Announce a Baby’s Arrival with Pretty Princess Baby Shower Invitations

For mothers expecting baby girls, princess themed baby showers are just appropriate. A princess baby shower is all about soft pastel colors, laces, ribbons, baby girl scents and everything pink. Since the mother-to-be is expecting a princess, it is just right to send out princess baby shower invitations to all invited.

Baby shower invitation cards are important because these can create excitement among the invitees as well as help create the environment. When making invites, let your creativity flow and send these in styles that are out of the norm. Don’t simply settle with plain or printed cards for baby shower invitation designs. You can send the princess baby shower invitations along with a tiny pink shoe, a miniature bonnet, a tiny tiara, etc.

Party invitations can be made easily at home as long as you have a home printer and a computer with internet connection. There are a lot of sample baby shower invitations online that you can get ideas from. There are also printable invites you can choose from. You can also make your own design by looking up some princess theme pictures and putting them together before printing. Do not forget to put some important details about the princess theme party.

Another approach is to buy princess baby shower invites online where you are bound to find unique designs. The costs of these invites vary according to their designs and colors. Some online companies can also personalize the baby shower invites if you request them to or you can just wait for the cards to arrive in the mail and personalize them as you see fit.

The princess baby shower invitations you send out should also contain important details like the date, time, venue, the name of the guests of honor as well as the RSVP information like their address and phone number. You may also include some special instructions for the party i.e. a dress code.

Baby shower invitations can definitely add style to baby announcements and set the tone for the anticipated day. Pregnancy is a time for people to reflect on the meaning of family and invites for baby showers can in turn reflect the joy of welcoming a new member of the family. A baby shower can gather friends and family together for a memorable moment spent in celebration, laughter, stories and advice.

As mentioned, it is easy enough to make invites however printed cards must be of the finest quality because these are not simply things of practicality. Printed invitations are sent so people can commemorate the importance of that event and announce the coming of a baby in style. With this said, handmade invites for baby showers are more durable and unique in beauty and style. Handmade baby shower invitations can last for decades and the parents can save one for their child to see when she is grown up. Make your princess baby shower invitations as unique and long-lasting as you can to make the child know in her adult life just how anticipated her arrival was.

Tips About Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

Baby parties are usually organized to show their eagerness for the arrival of a new member of their family. With zest, everybody looks forward for the baby announcement, which is a party intended to reveal the gender of the baby based on the ultrasound. Then, there is also the so called baby shower which is a party attended by the entire clan, close friend and prospect god parents. Of course all parties need formal invitation for guests, but sometimes even designing the invitations can be stressful. Invitations for boys are actually easier, baby shower invitations for a girl is more challenging.

Giving birth is perhaps the most overwhelming feeling for parents especially for first timers. They usually are super excited and could not wait to raise their would-be child. The anticipation and eagerness they feel is matched by their outlook of the child-bearing until rearing stage. This is perhaps the best and crucial outlook expecting parents normally consider; for them child bearing and rearing is a decisive responsibility to experience and achieve. It is not only the parents-to-be who are eager and busy preparing for the arrival of the new baby but the entire family and close friends as well, especially the grandmothers and grandfathers-to-be. With this the concept of having parties, celebrations and happy events are expected to happen.

Baby parties can become superb and easy if there are more ideas that would help in the planning process. Requesting the presence of every guest using personalized invitation cards would add extra elegance and class to the party. Make invitations that would best suit the gender of the child. Usual colors for boys are blue and green while pink and violet suits girls well. Designing a baby shower invitation might not always be an easy task because it has to match the desired theme or tone of the party. It would be much better if on the first look the invitation conveys the sex of the baby or at least give them a hint that it is either a baby girl or a baby boy.

Planning and making an invitation card for a baby boy baby shower is easier to do compared to baby shower invitations for a girl. Puppies, balls and cars are usually the graphics used to give a boyish style impression. Baby shower invitations for a girl is what every mother would love to do, though it is time consuming, it serves as a chance for them to plan what they want for the party. There are lots of ideas to choose from for baby shower invitations for a girl; tiny prints of flowers, angels, beads, are some of the examples or you can simply use a decorated or a plain pink paper.

Baby shower invitations designs can be printable or personalized, it is the parents’ choice whether a certain baby shower invitation template can be printed directly depending on what stuff they will be using. If you have a good penmanship, you can also use calligraphy to personalize your baby shower invitations, or if not, just your plain, no fuss handwriting. You may also use scrap materials to add a little twist to your invitation.

Personalized baby shower invitations, especially baby shower invitation for a girl are definitely better than ready-to buy invitations as it adds the parents’ personal touch and choice.

Make Your Own Baby Shower Footprint Invitations

Making invitations for any kind of occasion has been a trend for a long time. Many people love it because it looks very personalized. If you are planning to have a baby shower, make you sure you have a baby shower checklist because you do not want to miss out anyone. But if in case you want to have your baby shower footprint invitations made before you finalize your guest list, then make sure you have a lot of extra invites. Most of the time, parents want their baby showers to be unique’ and unforgettable. Browse through the internet and look for baby shower ideas.

Whether you are planning a baby shower for yourself or organizing one for your friend, your goal is to make it as fun as possible. You can make your own baby shower games and decorations or you can buy some ready made ones available in the bookstores. Baby shower footprint invitations are quite easy to make. Thanks to the development of technology, there are now a lot of baby shower invitation templates which can be downloaded from the internet for free. You can choose from a long list of designs and each one can still give have its personal touch. You may add you own designs and wordings.

Baby shower invitation themes will make the very first impression about your party so make sure it is suitable for your party theme. Please do not make an invite using a jungle themed baby shower invitation and then suddenly decide that you want a fairy-themed party. Baby shower  invitation seems like a little thing but it may give a very strong impression. If you think you are artistic enough, you might not need the help of the internet to make your very own baby shower  invitations. Just go to the craft store and buy some materials and you are ready to go. Most crafts kits come with instructions so it would be easy.

If you want, you may add your baby’s ultrasound photo or you and your husband’s baby pictures as well. There are some nice footprint cut-outs that you can find in bookstores or specialty stores. Just make sure you lay-out your items artistically on your baby shower invitation and it does not look too crowded. You may also make your own baby shower invitation wording to make it more personal. This way you can really say what you want to say about how important your coming baby is.

There are so many things that you may want say but if you do not have time for this, there are a lot of choices in the internet. Baby shower invitation ideas are limitless but a lot of people still agree that baby shower footprint invitations are still the best. It has an emotional impact to the parents and it will really look good on your baby’s first album. Baby shower invites are fun to do and create. So let us not rely on the over the counter general invites for your baby. So make your own personalized baby shower invitations and be proud.

Your Perfect Baby Shower Invite-Two Peas in a Pod Baby Shower Invitations

Having a baby is one of the most celebrating life-experience a parent could ever have. But having two all at once doubles the joy and excitement! Everything is in twofold including your baby shower. What can give you a better view of doubled bliss than that? Share this glee with your friends and families and invite them in this joyous celebration with your two peas in a pod baby shower invitations. There could not be any better way to push the boat of your two little peas than sending out these enchanting baby shower invitations.

image of two peas in a pod baby shower invitations

Your Personalized Baby Shower Invitations

Making your twin baby shower invitation isn’t as tricky as it sounds. The two peas in a pod invitations are designed to suit your adorable baby shower party. Twin babies are the jewels in the crown of your party invitation. But what if you are going to have a baby boy and a baby girl? Or two baby boys? Or two baby girls? It’s not something to fret about, as these invitations can easily be modified just to suit your taste and give you that perfect twin baby shower invitation for your little angels. You can choose the baby designs you would want, either two baby boys or baby girls, or one on each gender. You can also choose from a variety of skin colors, either light skinned babies or dark skinned. All of these are yours to decide!

You can definitely personalize your message with the help of sites like One the website, there is a text box where you can write your exact message. The ones you would want to appear in your twin baby shower invitations. If by misfortune, your text box would not work, you can just effortlessly email to us your personalized message.


Normally, proofing is discouraged to hasten your order. Your exact message is copied and pasted on the layout. Thus, this ensures that what you have written appears exactly the same in your invitation. But if you really decide to have a blueprint, you need to indicate your request in your email. However, it would lengthen your turn around time, so if you plan to get a proof sample, you need to make the order weeks prior to your baby shower invite.


The paper used for this twin baby shower invitation is the finest Premium Grade Kromekote, a glossy satin photo paper. This is one of the top class papers in the U.S. These sweet designs measure 5×7 inches, a perfect fit for a classy baby shower like yours!


The order includes flap envelopes that are pearly white and square. You will get two more as extras in case you have need of them.

Making that Order and Shipment

You can easily make the order and start personalizing your very adorable twin baby shower invitations. You can get the minimum order of 25 pieces for a very reasonable price of less than $1.50 each.

The usual turn around time is 1-2 business days but with a proofing request, it would take 3-5 days. You can also have your baby shower invites shipped hastily with additional ‘rush shipping fees’.

Having those adorable two peas in a pod baby shower invitations are very easy on your budget! So why not have the invitations made by someone else to have more time to prepare for your party.

image of african american two peas in a pod baby shower invitations

The Benefits of Discount Baby Showers Invitations and How to Create Them

Hosting a baby shower party may cost a fortune. Apart from spending money for the food and venue, invitation cards and party favors are also some of the things you need to think about. Making DIY or using discount baby showers invitations, however, can significantly reduce the costs.

Baby shower parties are an important occasion for parents expecting a baby and their way of welcoming an additional member to the family. The party becomes all the more meaningful by making personalized shower invites. They are not only cheaper but can be created as uniquely as you want to.

The Advantages of Making Your Own Baby Invitation

• It can be a venue to let your creative skills shine. Making DIY invitations allow you to create wonderful cards without spending too much.

• There are a lot of baby shower party themes to choose from. You can select one that goes with your budget. A few of the popular ideas to consider are jack and jill, ladybug, jungle, and nursery themes among others.

• When it comes to invitation cards accessories you have a lot of options to choose from. Colorful ribbons, baby graphics, numbers and alphabets are some of the accessories you can use to decorate party invitations.

• Many people at present do away with the standard shower invitation because they want it unique or different. This impression can be created with the help of personalized invitations. Instead of buying ready-made cards, you can customize your own invites. Decorating invites by yourself as well as writing your own wordings on them will not only show your personality but is also practical.
How to Make DIY Baby Shower Invitation Cards
• Make a layout of the design for the baby shower invitations. The layout will serve as your guide in finding the accessories that you want to place in the card. Accessories like stickers, stamps and lace come in different sizes, shapes and colors so you have plenty to choose from.

• Look for scrapbook papers with colors and designs that fare with the shower party theme that you have in mind. Craft stores are a good source of scrapbook materials so it would be best to look in those places.
• Write your own wordings on the cards. In this way, you can create cheap baby shower invitations with the personal touch of your handwriting. Don’t forget to include the date, time and venue as well as the theme if there’s any.

• If you have spare copies of your baby’s ultrasound photo, you may also include them in the invitation card. This truly makes the cards more personal and guests will feel glad to be invited to be a part of the welcoming celebration for a baby.

Invitation cards for a baby shower don’t have to be expensive to look special or unique. You don’t have to settle for the common cards you see at the malls either. All it takes is to find materials that are cheap and good to custom baby shower invitations. You can be creative and unique without spending a lot of money by creating your own or using discount baby showers invitations.

Baby Shower Party Ideas: Babyshower Poems

A baby shower is a nice time to share babyshower poems that will inspire and touch the hearts of both guests and parents-to-be. Making poems for the occasion makes the celebration all the more special and endearing. Baby showers are also a good time for expectant parents to express their happiness about the coming of their baby and what better way to do it but express themselves through a poem.

Poems can be infused in the baby shower invitations, favors, decorations and thank you cards. You can use favorite poems or quotes from books you’ve read and include them in your party items. If you’re also fond of writing, why not try making your own baby shower poems for a more personal touch?

Here are some of the things you can make for the shower party using poems:

  • Invitations.

Baby shower invitation poems have a gentle and sweet appeal. They will make guests feel that their attendance to the celebration is eagerly anticipated.

You can buy or print invitations that already have poems on them and just select invitation cards with poems that you like. Meanwhile, if you want personalized invites, you can also make DIY baby shower invitation cards and write your own poems to put on them.

  • Decorations

Poems about babies, motherhood and being parents would also be nice baby shower decorations. For example, you can print out your favorite poems and place them on the walls for your guests to read. Another idea is creating table centerpieces with short poems on little, colorful cards that guests can check out while staying on their tables.

  • Party Favors

A baby shower favor that has a tag with a short and simple poem on it is also a sweet idea. Guests who can receive these baby shower giveaways will feel the sincerity and appreciation of the hosts for their coming to the party. In return, the hosts can also express their gratitude in a creative and unique way.

  • Food

Preparing the baby shower party food will also need your creativity and you can make it a little different than the usual by adding poems. You can make a cake and letter it with a poem that you made for your baby. You can also prepare a menu where the names of the meals are changed a bit to sound creative and poetic. Plates and tumblers can also be adorned with poems to complete the poetic baby shower theme.

  • Thank You Cards

Baby shower thank you cards that begin with poems or quotes make the note more sincere. It would also be nicer if the note is handwritten because it means that you truly appreciate and you’re exerting more effort in thanking your guests for coming.

A tip in making baby shower thank you notes is to think of the reasons why you want to thank a particular guest. If it’s a close friend, you can go for a funny poem or note that expresses your gratefulness for their help. If it’s someone older or someone you look up to, maybe you can opt for more serious baby thank you cards.

Babyshower poems don’t have to look like entries for a poetry contest. All it takes is to be more sincere in writing them because the simplest ways are far more sincere and appreciable.

Baby Shower Invitations Sold by the Pack Can Save You Time and Money Sending Out a Huge Number of Invitations

Having a baby shower is the best way to celebrate a newborn baby or a baby that is about to be born. During the event, guests are expected to give gifts to the expectant mother. This event, however, no matter how huge or simple it may be, entails a lot of planning and preparation. In particular, making invitation cards and sending them out to your guests can be very daunting especially if you are planning to invite a huge number of guests and want the invitations cards to be personalized. Fortunately, there are baby shower invitations sold by tha pack.

Having ready-made baby shower invitations sold by the pack can save you a lot of time and money. Those that come in pack are generally cheaper compared to those that are sold individually. Moreover, by taking advantage of ready-made invitations, you don’t have to think about creating your own designs and making them look creative, as hundreds of baby shower invitation cards sold today are pretty much creative and unique in their designs.

Computer and internet technology has made it all possible for you to send out personalized or customized invitation cards to a huge number of people. Hundreds of online stores offer different types of baby shower invitations sold by the pack. You can choose to customize the invitation by placing a picture of your baby. You can send out invitations to 25 guests for as low as $0.95 or to 500 guests for only $0.70. The price, of course, depends on the number of invitation cards that you have requested. It also depends on whether you have opted for customized cards or ready-made ones and on the simplicity or complexity of the card designs.

Baby shower invitations come in a huge variety of designs and styles.  There are baby shower invitation cards that are specifically created and designed for boys and there are also those that are specific to girls. There are also neutral baby shower invitation cards and monkey baby shower invitation cards. There are also cards that are embossed and elegantly looking, as well as formal and wacky invitations.

Many of today’s websites also offer printable or handmade invitations and handwritten invitation cards. Meanwhile, if you want a more innovative way of inviting your guests, you can choose to send out e-card baby shower invitations.

The invitation cards being offered in many of today’s online store come complete with all the elements that every baby shower invitation card should have. You simply have to fill out the necessary information, such as the name of the guest, date and time, your name and address, and the theme of the baby shower.

Online stores, such as Baby Gift Station found at and Astonishing Cards found at, are just two of the trusted stores from where you can have your baby shower invitation cards made. These websites feature a multitude of invitation cards for baby shower. You can also personalize your own cards through the online tools and templates that are featured in these websites. Most importantly, these online stores offer baby shower invitations sold by the pack to save you time creating and designing every single card that you need to send out to your guests.

Create An Exceptional Baby Shower Invitation

How to Create an Exceptional Baby Shower Invitation

If you’re planning a baby shower, you know what an important event the occasion is. You are celebrating the soon-to-be birth of a baby – what more reason could there be to throw a party?

A baby shower invitation sets the tone for the day of the celebration, so it’s essential that the invitation you create makes an impression on each and every guest who receives it. If you are in need of some direction as to how to create the perfect baby invitation, look no further. We’ve got the information you’ve been looking for.

What an Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Looks Like

Everyone’s idea of excellence is different and the look of your baby shower invitation will be partially determined by the tone and theme of the baby shower you’re planning. A casual, fun-filled baby shower calls for a baby shower invitation reflecting that atmosphere, whereas a prim and proper baby shower calls for a more formal baby shower invitation.

What Your Baby Shower Invitation Should Say

While the style of baby shower invitations may vary, one thing remains the same. All baby shower invitations need to provide certain information. To ensure that your baby shower invitation tells your guests everything they need to know, you’ll want it to include the following:

Invitation Introduction

This portion of the baby shower invitation should contain a greeting. For example, if the baby shower is a surprise party, you may want to write something like, “Guess who’s having a baby? We’re throwing a baby shower for Jane, but don’t let her know! It’s a secret!”

If you know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, you can change “Guess who’s having a baby?” to “Guess who’s having a baby boy?” or “Guess who’s having a baby girl?”

The tone of the baby shower invitation’s introduction should reflect what the tone of the party will be.

Date and Time

Of course, you need to make sure your baby shower invitation informs the guests of the date and time of the party. After all, you can plan the best baby shower in the world and if no one knows when to show up, it’s not going to do anyone any good.


In addition to knowing when to attend the baby shower, your guests need to know where to go for the party. Make sure your baby shower invitation informs your guests of the exact party location. Telling someone the party is at “Jim’s Bistro” isn’t going to do them any good if they don’t know where Jim’s Bistro is. Give guests the exact address and the nearest crossroads so they can easily find the location of the baby shower.


If you want to know how many guests are coming to the baby shower, you’re going to need to have RSVP instructions in the baby shower invitation. Let guests know what phone number to RSVP to and ask them to do so by a specific date. This will ensure that your baby shower planning goes as smoothly as possible.

Gift Registries

If the mom-to-be has registered with a baby shower gift registry at any stores, let your guests know on the invitation. A simple statement such as, “Jane is registered at Babies R’ Us and The Baby’s Room” will do nicely.

Where to Have Your Baby Shower Invitations Made

Where you have your baby shower invitations made is just as important as what the baby shower invitations say. Nothing is worse than a poorly made invitation.

Some absolutely adorable baby shower invitations can be created at . Converting the baby birth announcement cards and children’s birthday invitations available at this website into baby shower invitations is not only simple, it’s also ingenious. Simply choose the design you like best, enter your text and send your pictures to

I know, I know. If the baby isn’t born you don’t exactly have baby pictures to send, right? If you know what gender the baby is going to be, you can send a stock photo of a baby boy or a baby girl. If you really want to personalize it, see if you can get an ultrasound photograph and have that put on the invitation instead. Some of the designs available at allow for two pictures, so you might want to add a picture of mom and dad as well. also offers a quick, easy and affordable way to make your baby shower invitations. Their Deluxe Planning and Games Kit has proved to be an invaluable resource to thousands of baby shower planners. You can create these baby shower invitations right on your computer and the kit also provides you with 75 printable baby shower games, a theme party planner and much more. Whenever someone asks me what shower planning kit I recommend, this is the one I refer them to. Not only does it include a number of valuable tools, it’s an incredible value at less than twenty dollars.

Whether you prefer the custom-designed baby shower invitations from or you’d like to take a hands-on approach with the Deluxe Planning and Games Kit offered by, finding the tools you need for the perfect baby shower invitations is literally a mouse click away.

E cards invitations for babyshower – Inviting Electronically

You’re putting together a baby shower? Great! A baby shower is one of the nicest, most special parties you could throw. It’s something that everybody remembers for years afterwards, especially the mom.

You want everything to be nice and everyone to have the best possible time. But now that you’ve gotten into the organizational part, you realize there’s really a lot that goes into creating a nice baby shower. There’s the decorations, the presents, the food, the drink, the favors, the music, the games… and the invitations.

Most of these are items you pretty much have to do yourself. But when it comes to invitations, you’re in luck. You can find great invitations with ready-made verses and graphics, all worded correctly and ready to go, right on the Internet. All you really have to do is fill in the pertinent information and send them out!

You probably have chosen a theme for your baby shower party. If not, do so before you go baby shower invitation hunting. That will make it a lot easier to find what you want among the thousands of possibilities out there. Maybe you’re going to decorate with teddy bears? Or Snoopy dogs? Or just the honored mom’s favorite flowers? Then that’s what you’ll look for on your invitations.

You can either print the invites out or simply send them electronically as an attachment. If you choose the latter, make sure that everyone you send invitations to has e-mail and reads it regularly.

Electronic cards are fast overtaking expensive cards on paper, which take a lot longer to get to their destination and—incidentally—use up precious trees! These days, most people have gone over to using e-cards to get across their message quickly and easily. There’s so much to choose from, and all from the comfort of your own home.

Get yourself some hot chocolate right now. Settle in at your computer in your jammies. And go find the right invitation for your baby shower party online. You’ll be happy you did!

Create and send your own personalized baby shower invitation

Ideas for New Baby Girl Shower Verses

When it comes to baby shower girl verses, your best bet is to keep it simple. Not all invitations rhyme, and they’re not all funny. Some are simply informative, such as this one:

Please come join us
To celebrate with
Joanie Smith
The birth of her
Baby girl,
Eva Michele
March 29th, 3PM
At Grandma’s house
2530 North Ave.

Notice that there are no frills in this baby shower verse, just the facts, Ma’am, just the facts.

That’s only one approach, though. A short poem such as the following might be catchy and cute:

“It’s Joanie’s first baby,
Let’s give her a kiss.
And we don’t mean maybe,
Bring baby girl gifts!”

A little pushy, maybe, but you get the idea.

More common is a simple couplet such as:

“Baby buttons and bows,
The love overflows!”

Or how about the classic:

“Let’s shower them with love!”
Joanie’s first baby is a girl!
Join us to celebrate.

Coming up with a baby shower verse for your invitations is easy, once you get into the swing. Oh, you can certainly find them ready-made online, but it’s almost always more fun to add a personal touch. Something like this one might be nice:

“Allow us to be the first
To introduce you!
Come meet Joanie’s
Brand new baby girl Eva Michele!”

Or how about:

“Eva Michele
Requests the honor
Of your company
To welcome her
Onto the planet!”

Whatever you decide upon for your baby girl shower verse, make sure you include the following information:

What it is (a baby girl shower).
The names of the mother and the baby.
The day and time.
The name of the hosts.
The address of the party.
A telephone number to RSVP or for information.

Including something special, such as a photo, is a nice touch. Don’t forget to sign each invitation personally!