Unique Baby Baptism Party Favors for a Joyful Celebration

When having a baby, the next big celebration that you have to think of, is his or her baptism. Usually, baby baptism is done during the first three months. In some cases, baptism takes place from the fourth month onwards depending on the parent’s decision. Baptism is an important event for every Christian, because, this is about welcoming the baby into the Christian world. Baptism is also facilitated in different ways depending on culture, religion and family tradition. In any way or manner it is done, this is still considered a momentus event where a happy gathering is enjoyed by families, relatives and friends. With this, the idea of baby baptism party favors comes in.

There are many ideas that you can think of when planning to have a unique celebration for your baby’s baptism. It is a good thing that the internet is savvy ready in case you are in a rush to have a celebration for your baby. Party favors are important because this will determine what theme you want to have for your baby’s special occasion. Whether it is be a baptism or birthday that you want to celebrate, all the ideas can be seen online. All you need is to surf the net and you can get the best ideas for your baby’s special day. There is a unique baby boutique where you can find all your baby’s needs. You can choose to buy unique party favors from this shop and share it to your guests.

When thinking of  baby baptism party favors, you may consider themes which are related to your baby’s gender. For example if you have a baby girl, then you can think of baby girl favors like pink cupcakes, baby girl figurine, rainbow baby bottles or a girly calendar set. If you have a baby boy, then a baby boy favor is something that you should prepare for. There are miniature cars, cartoon CD’s, baby boy bottles and a unique baby boy gift basket. Whatever idea you have in mind, anything is possible. All you need is to plan out ahead of time to avoid the rush.

For your baby’s baptism, you can also think of a unique baby cake that can fascinate your guests. There are actually hundreds of baby cake designs and ideas to choose from in any bakery or pastry shop. You can have a personalized design or an idea coming from the baker himself. One unique idea is a baby cake diaper. You can get a baby diaper from your baby’s drawer and have it copied by your desired pastry shop. The style and color of the diaper is also under your preference.

Make your baby’s baptism something worth remembering. The kind of baby baptism party favors shall bring life to your baby’s baptism celebration. If you have a good budget, you can hire the services of one party provider and have everything under their responsibility. You can also opt to have a simple one with close family members and intimate friends. Whatever your plan is, the most important  thing is that your baby shall be baptized and your loved ones are there to celebrate this special occasion.

Cool Baby Girl Shower Decorations

The theme of a baby shower always hinges on the baby’s gender. When choosing a theme for a baby shower, it is always essential to make sure that the theme and the baby’s gender go well together in every aspect of the party. Thus, if you are planning for a baby girl shower, make sure that the theme you are going to use goes well with the typical girl stereotypes and it conveys the image of girls. Here are some cool baby girl shower decorations you can choose from

Luau Baby Girl Shower Decorations

What better way to celebrate the coming of a baby girl than through hosting a beautiful and cheerful Luau-themed baby shower! Featuring classic Hawaiian flowers and flip flops, this baby shower theme can surely make the celebration more flamboyant and more unique.

To carry out a luau-themed baby shower, Babyshowerstuff.com offers luau baby shower party supplies, from party favors and invitations to thank you cards and decorations.

Fun Safari Jungle

Using Safari as baby girl shower theme is also great idea as it is easy to prepare. Sites like Babyshowerstuff.com offers safari jungle decorations, including whimsical rhinoceros, tiger, monkey, giraffe and many other fun safari party decorations.

Lollipop Bouquets and Diaper Cakes

Whichever theme you want to carry out in your party, having lollipop bouquets and diaper cakes as your table centerpieces is always a winner idea! You can make a big diaper cake decorated with pink ribbons and put it at the center of the venue.

Pink Twisted Ribbons, Candies and Other Treats

Draping the ceiling with twisted pink ribbons is also one great idea. And from these ribbons, hang veil bags that contain pink cookies, gummy candies and light snacks that match your theme and your baby’s gender. You can pull the veil bag to release the candies and other treats.

Unique Balloons

Of course, a baby shower is not complete without balloons! But to make your baby girl shower more unique, sites like Babyshowerstuff.com offers a wide selection of unique balloons you can use to decorate your party venue. Among these selections include a big baby shaped balloon, umbrella balloon with danglers, sweet pea balloon, monkey girl balloon, and pink baby bottle balloon.

In addition, you can also hang some twisted ribbons from your lamps to make the lighting in your venue muted and pink.

A Big Gift Box

You can also decorate a square table to make it look like a big gift box. This is where you can place your guests’ gifts. Decorate the sides with ribbons and lace that match the theme of your party.

Flowers Arrangement

Little girls are cute and delicate, and adding anything that suits those ideas works great. Using fresh flowers, ideally pink and red roses, can also make perfect baby girl shower decorations. Flowers, which are delicate in nature, can add a girly touch to your party venue. A beautiful and inventive flower arrangement can also make a unique but cheap centerpiece. It is great idea when your budget is tight.

Creating a Great Couples Baby Shower Using Couples Baby Shower Supplies and Favors

Finish Mommy’s Phrase / Finish Daddy’s Phrase

One of the newest trends in baby showers is a couples shower. A couples baby shower includes the mom and dad to be, plus guests of both genders. The popularity of this idea is fueled by today’s more shared parenting responsibilities. Part of planning a good couples baby shower is to adjust to the idea of men being at the party. Couples baby shower supplies and favors can help to integrate the couples theme into the party in an easy way.

A couples shower is obviously going to be much different from a traditional women only affair. The usual games and finger foods need to be revised, as do the decorations and favors. The emphasis should be on the family instead of just on the mom. Food at a couples baby shower is usually more filling than the traditional light finger foods usually served. Having a meal, like sandwiches, works very well for a couples shower. There is still favors, decorations and other supplies that need to be adapted to a couples shower.

Try to be creative and pick a theme for the shower – this will help to plan out the decorations and favors better. Storybook themes, Noah’s Ark or almost any theme that brings together men and women or the idea of two is a great couples theme. Base the decorations and other supplies around the theme. When it comes to the favors a person needs to consider that men might not be as amused by the cutesy items usually handed out. The whole idea is to make this an equal opportunity party.

A couples baby shower can be a great event. It gets everyone involved and helps everyone enjoy the celebration of the new baby. Planning the couples baby shower supplies and favors are not too difficult if a person chooses a theme and keeps in mind the adjustments that are needed when men are added to the guest

More Games For A Couples Baby Shower

Baby Showers In Houston Texas, An example of a shower theme

Baby showers are often centered around a theme. One great theme idea is to use the geographical location. For example, baby showers in Houston Texas are often tied in with a favorite past time of the area, BBQ. Using this theme is actually quite practical. After all the party is to celebrate the baby coming to its home. What better way to do that then celebrate in a traditional way.

Using Houston as an example, planning this BBQ baby shower can be a breeze. First of all, this is a good idea for someone wanting to invite everyone to the party. Women and men will both enjoy this theme. Houston also offers great weather for a BBQ. Once the theme is secured it is time to get planning.

The theme will help make ideas for other aspects of the party, like invitations and favors, come easier. For a BBQ shower invitations could be something like a wagon wheel with wording that says ‘Help the little one roll into town’. Decorations could include bandana napkins, cowboy hat cups or other western type items turned in decorations or supplies. The party favors should be also themed. A cute idea are small cowboy boots filled with candy. Once the décor is taken care of it is time to look into the other important factors: food and games.

Food and games are going to be the highlight of the party. A person can get very creative with the BBQ food. They can serve baby back ribs and baby ears of corn if they wish to be cute. Of course the guests won’t care as long as it is tasty. Games are a fun way to get everyone involved in the party. Since the party is being held outside and there are going to be a variety of people the games can be of a great variety. Water balloon tosses or even a piñata are great ideas. There can also be more traditional games. If possible the games should somehow tie into the BBQ theme.

Baby showers in Houston Texas are only one example of the types of geographical themes a person can use. The BBQ theme lets the party be more of a family celebration then just the mother and some friends. It also allows for much creativity and many ideas.