Precious Moments Baby Shower Decorations Make a Difference

There are many great baby shower themes one can choose from when planning a baby shower party.  Examples are western baby shower, pooh baby shower and precious moments baby shower. Among the many baby shower themes, the precious baby shower theme is one of the most popular. Having a precious moment baby shower theme means that you should use soft neutral colors in your precious moments baby shower decorations, invitations and so on.

As mentioned above, a precious moment baby shower should use powder soft pastel colors such as baby blue, pink, lavender, peach, mint green and other colors of the same hue. You can pick one or combine any of the colors for your motif. Starting from the baby shower invitations to the decorations, all should be coordinated to truly make the party feel like a precious theme baby shower.

Ideas for a precious moments baby shower decorations can be taken from books, web sites and you can also refer to the precious moments websites owned by Hallmark. There are also some web sites which can teach you how to coordinate the different colors with the different precious moments baby moments patterns. It has been noted that many people appreciate precious moments baby shower parties and many are also using the precious moments theme in other parties such as christenings, anniversaries and so on.

It is actually not hard to come up with items for the decorations. If you are a collector of precious moments products, you can use them for the baby shower decorations. You can use tall figurines for the baby shower centerpiece and you can place the smaller figurines around the room. Just take precautions to make certain that the figurines will not fall down. Place them strategically around the room in such a way that they can be fully appreciated but at the same time; they should also be in a safe place especially if children will be present during the party.

Those who do not have the time to coordinate the decorations can simply buy precious moments baby shower theme sets or kits. There are more than 20 precious moments baby shower items you can choose from. Examples are precious moments balloons, plates, tissues, tableware, favors, keepsakes, figurines, invitations and many more. So if you do not have the time to make the decorations by yourselves, you can simply buy. There are many stores and online shops which sells precious moments products.

There are many reasons why people wish to throw a precious moments baby shower themed party. One of them is that, it is easy to come up with decorations and ideas since you can just refer to the precious moments product for ideas. In addition, the colors can be easily used for a baby shower for a boy or girl. In addition, the decorations can also be used for other parties as well.

Precious moments baby shower decorations are not hard to come by these days. Precious moments baby shower kits and sets are available in many gift shops and other stores. People who are fond of collecting precious moments figurines do not need to buy decorations if they are planning a precious moments party. They can use the figurines for the baby shower party. They can just add some items as long as they use neutral colors.

Are You Looking For Ideas On How To Host A Baby Shower?

When looking for ideas on how to host a baby shower, consider three sources: you, people who cares, and useful materials. No one will exert effort, spend time, and allot money as much as you would for a yet to be born child. Your ideas should take the number spot in planning, organizing, and celebrating the event. This rule applies whether or not you have hands on influence on how the baby shower turns out. Some expecting parents pass this responsibility onto a family member, relative or friend. This ensures that baby shower ideas used are aligned with yours. In case you decide to hire an expert organizer, choose an experienced individual or group.

Getting the services of an event planner or someone else has benefits. You are relieved the stress and tension of preparing and setting everything into place. This should be considered since most baby shower party is held during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. This is a critical period where unnecessary pressure should be avoided. The organizer will take care of everything. From invitations, party location and date, decorations, program, food and drinks, and give away gifts.

In case you are looking for ideas on how to host a baby shower all on your own, a simple method can be used. Begin with a plan. Plan the date, time, and place. Next, choose a baby shower theme which matches the baby’s gender if it is already known. Consider current season, available resources, and the location. Know how much you can spend and allot budget for all expected expenditures. Start listing down names of everyone you will invite. Baby showers are important celebrations to welcome your child’s birth. Best to have it celebrated with closest friends and family members.

What to serve is important for the party as well. Often it makes or breaks the overall impression of guests towards the event itself. When making the baby shower menu, cater to all types of attendees and their needs. From appetizers, refreshments, meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, deserts, wines and other drinks. Food and drinks can be served in a course meal or as a buffet. Serving of meals can even be incorporated in the party program itself. The program will have a host, some entertainment, minutes for messages, and games. Baby shower suggestions for themes, invitation designs, menu, and program can are available thru materials. These are videos, magazines, and articles online.

Baby shower decorations may involve the actual location. These include tables, chair, and a stage if any. Additional items such as flowers, balloons, and other materials should be thematic. Invitation card design should also follow the same theme as well. The invitations are sent when everything is planned. These are normally dropped off personally if possible. If not, a notification via email or a call maybe done to ensure that the receiving party is informed. Lastly, baby shower gifts for guests should be given as a token of appreciation for those who did attend the party.

So when looking for ideas on how to host a baby shower, look no further; use your own ideas, get assistance from family and friends or an expert, and read all materials you can find.

Where to Get Free Baby Shower word Scramble Game?

There are many baby shower activities one can prepare to make a baby shower more entertaining. Baby shower games are of course good ice breakers. Playing a baby shower word scramble game is one of the fun activities. There is a list of free baby shower word scramble game in many web sites for those who do not want to spend money for this activity. Scramble games are amusing and they can also test if guests are familiar with words related to motherhood, pregnancy and babies.

Creative baby shower ideas can make the party a big hit and will make the expectant mom feel special. Preparing games such as word scrambles is one creative idea many will probably appreciate. Those who do not have time to prepare a word scramble game by themselves can look for a list of free baby shower word scramble game online. They are usually available in sites offering free printable baby shower games. You can just click and copy the word scramble games. Some sites also provide a printable version of the word scramble.

Word scramble games for baby shower parties should all relate to babies, maternity and pregnancy. They are usually easy but the organizers should be prepared to give clues in case there are some words which are difficult to unscramble. The word scramble should also be made in an interesting manner. Using different font sizes and colors can make the word scramble more attractive which can add more excitement to the game. You can also draw pictures or give clues for the difficult words. These are some ideas to make this baby shower activity more exciting.

Organizers can have fun making different rules for the word scramble game. All the guests can join this baby shower game or you can just pick some participants. Sometimes, picking single guests can be fun because they are not that familiar with motherhood and babies yet. You can also make teams. The time limit can also be adjusted depending on the difficulty of the words. The organizers can prepare prizes for the winners and punishments for the losers. There are many fun and creative ways to make the word scramble game more interesting.

Those who want to create their own fun baby shower games to play can also make their own word scramble games. You can check out the different baby shower word scramble games online for reference. You can prepare word scramble games with different difficulties. You can have an easy round, intermediate then difficult to make the game more exciting. Use the dictionary for list of words which are related to motherhood, pregnancy and babies. Do not make use of medical words. Otherwise, no one will be able to solve the word scramble which will make the game not fun anymore.

Coming up with baby shower activities can be fun and easy if you know where to look for great ideas for the baby shower party. You can get some ideas from books and internet sites. In the case of free baby shower word scramble game, just look for websites providing baby shower games and activities. Unique games and activities for the party will definitely make the expectant mom and the guests very happy.

Why Choose Storks For Baby Showers?

When organizing a baby shower for your own or someone else’s, choosing an overall baby shower theme is one of the most important aspects during the planning stage. The theme will dictate everything else included in the celebration itself. It is easier to pick up a theme if the baby’s gender is known thru certain procedures such an ultrasound. Some parents though prefer to not undergo any pre-birth tests due to two primary reasons. It is either to keep the baby’s sex a surprise or to minimize possible side effects certain equipments may bring upon the unborn child. For a non-gender biased theme, use storks for baby showers.

An image of a stork carrying an infant covered with blankets has been a common caricature which represents the delivery of a child to birth since ancient times. Scandinavian legend highlights the stork’s important role in bringing a child safely until the moment of his or her birth. The story had been passed on to generations and the story had been interpreted in many ways since then. It is now a common icon for baby shower themes and decorations. Storks are also used for baby shower invitation templates as well as in personalizing designs for items which will be displayed during the ceremony.

In choosing how the storks for baby showers are presented, baby shower ideas should be put to mind. A common message conveyed is the fact that the child yet to be born is a special delivery. He or she is a heaven sent gift. Thus, the stork may be sketched soaring with spread wings and the blanket which clothes the child is made to look special as well. The caricature will then be applied to baby shower decorations for tables, chairs, balloons, walls, stage platforms, invitation cards, announcements, gifts for guests, and even for the food itself such as the cake.

The spread wing type of stork is not always applicable though due to the size of the item it will be printed to. The soaring stork print is best for items with expanded width instead of height. With this, another unique design can be used. Try the stork standing upright with folded wings enclosed to embrace the cloth covering of the infant it carries by its beak. This is normally seen on baby shower decor for ball pens, candle sticks and holders, and other elongated objects. A sole portrait or statue of a stork can also be utilized as a baby shower decoration on its own even without any child on its beak or wings.

Most professional event organizers such as those whose expertise is on baby shower planning have many stork themes you can choose from. These vary in terms of included features for the packages, in prices, color, design, and so on. Choose one which fits your budget and your style. If you’re organizing and planning everything on your own, more ideas on storks for baby showers are available through magazines, books, DVD’s, and other resources.

Make Your Own Baby Shower Footprint Invitations

Making invitations for any kind of occasion has been a trend for a long time. Many people love it because it looks very personalized. If you are planning to have a baby shower, make you sure you have a baby shower checklist because you do not want to miss out anyone. But if in case you want to have your baby shower footprint invitations made before you finalize your guest list, then make sure you have a lot of extra invites. Most of the time, parents want their baby showers to be unique’ and unforgettable. Browse through the internet and look for baby shower ideas.

Whether you are planning a baby shower for yourself or organizing one for your friend, your goal is to make it as fun as possible. You can make your own baby shower games and decorations or you can buy some ready made ones available in the bookstores. Baby shower footprint invitations are quite easy to make. Thanks to the development of technology, there are now a lot of baby shower invitation templates which can be downloaded from the internet for free. You can choose from a long list of designs and each one can still give have its personal touch. You may add you own designs and wordings.

Baby shower invitation themes will make the very first impression about your party so make sure it is suitable for your party theme. Please do not make an invite using a jungle themed baby shower invitation and then suddenly decide that you want a fairy-themed party. Baby shower  invitation seems like a little thing but it may give a very strong impression. If you think you are artistic enough, you might not need the help of the internet to make your very own baby shower  invitations. Just go to the craft store and buy some materials and you are ready to go. Most crafts kits come with instructions so it would be easy.

If you want, you may add your baby’s ultrasound photo or you and your husband’s baby pictures as well. There are some nice footprint cut-outs that you can find in bookstores or specialty stores. Just make sure you lay-out your items artistically on your baby shower invitation and it does not look too crowded. You may also make your own baby shower invitation wording to make it more personal. This way you can really say what you want to say about how important your coming baby is.

There are so many things that you may want say but if you do not have time for this, there are a lot of choices in the internet. Baby shower invitation ideas are limitless but a lot of people still agree that baby shower footprint invitations are still the best. It has an emotional impact to the parents and it will really look good on your baby’s first album. Baby shower invites are fun to do and create. So let us not rely on the over the counter general invites for your baby. So make your own personalized baby shower invitations and be proud.

Going Western: Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas For You

There is a wide range of themes to choose from when you are planning to throw a baby shower, and one of them is the western or cowboy theme. Cowboy baby shower ideas range from the invitations to the food and beverages. You can choose to be very hands-on and prepare the things you need for the shower yourself or you can make use of the help of shops or companies that provide baby shower services. Either way, everything must stay true to the theme.

A cowboy baby shower, or any baby shower for that matter, would not be complete without sending out baby shower invitations. There are pre-designed invitations available, or you can design the invitation on your own. You can make the invitations out of craft wood or cardstock. You can cut out cowboy hats made of cardstock, or glue your printed-out cowboy design onto the craft wood. Of course, do not forget about the most important details in an invitation, which are the time and venue of the shower.

Then there are the games and activities. What is a baby shower without the games? For a cowboy shower, one of the games that you can prepare is the cowboy trivia. The sets of questions can be about cowboy movies and songs as well as the things that cowboys use or that are associated with cowboys. You can also do the classic What Is Under the Hat game. In this game, participants will try to guess what is under the cowboy hat using the clues given to them. The things under the hat must be focused on a theme such as the things that are associated with babies such as pacifiers, diapers, etc. The guests can also unleash the cowboys in them by roping stuffed animals, preferably, cows and horses.

Of course, you have to take careful consideration of the food and beverages. Arguably, these are the most important elements in a shower. What can be more cowboy than barbecue? Hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken wings, and corn on the cob perfectly suit the taste of your cowboy and cowgirl guests. Serve your lemonade, iced tea, or sodas in mason jars to showcase that rugged feel of the shower. Moreover, fruit pies such as apple and peach pies would satisfy your sweet-toothed cowboys and cowgirls. Have them enjoy all these while sitting on hay bales. Now, do you realize the plus side of serving these cowboy food and beverages? It is that they are budget-friendly without the elements of fun and style getting compromised.

The joy of having an addition to the family is no doubt worth celebrating, and a cowboy baby shower makes the celebration more exciting and fun. There are cowboy baby shower ideas out there, waiting to be made use of. While you may have your own baby shower ideas, it will not hurt to be open to other ideas, combine them with your own, and come up with your ideal cowboy or western baby shower.

Fun and Funny Baby Shower Games, Gifts and Food

Baby showers can be so much more memorable with fun and funny baby shower games, gifts and food that all guests can enjoy. A fun-filled baby shower with fun games and good but cool food is a great way to celebrate the coming of a baby. Here are some tips on how to set up a fun-filled party for your baby.

Fun Things to Include in a Fun-filled Shower Party

Gifts. The gifts don’t have to be the usual presents that are given in baby showers. For guests, why not give the expectant parents some baby clothes with funny messages, or cool infant costumes?

Food. Preparing cool and unique food will surely add delight to the mood of the celebration. Preparing cool food like a cake shaped like a pregnant woman’s belly will definitely make the celebration more memorable.
The manners of serving the food can also make the party a lot of fun. Beverages can be served in bottle feeders while the food can be served on children’s plates and utensils.

Games. Of course, baby showers are not complete without fun baby shower games. For the party host, you do not really have to match the games with your party theme. What’s important is that the games you will host in the baby shower are fun and cool that everyone will enjoy.

Below are some fun baby shower ideas and games and how to play them.
• Clothesline Game
1. A string or clothesline will be stretched across the room. A basket containing pins and baby clothes will also be provided.
2. Each of the players will take turns in hanging as many baby clothes as they can on the line. They need to do this within 30 seconds.
3. To make the challenge more difficult, while hanging clothes on the line, the player will be holding a doll and will be talking to someone over the phone.
4. The other players can act as the person on the other line to distract the player.
5. The one who hangs the most number of clothes on the line wins the game.

• Stacking Game
1. Baby items such as clothes, plastic toys and diapers will be needed for fun baby shower games like this.
2. Players will race against each other to stack as many items as they can in one minute.
3. The stack should remain standing for a few seconds.
4. The player with the highest stack that stands without knocking over for the longest time wins the game.

• Gerber Game
1. This baby shower party game involves eating baby food.
2. Small jars for baby food will be prepared for this game.
3. Up to five different food flavors will be placed on each jar or depending on the choice of amount of the expectant mother.
4. The players will be blindfolded while tasting the first jar of flavor. The blindfold can be removed so the player can write down a guess then put back again to taste and guess the other flavors.
5. Most of the guesses are usually inconsistent or wrong but the player with the most number of correct guesses wins the game.

Fun and funny baby shower games, gifts and food do not only make the party enjoyable but also memorable for expectant parents and their guests. Choosing fun games, unique and fun gifts to give the expectant parents, preparing quality but cool food are the secret ingredients that make the celebration for the coming of a baby just perfect!

Achievable Free Ideas for Baby Shower Ideas

For cousins, sisters, best friends, or anyone close to the mother-to-be, planning and coordinating a baby shower for a person that is special to you is a daunting and pressure-filled task. From the sending out of invitations up to the preparation of the party favors, the to-do list of that individual will certainly be full. Not only that! It seems that a lot of women are getting pregnant these days and are in need of a friend to throw a baby shower for them. That is why achievable free ideas for baby shower ideas are on high demand these days.

Sorting Out Feasible Ideas

Because of the advent of new technology, there are a lot of websites at present that provide helpful tips and concepts in throwing a party. However, not all of them are attainable or applicable to every party coordinator. It will take a lot of time and effort for someone to sort out all of the information that can be found online.

That is the very reason why this article is created. All of the things a party coordinator will need in throwing a fabulous baby shower are right here.

Steps in Throwing a Successful Baby Shower

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the numerous tasks involved in throwing a baby shower. The different components included in the party must be handled and there are times when certain details were forgotten to be attended to. These hardships must not discourage the designated party planners for there are achievable free ideas for baby shower ideas that are available to come to their rescue.

Three Significant Ingredients of a Baby Shower

There are three important things about the shower party that every coordinator must decide on before anything else. One of them is choosing who will host the shower. The coordinator must also ask from the mother-to-be the date when she wants the party to occur. Last thing to decide on is the venue of the baby shower party.

After settling these things, the coordinator can now begin the preparations for the other components of the party.

Creating a List and Timetable

It is important for a party coordinator to list down the little details involved in a baby shower that must be attended to. Doing so will help her avoid forgetting the simplest details that should have been handled before the shower itself.

The timetable will also help the coordinator to see the flow of the party: from the pre-event, event itself, and up to the post-event details. Seeing the timeline on paper will aid the planner in checking on the things that still need to be done.

Selecting the Theme and Guests

The designated coordinator must check with the expecting mother which theme she would like to use for the baby shower. After all, this is her show as well as her baby’s. The menu, decorations and party favors can be synchronized with the kind of theme she likes.

The planner must also coordinate with her regarding the guests that she wants to invite, including how much guests can be covered by the budget.

It’s Time to Party!

Now that the event coordinator is armed with free ideas for baby shower ideas, she can now implement what she learned from this article into an actual baby shower party. She will be able to confidently plan the event on her own.

Free Ideas For Baby Shower Center Pieces And Party Decorations

The decorations make your baby shower party lively and welcoming for your guests. This is also where you get to exhibit the various elements of your chosen baby shower theme. The table center piece is a crucial component in your table decorations but it does not have to be ultra extravagant since you can get free ideas for baby shower center pieces to make your decorations stand out.

Before you start gathering free ideas for baby shower center pieces, you must first decide on a theme for the party. However, there are several ideas that blend well with nearly all types of baby shower themes you have chosen. You can try out these classic ideas to add more aesthetic appeal into the overall decoration.

Floral arrangements are among the most classical ideas to use as center piece for any table decoration. In terms of using it for the baby shower decorations, it would suit well with any theme you have chosen for the party. To add more appeal to your baby shower centerpieces, opt for fresh flowers or potted plants. You can choose flowers that are of the same color scheme as the baby shower theme to serve as a nice complement to the other decorative elements.

Another traditional choice on free ideas for baby shower center pieces would be to use candles. This will give a nice touch of sophistication to the table decoration. In addition, candles could also make as nice keepsake ideas that you can giveaway to your guests for this lovely occasion.

Since a baby shower is supposed to be fun and creative, you can think of other fun ideas that would suit well with the baby theme. For instance, you can use balloons to adorn the table. This is a creative yet inexpensive idea that you can use. Meanwhile, the use of diaper cakes is also fast emerging as one of the top choices on free ideas for baby shower center pieces.

The use of food as the table center piece would also make a great idea, specifically desserts. You can make a tower of the baby shower food, such as edible cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. On the other hand, you can also prepare a fruit arrangement and choose ones that are color enough to become the highlight of each table decoration. You can also try other fun snacks to place on the table center piece, such as chocolates, jelly beans, and truffles.

This will serve a dual purpose. First, your guests will have something to nibble on while observing the activities of the baby shower from their table. Second, it will add some much needed color and vitality into each table. The hostess must choose favorite food items from the new mom to make it a more personalized center piece.

Deciding on the perfect center piece decoration for your baby shower tables need not to be expensive. You can pattern the same decorative elements and themes from celebrity showers without the same cost. Use these free ideas for baby shower center pieces and add your own personal touch to it to make it an even more memorable party.

Ideas for Baby Shower near Take Home

Hosting a celebration for the arrival of a new baby is an occasion that always provides time for people to have fun and be entertained. This is even more the case when you, as the host, provide wonderful baby shower near take home for your guests.

The amount of choices available for these party favors is numerous. However, there are some shower gifts that are bound to be more memorable than the other baby shower favors.

Here are some of the ideas for baby shower party favors that can aid you in leaving a favorable impression to your guests.

Functional Party Favors

A lot of hosts do not desire to waste any of their party budgets, and that is the reason why they want something that their guests would actually use when it comes to selecting the baby shower favors. One idea that fits this category is a custom-made hand sanitizer.

Although it does not seem like a glamorous option, people are actually fond of using this concoction in getting their hands immaculately clean at all times. This will definitely be useful and popular if you are holding your baby shower during the cold and flu time of year.

If you are aiming for baby shower near take home ideas that are both adorable and practical, then a cute kitchen egg timer could be a good choice for you. This option is perfect for baby shower themes that involve birds, baby chicks, etc.

The most popular among the party favors available is gifting a customized pen. Not only is this the most well-known, it is also the easiest to put together. You will just need to decorate it according to the theme of your baby shower.

Creative Alternatives

If your goal is to have a one-of-a-kind and totally unique baby shower, then you have to choose baby shower favors that are not commonly given away during this kind of occasions. You must think of a rare giveaway that matches the theme you have for your party.

For example, if you have an Asian themed shower party, you can use origami cranes or oriental candles as souvenirs for your baby shower. If you are more favorable with an English motif, you can distribute tea sachets as your baby shower near take home.

Stylish Shower Favors

Some baby showers could be thrown in a casual setting. However, there are some that are a little more chic and upscale. In occasions like these, ideas for more stylish baby shower party favors might be needed.

One option for this is buying a certain baby object that could be crafted in crystal, like pacifiers or rattles. Make sure that it also has a tasteful packaging to complete the elegant look that you want to achieve.

Another idea is to buy bookmarks fashioned from polished metal to produce a baby shower near take home that looks expensive but fits your budget. Choose an object, like a butterfly, to accentuate your baby shower souvenir. Whatever your choice, always remember that this should be the perfect complement for your baby shower.