How to Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors Kit that are Fun, Creative and Unique

One way to make a baby shower even more wonderful and memorable is to make your own baby shower favors kit for your guests. Although baby shower party favors are a traditional part of baby showers, you can make your favors a bit different and unique by giving personalized baby shower favors. And by making your own favors for baby showers, you don’t only put personal touch to the tokens you’re giving but also save more money.

  • Edible baby shower favors are great ideas for baby showers. You can make cookies that are designed or shaped like a baby or the things that babies use like booties, bonnets or mittens. Brownies and candies would also be wonderful treats. Wrapped in colorful wrappers and fancy ribbons, these sweet treats can be enjoyed by both young and adult guests.
  • Homemade baby favors like candles are crafts that you can also make by yourself. The colors and shapes of the candles should go with your chosen theme for the baby shower. For example, you can go for softer colors and baby-friendly shapes to suit the shower party. By following the instructions on a candle-making kit, you can create personalized candles to give to your guests.
  • Another baby shower favor idea is giving flower seeds to your guests. Seeds are kind of metaphors for new life and would serve as nice gifts. Purchase different packs of flower seeds and use a fancy envelope to wrap them. You can also make use of a seed paper to wrap the seeds in.
  • Miniature babies made out of bubblegum are fun baby shower favors to make. First, choose the color that you want for the baby shower motif so you can use the same color in making bubblegum babies. Roll bubblegum into different ball sizes to form the body parts of the baby and glue them together. You can be as creative as you want in providing details such as hair, clothes and even facial features.
  • Everybody loves fortune cookies so why not make them your favors for baby shower? You can prepare homemade cookies and customize fortunes by collecting funny, sweet or loving messages that you like. Print them out and put them in your fortune cookies with a twist.
  • Little jars with little trinkets or tiny stuff on them would also be unique baby shower favors. You can place any tiny items that you want to put in the jars such as little candies or jelly beans, colored sand, stones or beads. You can use ribbons or laces to tie around the jars for final decoration.
  • Simple favors like assorted candies wrapped in a pretty baby fabric are easy to make. You can bunch it up and tie a ribbon around it, as simple as that.

To make your own baby shower favors kit mean taking the time to savor and enjoy the time that you can prepare for something before your baby comes. It is a wonderful way of making your baby shower really memorable.

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