Animal Baby Shower Games

Animal Babies Match
Animal Babies Match

Once a hostess has decided to go with an animal baby shower theme it is time to begin brainstorming for animal baby shower games. A baby shower is never complete without games and when working with a theme using games that are theme oriented helps to keep everything together. There are many animal baby shower games or many games that can be adapted to an animal theme.

The following are some examples of animal themed games that can be used at a baby shower. Some of these games are often played at baby showers, but in these examples have been given an animal theme.

– Name the baby animals. The object of this game is to take the name of a baby animal and tell what it is called when it is an adult. For example a baby goat is called a kid. The guests get a list of baby animal names and must write in what the adult name is. So in the example they would have gotten the name, kid and had to provide the name goat. This game is most fun when using baby animal names that are unusual or not commonly known.

– Diaper the Baby. This game involves teams of two players. Each team must diaper a stuffed animal, but each team member can use only one hand. Whoever gets the diapering completed first wins.

– Guess the number of animal crackers. his twist on an old favorite evokes filling a jar or clear container with animal crackers. Each guest must guess how many animal crackers are in the jar or container. Whoever guesses the closest without going over wins.

– Create a keepsake. Each guest is given a large puzzle piece. The piece can be fabric or poster board or some other material that can be glued or sewn together to create a larger picture of an animal that will match the theme of the nursery. The guests write good wishes to for the new family on their piece and turn them in to the hostess. While this isn’t a typical game it is a nice activity that creates a keepsake for the mother.

These are just a sample of animal baby shower games, but they can open the doors to other creative ideas. For a twist on the theme, game prizes can also be animal themed. Guests are sure to love the animal themed party and enjoy the animal themed games that go along with it. Plus keeping the theme universal for all aspects of the party will help the hostess plan better and make it easier overall.

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