Homemade Diaper Cakes: How to Have Your Own Business

People prefer to give homemade diaper cakes nowadays rather than edible ones. It is because the former is obviously more practical. Especially for parents who are expecting more than one baby, this baby cake is very helpful. Creating a diaper cake for an expectant will also showcase your creativity. It allows the giver to put a personal touch on his or her shower gift. Creating a baby gift diaper cake would definitely make the receiver happy.

The materials needed to create a diaper cake are easy to find at a very reasonable price. It is quite impossible not to be able to make your own. Even time cannot be a reason not to make them because it won’t take much of your time. The most important part here is your imagination and of course, the diapers.

Start by thinking what design you wan to do. Most people give multi-tiered diaper cakes. This means you would need more diapers for your expectant friend. Look for something that will hold the diapers in place. Baby diaper cake instructions are available in the internet and the instructions are very easy to follow.

Start by cutting card boards into three different sized circles. Make sure that the diameter is big enough to hold the diapers. The base circle should be the biggest as it will serve as the foundation of you baby diaper cake. Now unfold and roll the diapers and tie them with a ribbon. You may use blue ribbons for baby boy cakes and pink ribbons for baby girl baby shower cakes. Put the diapers vertically on the cardboard that you have cut earlier. Use the biggest cardboard circle first. You may need around 14 diapers for this layer. Do the same process with the next two layers. Your homemade diaper cakes would look better if you put doilies on the sides of your cardboard.

Once you have finished the three layers, put the baby diaper cakes centerpiece on top. You may also want to add more details depending on the design you chose. From afar, this diaper cake would look like a real cake. Baby shower cake diapers are becoming a trend nowadays not only because of the practicality but also because it is inexpensive. To make you present better, get diapers in different sizes. For the first layer of your diaper cake, you may use newborn size, then small and medium for the second and third layer.

Baby gifts diaper cake may also be used as a centerpiece for your baby shower. If you are successful in making your very own homemade diaper cakes, other soon to be moms may even ask or order from you. This way you can start your own business. Just make sure you do not lose you personal touch so that your clients will keep on coming. Make different designs, take photos of them, and bring it around. Do not forget to give your clients a reasonable price because thy do know how much diapers cost. This idea will surely be a hit.

Diaper Cake Sub: Why is it a Great Gift for Baby Showers?

If you’re attending a shower party, a diaper cake sub is a great gift you can give to an expecting mother.  It may not only be used as a beautiful centerpiece during the special occasion but a practical gift as well.

A diaper cake sub is a multi-tier cake of diapers rolled and tied together in a circle with ribbons to replicate a cake.  It is made to look like a cake hence the word sub meaning substitute but it has nothing to do with an actual cake.  It is not food but it has everything to do with what the baby needs once he’s out of his mother’s womb.  It is therefore appropriate to call it with a more suitable name which is baby diaper cake.

A baby diaper cake is an ideal gift for baby showers because it has everything that soon-to-be parents ever need to for their child.  Depending on how big or small a baby diaper cake may be, one thing is certain and that is a week or more supply of diapers totally free.  Hence, couples can save a lot of money on diapers during their newborn’s first few weeks.  Other things that can be included in a baby diaper cake are baby food, baby powder, bibs, rattles, blankets, socks, bottles just to mention a few.

So, how exactly do you make a baby diaper cake?  How do you put together all these other things mentioned and still make a decent baby diaper cake?

The first thing you have to do is decide how many tiers you want your baby diaper cake to have.  Ideally, two to three tiers are good enough but if you wish to make more than three tiers for your baby diaper cake then go ahead.  The more the tiers, the more baby gifts you can include.

Once you know how many tiers you want your baby diaper cake to have, you may now begin rolling the diapers individually.  Make sure to use rubber bands to maintain their shape.

Next, tie the individually rolled diapers around a tall baby gift like shampoo, lotion or powder with a ribbon.  The tall baby gift will serve as your core for your first tier of baby diaper cake.  Apply the same procedure to create another layer but this time with lesser diapers.  Still insert another tall baby gift to act as its core.  Do this repetitively until you have achieved the number of layers you want your baby diaper cake to have.  Remember to use less and less number of diapers as you go up each tier.

Finally, arrange the layers of your cake to make it look like a real cake.  The ribbons that serve to bind them together should complement the colors of your diapers so as not create harmony. You can place the other gifts on top of each layer to serve as cake decorations for your baby diaper cake.

Baby showers are indeed a blessed event where we all anticipate the coming of an additional member to the family.  Whether girl or boy, this little tyke will sure capture everybody’s heart the moment he or she comes out to the world. But in the meantime, preparations for his or her coming are in order and a diaper cake sub or a baby diaper cake makes a beautiful and practical gift.