Cake Ideas for Baby Shower: Tips on Purchasing Cakes or Making Your Own

A baby shower cake is one of the things to think about in planning a baby shower party. There are many cake ideas for baby shower to choose from.  While it is important that the cake goes with the desired party theme, it is also necessary to consider the size, price and taste of the cake. The cake should not only be affordable and delectable, but should also be big enough for all the guests.

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Girl

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Boy

Things to Consider in Purchasing Cakes

  • Decide between cakes and cupcakes. Both are cute and adorable ideas for dessert.
  • Consider your budget so you’d know what you’re going to get with it. If you’re going to purchase baby shower cakes, this will help you compare prices and search for a bakery or cake maker that will give you the best deals. Meanwhile, if you’re going to make your own shower cakes, you’ll get an idea what materials can be bought with your budget.
  • Look for a cake design that fits your baby shower theme. For example, if you have chosen a ladybug theme and will be sending ladybug invitations to guests, it would be nicer if your cake also looks or is designed like a ladybug.
  • To buy or to bake – that is the question. If you can’t bake, look for reputable bakeries in your area to design and bake a baby shower cake for the party. Meanwhile, if you have the skill then bake and design the baby shower party cake. You can also look at cake images online for some inspiration.
  • Nothing beats experience so ask for advices from your friends who have experienced holding baby showers. They might be able to help you find affordable cake makers or give you tips on where to buy cheaper materials or alternatives that cost less but still serve well.

Other Considerations to Make

  • Determine when the cake should be ordered. If you’re planning to hold a baby shower during a busy season like Christmas, you have to make sure that you place your order early on. By doing this, there will be plenty of time before the actual date of the babyshower. You avoid getting in a frenzy looking for a bakery or cake maker during the last hour.
  • Estimate the number of guests for the baby party to determine the size of the cake. It should be large enough for everyone attending the party. If it’s going to be custom-made, inform the cake maker how many guests are invited.
  • Choose one among the baby shower cake ideas that you have in mind. Select whether you prefer a chocolate or white cake. Choose a specific design and appearance for the cake and let the baker know about it. Some baby shower cakes to choose from are baby blocks, baby bootie or baby carriage cakes.
  • If you’re planning to make DIY cakes, a few suggestions on the design include bunny, ladybug, peas in a pod, Noah’s ark, teddy bear and many more. Just keep your preferred baby shower themes in mind in decorating the cakes.
  • Consider making or buying baby shower cupcakes. They are good alternatives to the traditional cake and will also save you the trouble of slicing a portion for the guests.

In considering different cake ideas for baby shower, the most important things to consider are the budget, theme and deciding on purchasing or making your own cake. But above all, the essence of baby showers should be the primary inspiration in holding a shower party.

Why You Should Choose Baby Bib Shower Cakes for your Baby Shower?

Baby bib shower cakes may just be one of the many cake options you can choose for your baby shower.  But what makes it the appropriate one?

Every special occasion calls for a celebration and every celebration has a crowning event.  A crowning event in a baby shower is marked by a sweet treat.  This sweet treat is cake.

Traditionally, a cake for any celebration may just appear in a circular or rectangular shape.  But this is slowly beginning to fade.  Nowadays, people prefer to be more creative in their cake designs.  They want more flair with their cake which can be achieved with the use of more colors and by varying the shape designs.

Fortunately, bakers and pastry chefs have found a way to accommodate their customer’s requests.  For baby showers, a baby bib cake is one of the most popular designs.  There is a baby bib cake drawn on circular or rectangular shape cakes or formed using baby bib cake molders.  To make it look more attractive, different types of icing such as fondant is used to make the cake look extra special.

Besides its popularity, a baby bib cake is a cute design that automatically associates itself with babies and food.  It lets the guests know that the event is a baby shower even if they don’t have an invitation for the event with them.  Guests will know automatically and behave accordingly to the event.  It simply is practical and makes for a great baby shower gift.

To help you get started with your baby bib cake design, consider first two things.  Are you going to have the cake made for you?  Or are you going to be making your own cake?

If you choose to have the cake made, you can relax.  All you need to choose are the flavor and the colors you want for you cake.  Remember that they should be in harmony with each other.

However, if you choose to make your own baby bib cake, you might want to start planning on how you are going to do this.  You can start by choosing a flavor for your cake and your icing.  They should have distinct tastes if you choose to have them in just one category like chocolate but they should come together once tasted.  Next, pick out the colors for your baby bib cake and limit them to three to be safe.  This will enable you to create a cake that is pleasing to the eye as much as to the palate.

If you want to add little extra designs like miniature stars, blocks, shells or balls on your baby bib cake, you can do so with fondant icing.  Fondant icing also makes good letter cut outs and a fine cake finish.

There are a lot of things you can do to a baby bib cake.  You can glam it up or simple it down with your designs.  Just remember not to sacrifice the look with the taste.  Baby bib cake makes for an excellent cake design.  It’s simple and practical. So, why not make your shower cake into baby bib shower cakes?