol that God is with you but also as a reminder of your faith in God.

These stones can make wonderful baby shower gifts that parents-to-be will surely treasure for a lifetime. To make it more unique and add personal touch to it, it can also have a few words laser engraved by an engraver.

Angel Gifts

One of the most popular but cool religious baby shower gift ideas is angel gifts. In the Christian religion, angles serve as messengers of hope, peace and love. Thus, giving angel gifts is one way to tell the parents-to-be and their baby that you care, support and love them. There is a wide range of angel gifts to choose from. They can be decors like angel figurines or vases or baby items like shoes or clothes with angel prints. They can also be keepsake boxes.

What’s best about angel gifts is that you have many options to choose from to suit your budget. You can already purchase cool and personalized angel gifts at $5 each. Some websites even offer free shipping.

Above are just a few of the coolest but most powerful and meaningful religious baby shower gift ideas you can choose from. With the help of the Internet, your options of religious gifts are actually as unlimited as your imagination.

Personalized Angel Keepsake Ornament (with skin color and hair color options) – Girl

Personalized Angel Keepsake Ornament (with skin color and hair color options) – Boy

Luxury Gift Baskets Baby Shower Gift Ideas: How to Make Gift Baskets for Baby Shower Parties

If you are to attend a baby shower, bringing gifts is a good way to express your best wishes and congratulations to both the baby and the mom. Choosing creative baby shower gifts is not difficult at all as there is an extensive selection of baby gift items that you can choose from. One of the most wonderful, creative, and practical gift items that you can bring is a luxury gift baskets baby shower gift.

Moses Basket Deluxe (Princess)

Moses Basket Deluxe (Prince)

The idea of giving baby shower gift baskets originated from the United States and has also become popular in various countries around the world. Certain considerations need to be done and a dose of creativity may be required in order to make the best and most appropriate luxury gift basket. Here’s how you can go about creating your own luxury gift baskets baby shower gift.

Choosing the Gift Basket

Choosing the gift basket is easy. A box wrapped in decorative and attractive papers finished with a colorful bow will already make a perfect basket where you can place various baby shower gifts. It is important that you have knowledge about theme of the baby shower party so you can match the color and decoration of your gift basket to the theme. The rule of thumb is to use pink as the dominant color if it’s a baby girl and blue if it’s a boy.

Meanwhile, if you’re not comfortable making your own basket, there are various craft stores from where you can purchase ready-made gift baskets. There are baskets that are dinosaur-themed which are perfect for a baby boy and princess-themed baskets for a baby girl. You only have to fill them with your chosen baby gift items.

Choosing the Gift Items

There are many luxury gift baskets baby items that you can purchase for your basket. You typically can use nearly all newborn baby items that you can think of, from diapers and towels to baby bath and shampoo, to feeding bottles and pacifiers. Even a collection of newborn clothing, as well as a night long music CD to put the baby to sleep, can be great gift items that you can place in the basket.

Forever Baby Book Gift Basket (Girl)

Forever Baby Book Gift Basket (Boy)

Then again, if you are having difficulties thinking about what items to put into your newborn baby gift basket, you can buy themed, ready-made gift baskets that are already filled with different baby items.  You can buy “bath time for baby” basket, which contains all the things that babies need when taking a bath, or a gift basket that contains all sorts of baby’s firsts such as a baby book, picture frame, keepsake boxes for first tooth and haircut, and others. There’s also the meal-time gift basket, which contains things that the baby will need when eating, such as baby plates and spoons as well as bibs.

There are just too many luxury gift baskets baby items that you can put in your basket. It is, of course, important to always consider the theme of the shower party and the gender of the baby to ensure the gift basket is themed appropriately and contains the essential and appropriate gift items.

What Makes Cake Diapers Unique and Directions on Making a Diaper Cake

There are two main reasons why choosing a diaper cake as baby shower gift is a great idea. It is not only unique and creative. With the help of websites that provide simple directions on making a diaper cake, this gift is also extremely easy to make.

What is a Diaper Cake?

A diaper cake is made of disposable diapers that can be utilized when the baby comes out. It often takes about a couple of dozens of diapers to make an entire baby diaper cake. You can use white diapers for a simple cake or colored ones for a more special one.

Diaper cakes can look as flamboyant as wedding cakes. They can be built with multiple layers and can be designed with colorful ribbons to look like a real or edible cake from afar.
What makes diaper cakes special is that they always look impressive and may serve as an elaborate gift wrapper for the main gift. The special gift can be inserted and concealed in the middle of the diapers rolled and formed together to make a cake.

How to Make a Cake out of Diapers

• Remove the diapers from their packages. Each diaper should be rolled up like a diploma. Upon rolling a diaper, tuck the tab design so it can be concealed and the only thing that can be seen is the white material. After rolling each diaper, secure it with a rubber band so the shape holds.

• Prepare a base or platter to place the cake diaper on. You may cut a circle out of a cardboard and wrap it with foil. You can place a tissue rod in the middle of the base to make sure the diaper cake would look properly centered.

• Arrange the rolled up diapers and place them on the base one by one. The diapers should stand next to each other and arranged to form a circle. Follow along the base until the entire layer is formed. Once this is done, use a ribbon to tie around the first layer of the cake to secure it in place.

• Make sure the ribbon is big enough to cover the rubber bands that are used to secure each diaper roll. The ribbon should also be long enough to make a bow. Repeat the same process for the second and third layer of the shower diaper cake. Keep in mind that the second layer should be a smaller circle than the first layer and the third one smaller than the second.

• If you prepared a special gift that you want to conceal, gently push it down the middle part of the topmost layer. Other small gifts like baby clothes, lotion, baby powder, baby oil and other toiletries can also be tucked in the available spaces in the cake layers. Add finishing touches to diaper cakes for baby showers by using a teddy bear as cake topper.

Here is another set of easy diaper cake instructions that you can follow. First you have to assemble all the diapers and put them together, roll them neatly in order not to create bumps and humps, you can either make a three layer or just a single layer diaper cake. Make use of any sturdy material as your base and centerpiece, you could use the cardboard and the baby bottle. Second tie them together with the clear rubber band. Make sure that you stack them proportionally. Third you can cover it just like putting an icing to a cake by making use of extra diapers to hide scallops that the rolled diapers create. Decorate it with ribbons and you may add a simple greeting card. Alas! You’re done with your first baby diaper cake. You can complete the whole process within minutes as long as you all have the necessary materials.

Baby diaper cakes are very useful gifts that parents who are expecting a baby will truly appreciate. By following the simple directions on making a diaper cake, you can surely create a uniquely practical baby shower present.

Baby Shower Ideas: Picture of a Diaper Cake

A baby shower has always been a joy to be a part of, and getting the perfect gift for the expectant mother can be a little mind-boggling. One baby shower gift that you may want to consider is a diaper cake. If you are new to the world of baby stuff, then you may want to take a look at a picture of a diaper cake because this kind of cake is not that edible cake that you may be thinking of right now.

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Boy

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Girl

A diaper cake is a popular baby shower gift. As its name suggests, its main ‘ingredients’ are diapers, which are put together to take the shape of a traditional cake. As to why it is one popular baby shower gift, there are quite a number of reasons. For one, diapers are really useful for the mother and the baby. Another reason is that you can be creative and put a personal touch to it.

If you get invited to a baby shower and decide to make a diaper cake, then go to your nearest baby supplies shop to get the things that you need for your future masterpiece. Of course, the diapers are the most important element of your cake. The number of pieces of diapers you are going to take depends on the size of cake that you are planning to make. Get other baby supplies such as bibs, feeding bottles, and toys, and have them as accessories to your diaper cake.

While you have all the practical stuff in your baby shower gift, do not forget about style and creativity. If the baby shower you are attending has a theme, then stay true to the baby shower theme. If the theme is zoo animals, then decorate your cake with cute stuffed animals. Or if you are attending a girl baby shower, accessorize the cake with pink ribbons.

You may get intimidated by the intricate diaper cake designs that you have seen and doubt yourself if you can actually do it. If you know for yourself that some designs are not for you to make, then why not stick to a simple design? But if you think you are creative enough, then why not take the extra mile? The soon-to-be-mother would surely appreciate the effort you have put into your gift. She may even make use of it as a centerpiece for the baby shower.

Indeed, a diaper cake is a practical gift. What can be more practical than diapers? While it is practical, it is also pleasing to the eyes. The aesthetic sense that should come with a baby shower gift, or any gift for that matter, is not compromised. Just get hold of a picture of a diaper cake, and make use of your own creativity and baby gifts ideas. Trust that getting your own masterpiece of a diaper cake done is very satisfying. One more satisfying thing is seeing the mother getting excited over the things that she can make use of out of your gift.

Pink Daiseis with Paisley Diaper Cake

Blue Mums with Swirls Diaper Cake

Creating Baby Showers Greeting Cards and What to Write on Them

Giving a baby shower gift to soon-to-be parents is one way to show them that you welcome the coming of their baby. And nothing really beats adding personal touch to your gift by including personal message through baby shower greeting cards.

If you want to add a personal touch to your baby shower gift, here is how.

Tips to Keep in Mind in Creating Cards

You can look for baby shower templates to serve as your guide in creating a greeting card. From there you can get ideas on the designs that you want, select images or pictures that you want to put on the card, and choose a color that fits the occasion.

You can include famous baby quotes on the baby cards. And if you have a talent in writing, why not try to write a beautiful poem for the baby and the expectant parents?.

Handmade greeting cards are also a wonderful idea. You get to choose the materials that you would like to use in preparing baby shower cards.

What to Write in the Greeting Cards

First and foremost, congratulate the expectant parents and express your good wishes for them and their baby. If the card is for a friend, you can make personalized baby shower cards with a less formal tone of writing.

Maintain focus. Make sure that your greeting card serves its purpose in congratulating the soon-to-be parents. Focus on the occasion and save the things other than the baby shower for later.

Simplicity is the key. Keep your baby shower greetings straightforward and express well-wishes in a concise and pleasant manner. If it’s someone close to you, you can also try using humorous notes that the receiver will enjoy reading.

Quotes would also be nice. After your message of congratulations, you may want to include a special quote about babies or something related to parenthood. Further, you can also make baby shower poems that may express the happiness you feel for the future parents.

Gift Ideas for the Baby and the Parents

Flowers are a nice new mom present and a pleasant way to express your congratulations. A simple arrangement of fresh flowers will do the work. And of course, a greeting card will add personal touch to it so don’t forget to write one and present it with the flowers.

Another baby shower gift idea is giving the soon-to-be parents a shower gift basket. The basket should include essential items that parents can use when the baby comes out. You can fill the gift basket with baby clothes such as mittens, booties and cap; and other items like blanket, bottle feeders and diapers. A simple greeting card expressing your wishes will provide the finishing touch to your gift basket.

Giving baby shower presents with personalized greetings is a simple way of expressing the joy you share with the parents for the coming baby. Adding baby shower greeting cards to your gift set your gift apart because they are creative and they allow you to add a personal touch to your gift.

How To Start A Diaper Cake Business

Diaper cakes are sweeping the baby party scene as of late. However, these are not edible cakes but are a common centerpiece item for baby showers. It therefore makes a great business idea if you wanted to take advantage of this rising demand and if you are passionate in planning baby shower gift or decoration items. There are a few things you need to know about how to start a diaper cake business to become more successful with your venture.

Starting a diaper cake business requires you to dedicate your time and effort into the startup process. There is a huge market for this business though and there is definitely a long-year demand for baby shower gifts.

Before you consider how to start a diaper cake business, you need to practice making diaper cake yourself first. Your familiarity of the process is vital to learn about the other factors of this business even if you do not intend to make them yourself to sell as part of your business. Thus, you can also make an assessment if there is a need to rent a shop or you can run your business at home.

The next step you need to know about how to start a diaper cake business is to determine your capital investment requirement. Then, you can move onto determining other financial aspect of your business such as the pricing for your diaper cakes. You need to figure in the cost for buying the accessories you need to make the diaper cake to ensure that you can quickly recoup your initial investment.

Once you are through with the planning stage, you are now ready to buy the supplies you need to start diaper cake business. It would be advantageous if you can find a direct supplier for all stocks you need for your business to cut costs.

Once you have the supplies and equipment you need for running the business, then you can decide on the business name. Coming up with a relevant but catchy name for your business is one of the key elements on how to start a diaper cake business and ensure your success. You can file for a registration for your business name to finalize the startup of your diaper cake business.

The next step following the startup phase is the marketing. You can make use whatever marketing medium suits your budget but do not limit yourself to local promotion. You can also do market research to determine your target audience and focus your marketing campaign towards them.

Creating a website for your business is also a great idea to increase your business’ market reach. Take photos of your products and upload it to your website for your potential customers to see. Then, you can provide contact information for interested customers to easily keep in touch with you. You might also want to set up a merchant account to make it easier for customers to transact payments on your website.

Knowing how to start a diaper cake business takes a lot of effort and dedication. But if you can take care of each aspect in the business startup phase, then you could be headed towards the right direction.