Make the Right Choice on Your Baby Shower Cake Wording

Yes! After spending anxious time sitting in front of your Ob-gyne or indefinitely waiting for the two-stripe result on your pregnancy test kit, finally, it is confirmed that there is a gentle human being inside your womb, and then what is next? Baby shower party is a celebration that commemorates child birth in order to be “showered” with blessings. After all the preparations done either by you, your sisters or even friends, you suddenly realize that you’re on a dilemma because you cannot decide what would be the best baby shower cake wording. In choosing the proper baby shower cake wording, you should consider a lot of factor since you don’t want your party to be ruined by a single mishap.

All baby shower stuffs should be delicately prepared and fortunately there are some guidelines  that might help you on how to make your baby shower party ideas turned into a perfect baby shower party that includes on how to make your cake inscriptions.

Coming up with the perfect baby shower cake wording does not have to be difficult and perhaps you might be surprised that it is really a piece of cake! When putting an inscription on a baby cake, you must keep it plain and simple because your cake might look crowded if you’re going to put a lot of words on it. But if you can’t avoid to express all your feelings specially your instinct as a mother, then it would be better to print a poem and put it beside the cake. Otherwise your guest might end up pulling their glasses just to read those words definitely you don’t want that to happen.

You could also adopt some lines from nursery rhyme books or from your favorite kiddie charters or movies. Here are some suggestions that you might want to use: It’s A Boy! Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice, Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun, Welcome Baby! Oh Baby, A Star Is Born, Little Prince, Our Family Is Growing By Two (Or Four) Feet, Little Princess, Snakes And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails, It’s A Girl! Little Angel, Celebrate! Sweet Pea. The gender of the baby plays also a big rule, if it is a girl the wordings should be more cute while baby boy might indicate tougher, naughty, and funnier.

But if you’re a friend of the expectant parents, you can personalize the wordings in order to make them feel more special, take note that they wait to hard for the delivery of the baby and somehow you should make them more special . And if you are the proud father who plans the baby shower party, you must show your best effort to make your lovely wife feel very special. Pamper her with those promising words on her baby shower ceremony and make her the proudest mother of your child.

Always put in mind that after all  baby shower party favors nothing else is more treasured than a very touching welcoming baby shower cake wording not only for the baby but for the mother that would embrace the grueling world of motherhood!