An Unforgettable Baby Shower!

Need some trendy baby shower ideas for an upcoming special event? Here’s one that will bring out the real party animals in your guests!

Everybody loves Snoopy, right? That is an incontrovertible fact. After all these decades, Snoopy, Charles Shultz’s famous beagle-on-the-roof, is still everyone’s favorite philosopher, and one of the most beloved characters in the history of comics.

You cannot go wrong with a Snoopy theme for your baby shower! It makes no difference what age or gender your guests are, the mere fact that they are surrounded with the Snoopy theme will put them at ease and in the mood to giggle, carry on and generally just have fun.

Trendy baby shower ideas with a Snoopy theme:

-Your invitations should contain a Snoopy cartoon picture, if not a real cartoon, complete with a balloon and funny saying. You can find them all over the Internet, and you will have a great time in the process!

-And speaking of balloons, why not decorate with them? You can even get balloons with the “Peanuts” characters to dress up special areas or to use as a centerpiece. Write something funny on them! (How about “Bark if you’re pregnant,” or a simple “WOOF!”)

-Get creative with your decorations. Cut out paw prints and put them on the walk. Serve appetizers in dog bowls. Why not decorate yourself and your friends while you’re at it? Ask them to wear pigtails that look like dog’s ears! Give them each a glittery choker for a party favor… at the beginning of the party, so they can wear it! Put some big black spots on a white turtleneck by pinning on round pieces of fabric or oven paper, and wear black ski pants and bunny slippers.

-Have a ball allowing the little kid in you to come out and greet the little kids in your friends. You might like putting up a big banner, made out of butcher paper and poster paint, that says:


-What’s a party without music, right? Do you have kids? Don’t they have kid music? Do your friends’ kids play kid music? Gather it up and play it during the party! (If you can, put it on a single Mpeg CD so you won’t have to fiddle with it during the festivities.)

-Ahem. What about the refreshments? We suggest you make life simple for yourself. You don’t want to be running around while you’re trying to enjoy your own party, do you? How about two big punch bowls containing Shirley Temples, one spiked with white wine, and one a virgin Shirley Temple? Label them and that will be good for some laughs, while getting you off the serving treadmill. Food? How about some cupcakes in the shape of dog bones? Or simply regular cupcakes with white icing and put on a bunch of dark chocolate chips.

-You can find party games online that are tried and true, but here’s one specific to your Snoopy-themed “trendy” baby shower: Get yourself a big Snoopy poster and attach a black bottle cap or similar object to a push-pin. Then watch everybody line up for a great game of “Pin the Nose on Snoopy.” (Don’t forget the blindfold!)

Baby showers sometimes get a bit stuffy. Usually there are quite a few strangers thrust into an unusual situation together, unable to gracefully escape, for several hours, trying hard to look happy. If left to their own devices, they’ll be exhausted, instead of exhilarated, when they get home.

People love to have fun, but group psychology proves they need permission and direction. You don’t need to actually order anyone around, because a theme such as this makes it immediately obvious to everyone what it’s all about. They come to your party wanting just such an atmosphere. Give it to them, and have a spectacular baby shower they’ll all try to copy… and no one will ever forget!

Creating a Great Couples Baby Shower Using Couples Baby Shower Supplies and Favors

Finish Mommy’s Phrase / Finish Daddy’s Phrase

One of the newest trends in baby showers is a couples shower. A couples baby shower includes the mom and dad to be, plus guests of both genders. The popularity of this idea is fueled by today’s more shared parenting responsibilities. Part of planning a good couples baby shower is to adjust to the idea of men being at the party. Couples baby shower supplies and favors can help to integrate the couples theme into the party in an easy way.

A couples shower is obviously going to be much different from a traditional women only affair. The usual games and finger foods need to be revised, as do the decorations and favors. The emphasis should be on the family instead of just on the mom. Food at a couples baby shower is usually more filling than the traditional light finger foods usually served. Having a meal, like sandwiches, works very well for a couples shower. There is still favors, decorations and other supplies that need to be adapted to a couples shower.

Try to be creative and pick a theme for the shower – this will help to plan out the decorations and favors better. Storybook themes, Noah’s Ark or almost any theme that brings together men and women or the idea of two is a great couples theme. Base the decorations and other supplies around the theme. When it comes to the favors a person needs to consider that men might not be as amused by the cutesy items usually handed out. The whole idea is to make this an equal opportunity party.

A couples baby shower can be a great event. It gets everyone involved and helps everyone enjoy the celebration of the new baby. Planning the couples baby shower supplies and favors are not too difficult if a person chooses a theme and keeps in mind the adjustments that are needed when men are added to the guest

More Games For A Couples Baby Shower

Baby Shower Favors and Baby Food Jars

Baby shower favors and baby food jars go easily hand in hand. There are many ways to use baby food jars to make favors for a baby shower. By combining different items a person can create a multitude of favors that are unique and fun.

The first step in using baby food jars for shower favors is to make sure each is cleaned, the label removed and the lids fit. Once this is taken care of a person can begin to design a unique party favor. There can be many different ways of looking at the favor. Favors can be food, decorative or serve a specific function.

An idea for using a baby food jar and food is taking candies and putting them in the jar and then tying a ribbon around the lid for a little decoration. The jars can also be filled with other small treats like bite sized cookies or homemade jam.

Personalized Glass Favor Jars (Set of 12)

From: Corner Stork Baby Gifts

To create a decorative favor, the jar can be filled with colored sands and a small seas shell glued to the lid. Another idea would be to fill the jar with potpourri.

Functional favors include paperweights, banks or candles, all of which can be made from a baby food jar. For a paperweight the jar can be painted or decorated and filled with a heavy material. A bank can be made by decorating the outside of the jar and cutting a slit in the top of the lid. Candles are always a gift any woman would love and homemade candle can be poured into the baby food jar for a simple favor.

Using these ideas it is easy to see how baby shower favors and baby food jars go so well together. These are just a few of the many ideas that use baby food jars to create unique baby shower favors. It is always fun and challenging to think up new ideas and guests are sure to appreciate whatever idea is used.