Going Western: Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas For You

There is a wide range of themes to choose from when you are planning to throw a baby shower, and one of them is the western or cowboy theme. Cowboy baby shower ideas range from the invitations to the food and beverages. You can choose to be very hands-on and prepare the things you need for the shower yourself or you can make use of the help of shops or companies that provide baby shower services. Either way, everything must stay true to the theme.

A cowboy baby shower, or any baby shower for that matter, would not be complete without sending out baby shower invitations. There are pre-designed invitations available, or you can design the invitation on your own. You can make the invitations out of craft wood or cardstock. You can cut out cowboy hats made of cardstock, or glue your printed-out cowboy design onto the craft wood. Of course, do not forget about the most important details in an invitation, which are the time and venue of the shower.

Then there are the games and activities. What is a baby shower without the games? For a cowboy shower, one of the games that you can prepare is the cowboy trivia. The sets of questions can be about cowboy movies and songs as well as the things that cowboys use or that are associated with cowboys. You can also do the classic What Is Under the Hat game. In this game, participants will try to guess what is under the cowboy hat using the clues given to them. The things under the hat must be focused on a theme such as the things that are associated with babies such as pacifiers, diapers, etc. The guests can also unleash the cowboys in them by roping stuffed animals, preferably, cows and horses.

Of course, you have to take careful consideration of the food and beverages. Arguably, these are the most important elements in a shower. What can be more cowboy than barbecue? Hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken wings, and corn on the cob perfectly suit the taste of your cowboy and cowgirl guests. Serve your lemonade, iced tea, or sodas in mason jars to showcase that rugged feel of the shower. Moreover, fruit pies such as apple and peach pies would satisfy your sweet-toothed cowboys and cowgirls. Have them enjoy all these while sitting on hay bales. Now, do you realize the plus side of serving these cowboy food and beverages? It is that they are budget-friendly without the elements of fun and style getting compromised.

The joy of having an addition to the family is no doubt worth celebrating, and a cowboy baby shower makes the celebration more exciting and fun. There are cowboy baby shower ideas out there, waiting to be made use of. While you may have your own baby shower ideas, it will not hurt to be open to other ideas, combine them with your own, and come up with your ideal cowboy or western baby shower.