Bakery Baby Cakes of Your Choice

There are many occasions when bakery baby cakes are needed. Obviously baby cakes are important during baby birthday parties. Many children look forward to the blowing of the candle part of the birthday party. Aside from birthdays, baby cakes can also be used during baby showers. The cake can be the baby shower centerpiece. Sometimes, it is also good to buy baby cakes for the children even if there is no occasion to male them feel special and loved.

Mothers or parents who are good at baking will have no problem preparing a delicious and personalized baby cakes. However, not all have culinary skills and even if we do, we do not have the time to bake a baby cake. Fortunately, there are many bakeries selling baby cakes which are delicious. Furthermore, these bakery baby cakes can be personalized easily. Many bakeries and cake shops selling baby cakes usually have pictures and great baby cake ideas they can share with you if you are planning to buy a baby cake.

You can just buy a cake which was already designed or you can request the baker to bake a personalized baby cake for your baby or children. The design of the baby cake is the first consideration when buying one. Some of the popular baby cake designs include cakes for baby boys or girls, sports-themed cakes, superhero or cartoon character cakes and many more. You can also get ideas from baby cake cookbooks. You can either bake the cake or you can show it to a baker who will bake the cake for you.

Aside from the design, the ingredients are also important when buying baby cakes. Mothers with children who have food allergies should make sure that the cake they are buying does not have ingredients which can trigger an allergy attack. There are some cookbooks which have allergen free recipes and gluten free cakes. The frosting is also another consideration when buying bakery baby cakes. There are many kinds of frosting to choose from.

Popular choices include butter cream cheese frosting, peanut butter cream frosting and strawberry butter cream frosting. Some of the most popular bakery cakes include chocolate cake with cream cheese, custom cakes, diaper baby cakes, lemon cake with chocolate frosting and many more. The cake plays an important role in any party especially for birthday parties for children.

It is therefore important for mothers to choose the best bakery baby cakes for their children. The good thing is there are many bakery shops everywhere which serves delicious cakes for all occasions so finding the best baby cake will not be a problem. Cakes are expected to be delicious and the ingredients should have very good qualities. But aside from the taste, the health of the children should be considered. Serving baby cakes which are too sweet or cakes with questionable ingredients can lead to stomach problems. Therefore when buying a baby cake, mothers should make sure that the baby cake will be appreciated but the cake should also be healthy.

Baby Shower Ideas: Picture of a Diaper Cake

A baby shower has always been a joy to be a part of, and getting the perfect gift for the expectant mother can be a little mind-boggling. One baby shower gift that you may want to consider is a diaper cake. If you are new to the world of baby stuff, then you may want to take a look at a picture of a diaper cake because this kind of cake is not that edible cake that you may be thinking of right now.

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Boy

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Girl

A diaper cake is a popular baby shower gift. As its name suggests, its main ‘ingredients’ are diapers, which are put together to take the shape of a traditional cake. As to why it is one popular baby shower gift, there are quite a number of reasons. For one, diapers are really useful for the mother and the baby. Another reason is that you can be creative and put a personal touch to it.

If you get invited to a baby shower and decide to make a diaper cake, then go to your nearest baby supplies shop to get the things that you need for your future masterpiece. Of course, the diapers are the most important element of your cake. The number of pieces of diapers you are going to take depends on the size of cake that you are planning to make. Get other baby supplies such as bibs, feeding bottles, and toys, and have them as accessories to your diaper cake.

While you have all the practical stuff in your baby shower gift, do not forget about style and creativity. If the baby shower you are attending has a theme, then stay true to the baby shower theme. If the theme is zoo animals, then decorate your cake with cute stuffed animals. Or if you are attending a girl baby shower, accessorize the cake with pink ribbons.

You may get intimidated by the intricate diaper cake designs that you have seen and doubt yourself if you can actually do it. If you know for yourself that some designs are not for you to make, then why not stick to a simple design? But if you think you are creative enough, then why not take the extra mile? The soon-to-be-mother would surely appreciate the effort you have put into your gift. She may even make use of it as a centerpiece for the baby shower.

Indeed, a diaper cake is a practical gift. What can be more practical than diapers? While it is practical, it is also pleasing to the eyes. The aesthetic sense that should come with a baby shower gift, or any gift for that matter, is not compromised. Just get hold of a picture of a diaper cake, and make use of your own creativity and baby gifts ideas. Trust that getting your own masterpiece of a diaper cake done is very satisfying. One more satisfying thing is seeing the mother getting excited over the things that she can make use of out of your gift.

Pink Daiseis with Paisley Diaper Cake

Blue Mums with Swirls Diaper Cake

Get Fun and Creative With A Baby Shower Umbrella Cake

A baby shower would not be complete without a cake. Cakes do not only satisfy cravings for sweets, but they are good on the eyes too. There are different styles of cakes to choose from, and one of them is the baby shower umbrella cake. An umbrella cake best suits the celebration. It is fun, creative and colorful, which is what a baby shower should be all.

Things to Consider When Buying an Umbrella Cake for Baby Shower

An umbrella cake for a baby shower is just one of the many baby shower cake ideas out there. If you decide to get a baby shower umbrella cake, it would be best to ask other mothers. They could recommend bakeries or people that bake cakes from home. For sure, they would only recommend those they trust when it comes to baby shower cakes. Moreover, when you order a cake, think of the  expected number of guests first. The size of the cake must depend on the number of guests that you are expecting. If you are not so sure as to which size to choose based on the number of guests, ask for the suggestion of the baker himself or herself. It is also important that the cake goes with the theme of the baby shower, if there is one. Present your own design or take a look at the set of baby shower cake designs that the baker may have.

Making It Yourself Is a Great Option

You can put some personal touch to your baby shower cake by making it on your own. There are recipes and pictures of baby shower umbrella cakes that you can use as guides. Do not get intimidated by the idea of making a cake for a special occasion as a baby shower. All you need are the basic baking ingredients and equipment and some creativity. Get those fun ideas that are lurking in your head to good use. Pattern your cake to the actual shape of an umbrella, and play with the flavors. It could be that the top of the umbrella is chocolate-flavored while the handle is composed of several strawberry-flavored mini-cupcakes. Another thing that you can do is make a regular-shaped cake, either rectangular or round, and decorate it with a cute umbrella-inspired design.

A cake is a universal symbol for celebration, and a baby shower is indeed a celebration of the joy of having an addition to the family. If you are the host, it is a chance for you to be fun and creative. It is a chance for you to get those baby shower ideas working. Highlight that with a baby shower umbrella cake. You can also make use of your knowledge on baby shower cakes in the future. You may get invited to a baby shower, and you may want to have a cake as your baby shower gift. Other popular and  fun baby shower cakes include the baby block cake, baby duck cake, baby carriage cake, and baby bootie cake.

Precious Moments Cake Designs for Baby Showers

One of the most popular themes being used for various occasions like birthdays, weddings, and even bridal and baby showers, is the Precious Moments motif. This inspirational line has been in existence since 1978, and is a Precious Moments, Inc. Trademark. In every occasion, the Precious Moments collection has the right figurine and décor for them. Thus, if you are considering throwing a shower for your baby using this theme, you need not worry if there are available Precious Moments cake designs for baby showers.

The Baby Shower Cake

Arguably, the best element of the baby shower is the cake. It serves as a symbol of the whole occasion’s goal of celebrating the arrival of a new baby. So, if you are going to use the Precious Moments theme for your baby shower, it also means that the cake must be decorated the Precious Moments way.

First, you must decide what kind of cake you would like to use. Ask yourself if you are going for the edible or inedible option. Let’s take a look at the inedible cake options.

Diaper Cakes ala Precious Moments

One of the most popular inedible cake options is the diaper cakes. This is perfect for baby showers, not only because diapers are being used, but also because this alternative adds a whole new twist to your baby shower.

There are a lot of designs to choose from online. You also have the option of making them yourselves for there are online tutorials available, but you can also purchase one if you do not have enough time to prepare them.

Precious Moments Towel Cake

Same with the diaper cakes, this option will also use inedible materials to make the body of your baby shower cake. Instead of diapers, you can use colored face towels that you can decorate on your own or purchase from a store near you. You can also choose from the Precious Moments cake designs for baby showers online.

Edible Precious Moments Cake Options

If you want an edible baby shower cake for your Precious Moments theme, you have several options to decide on. You can have a customized Precious Moments cake from your favorite bake shop. Just bring a photo or an invitation that has the Precious Moments image you like to be recreated on the cake.

Another option is to decorate it yourself. Buy several edible cake decorations that are connected to the Precious Moments theme. Bake a cake on your own, and then add the decorations you bought on top of your homemade cake. You can even place on the center a baby figurine from the Precious Moments collection.

If you want to do something creative for your baby shower, you can make use of cupcakes or muffins arranged in different tiers. You can scatter candy sprinkles on top, and then add bakery bites recreated from the Precious Moments collection.

The Precious Moments collection is a great theme to use for baby showers. The warmth and joy you want to express and celebrate for your baby’s arrival will be reflected by the choice you will make from the Precious Moments cake designs for baby showers that are available for you.

Why You Should Choose Baby Bib Shower Cakes for your Baby Shower?

Baby bib shower cakes may just be one of the many cake options you can choose for your baby shower.  But what makes it the appropriate one?

Every special occasion calls for a celebration and every celebration has a crowning event.  A crowning event in a baby shower is marked by a sweet treat.  This sweet treat is cake.

Traditionally, a cake for any celebration may just appear in a circular or rectangular shape.  But this is slowly beginning to fade.  Nowadays, people prefer to be more creative in their cake designs.  They want more flair with their cake which can be achieved with the use of more colors and by varying the shape designs.

Fortunately, bakers and pastry chefs have found a way to accommodate their customer’s requests.  For baby showers, a baby bib cake is one of the most popular designs.  There is a baby bib cake drawn on circular or rectangular shape cakes or formed using baby bib cake molders.  To make it look more attractive, different types of icing such as fondant is used to make the cake look extra special.

Besides its popularity, a baby bib cake is a cute design that automatically associates itself with babies and food.  It lets the guests know that the event is a baby shower even if they don’t have an invitation for the event with them.  Guests will know automatically and behave accordingly to the event.  It simply is practical and makes for a great baby shower gift.

To help you get started with your baby bib cake design, consider first two things.  Are you going to have the cake made for you?  Or are you going to be making your own cake?

If you choose to have the cake made, you can relax.  All you need to choose are the flavor and the colors you want for you cake.  Remember that they should be in harmony with each other.

However, if you choose to make your own baby bib cake, you might want to start planning on how you are going to do this.  You can start by choosing a flavor for your cake and your icing.  They should have distinct tastes if you choose to have them in just one category like chocolate but they should come together once tasted.  Next, pick out the colors for your baby bib cake and limit them to three to be safe.  This will enable you to create a cake that is pleasing to the eye as much as to the palate.

If you want to add little extra designs like miniature stars, blocks, shells or balls on your baby bib cake, you can do so with fondant icing.  Fondant icing also makes good letter cut outs and a fine cake finish.

There are a lot of things you can do to a baby bib cake.  You can glam it up or simple it down with your designs.  Just remember not to sacrifice the look with the taste.  Baby bib cake makes for an excellent cake design.  It’s simple and practical. So, why not make your shower cake into baby bib shower cakes?