Homemade Diaper Cakes: How to Have Your Own Business

People prefer to give homemade diaper cakes nowadays rather than edible ones. It is because the former is obviously more practical. Especially for parents who are expecting more than one baby, this baby cake is very helpful. Creating a diaper cake for an expectant will also showcase your creativity. It allows the giver to put a personal touch on his or her shower gift. Creating a baby gift diaper cake would definitely make the receiver happy.

The materials needed to create a diaper cake are easy to find at a very reasonable price. It is quite impossible not to be able to make your own. Even time cannot be a reason not to make them because it won’t take much of your time. The most important part here is your imagination and of course, the diapers.

Start by thinking what design you wan to do. Most people give multi-tiered diaper cakes. This means you would need more diapers for your expectant friend. Look for something that will hold the diapers in place. Baby diaper cake instructions are available in the internet and the instructions are very easy to follow.

Start by cutting card boards into three different sized circles. Make sure that the diameter is big enough to hold the diapers. The base circle should be the biggest as it will serve as the foundation of you baby diaper cake. Now unfold and roll the diapers and tie them with a ribbon. You may use blue ribbons for baby boy cakes and pink ribbons for baby girl baby shower cakes. Put the diapers vertically on the cardboard that you have cut earlier. Use the biggest cardboard circle first. You may need around 14 diapers for this layer. Do the same process with the next two layers. Your homemade diaper cakes would look better if you put doilies on the sides of your cardboard.

Once you have finished the three layers, put the baby diaper cakes centerpiece on top. You may also want to add more details depending on the design you chose. From afar, this diaper cake would look like a real cake. Baby shower cake diapers are becoming a trend nowadays not only because of the practicality but also because it is inexpensive. To make you present better, get diapers in different sizes. For the first layer of your diaper cake, you may use newborn size, then small and medium for the second and third layer.

Baby gifts diaper cake may also be used as a centerpiece for your baby shower. If you are successful in making your very own homemade diaper cakes, other soon to be moms may even ask or order from you. This way you can start your own business. Just make sure you do not lose you personal touch so that your clients will keep on coming. Make different designs, take photos of them, and bring it around. Do not forget to give your clients a reasonable price because thy do know how much diapers cost. This idea will surely be a hit.

Baby Shower Ideas: Picture of a Diaper Cake

A baby shower has always been a joy to be a part of, and getting the perfect gift for the expectant mother can be a little mind-boggling. One baby shower gift that you may want to consider is a diaper cake. If you are new to the world of baby stuff, then you may want to take a look at a picture of a diaper cake because this kind of cake is not that edible cake that you may be thinking of right now.

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Boy

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Girl

A diaper cake is a popular baby shower gift. As its name suggests, its main ‘ingredients’ are diapers, which are put together to take the shape of a traditional cake. As to why it is one popular baby shower gift, there are quite a number of reasons. For one, diapers are really useful for the mother and the baby. Another reason is that you can be creative and put a personal touch to it.

If you get invited to a baby shower and decide to make a diaper cake, then go to your nearest baby supplies shop to get the things that you need for your future masterpiece. Of course, the diapers are the most important element of your cake. The number of pieces of diapers you are going to take depends on the size of cake that you are planning to make. Get other baby supplies such as bibs, feeding bottles, and toys, and have them as accessories to your diaper cake.

While you have all the practical stuff in your baby shower gift, do not forget about style and creativity. If the baby shower you are attending has a theme, then stay true to the baby shower theme. If the theme is zoo animals, then decorate your cake with cute stuffed animals. Or if you are attending a girl baby shower, accessorize the cake with pink ribbons.

You may get intimidated by the intricate diaper cake designs that you have seen and doubt yourself if you can actually do it. If you know for yourself that some designs are not for you to make, then why not stick to a simple design? But if you think you are creative enough, then why not take the extra mile? The soon-to-be-mother would surely appreciate the effort you have put into your gift. She may even make use of it as a centerpiece for the baby shower.

Indeed, a diaper cake is a practical gift. What can be more practical than diapers? While it is practical, it is also pleasing to the eyes. The aesthetic sense that should come with a baby shower gift, or any gift for that matter, is not compromised. Just get hold of a picture of a diaper cake, and make use of your own creativity and baby gifts ideas. Trust that getting your own masterpiece of a diaper cake done is very satisfying. One more satisfying thing is seeing the mother getting excited over the things that she can make use of out of your gift.

Pink Daiseis with Paisley Diaper Cake

Blue Mums with Swirls Diaper Cake

How to Get Free Samples and Other Gifts for New Born Baby and Moms

The present world teaches us how to be practical and smart in everything that we do. Being resourceful is a characteristic that is one of the high commodities these days. Whatever stage you may be in, your responsibilities will be better handled when you know how to be sensible and realistic. So for first-time parents, being practical and smart means knowing how to spend money wisely and they know when to use different techniques in saving them. For example, they should learn the fundamentals of how and where to get free samples and other gifts for new born baby and moms.

Discovering the Secret to Getting Freebies

You might be surprised to learn that there are numerous corporations, which produce or sell baby-related goods, giving away free baby stuff like samples and coupons to new parents all over the US. Knowing this bit of information now brings you closer to saving a lot of money from buying numerous baby products that your newborn child will need.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of free samples that you can get for your baby, such as clothes, diapers, magazines, formula, and many others. The key thing here is to know who provides these free products, so that you could gain information on how to avail them.

A Bag of Goodies from the Hospital

If you are still planning where to give birth, make sure that your hospital has a great nursing staff that would take care of you during your delivery and until your release in the hospital.

Why, you ask? It’s simple. A great nursing staff will aid you in making sure that you are informed of the things that you will need in taking care of your baby. Also, they will supply you with a starter kit that would include different kinds of coupons and free samples of baby products. They also give away magazines where you can find free samples and other gifts for new born baby and moms.

Trade Shows Related to Babies

Attending trade shows dedicated to child care and baby stuff will definitely send you straight to freebie paradise. Corporations that create and market products for babies would surely be present in this kind of event. Knowing that their target audience will attend this affair encourages these companies to give out free sample supplies of their merchandise and services.

You can research online regarding the schedule of baby trade shows that will be held near your area. Not only will you get free baby stuff, you will also get to sharpen your social skills.

Get Freebies Directly from the Manufacturers

New parents can try signing up directly on the manufacturers’ websites to avail of free samples and coupons. There are several companies that welcome consumers to register on their mailing list and try out their sample baby products. Some would just require you to fill out a survey form and they will, then, send you instant milk formulas and magazines.

There are a lot of ways to gather free samples and other gifts for new born baby and moms. All you need to do is to be smart, practical and perseverant in achieving them.