Hosting a Coed Baby Shower: Jack and Jill Baby Shower Invitations, Food and Games

Times have indeed changed. While in the past, shower parties used to be only attended by girls, now men are starting to get involved in the celebration. Through a coed baby shower party, also called Jack and Jill baby shower, anyone can now participate in this joyous event. However, like planning for any type of party, planning for a Jack and Jill baby shower entails an enormous amount of effort especially in preparing Jack and Jill invitations, food and games. Here are some tips for hosting a successful coed baby shower:

Planning a Baby Shower for Guests of Both Sexes

• Invitations
The couples shower invitations should clearly state that the baby shower is a coed event and can be attended by both female and male guests. If there’s any particular theme in mind like barbecue party or nursery theme, it should also be written in the invitations so that guests will have a clear idea of the party. The guests should also be considered in selecting colors and party motifs. Choose neutral colors and softer hues.

• Theme
The shower themes can be a good way of showing a couple’s personality and the way they want the party to be. Some suggested coed themes for a baby shower are barbecue party, football theme and nursery theme.

A barbecue party can be done outdoors and is a very casual theme that will allow guests to bring family members. The football theme is a great idea if you’re expecting a baby boy. Your guests will also have fun with this theme especially if they like football. In a nursery theme, guests can bring baby shower presents and help arrange and decorate the baby’s nursery. The theme will also be interesting for the men if they have tasks such as putting up furniture, setting up wallpapers or hanging pictures.

• Food
The menu or baby shower food should be prepared with the male guests in mind since they have bigger appetites. Serve hearty meals in food bars to make the job easier. For dessert, make a creative cake to go with the theme. For example, if your theme is nursery, make a cake that is shaped like a baby, bottle feeder or any baby item that you’d like.

• Activities
Baby shower games add more flavor and fun to the celebration. If you decide to have games for the guests, some fun suggestions are baby bottle drinking race, baby stroller race and pregnant twister.

• Favors
Prepare baby shower party favors that would be appreciated by both male and female guests. You can either prepare gender neutral favors or purchase different items for each gender. The baby shower game prizes may also serve as party favors for guests to enjoy. Be creative in choosing them.

Coed baby showers are usually casual get-togethers where the people in attendance can exchange stories and the expectant parents can heed some parenting advices from those who already have a baby. By using Jack and Jill baby shower invitations to include male guests in the party, the celebration will have an opposite sex’s different perspective on parenting and expecting a baby. In the past this was usually done by mothers-to-be with female guests only but now, the males have become a welcome addition to the party.

Tips For Planning Rubber Duck Bath Time Theme Baby Shower Favors

Your friend might be having a baby soon and you want to make the baby’s arrival as special as possible. Planning a baby shower is the best way to celebrate that with your friends and family members. One of the most popular products associated with children in general are rubber duckies, which is why planning your own rubber duck bath time baby shower favors a traditional option for a theme for such an event.

To fully understand why this is a popular option for duck baby shower theme, it is important to examine the history of rubber duckies. These baby items are actually a misnomer since they are not made out of rubber, but instead are made from vinyl plastic. They are used by parents for enticing their child to have a bath and make the bathing experience more enjoyable.

A rubber duck could come in variant sizes, colors, and shapes to suit your child’s preference. However, yellow duck is the most popular color option available. Some of them are manufactured to produce whistling or squeaking sounds to capture the child’s attention or make bathing time more fun than usual. Give these characteristics, it is no wonder why rubber duckies are quite popular.

You can now have several ideas that you can use given this tradition that you can incorporate into planning your rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors.  So, how do you come up with the design concepts for this party? Some of the obvious elements you can incorporate into the design will involve rubber duck, and other components that would remind one of bath time for kids.

You can go over the top with the design and table decorations for rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors. An ideal location for this party would be to hold it poolside wherein you can adorn the pool with extra large rubber duck. You can also serve small rubber ducks floating into the punch bowl for more fun.

You can go as far as incorporating the rubber duck baby shower theme into the menu. For instance, you can add a half-inch football mold into a round cake. Then, you can decorate it with small plastic bubbles to make the cake look like a tub.

When sending out invitations for the rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors, you can ask the invited guests to bring items that would suit with the bath theme. In fact, you can ask them to dress up and stay with the bath time theme.

Finally, deciding on the best gift idea for rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors need not be as difficult as it seems. If possible, avoid buying a rubber duck for a gift. But still, you can remain consistent with the bath theme by giving other bath products such as baby shampoo or soap, bath kit, and other similar items. This is therefore a fun and innovative way to celebrate the arrival of a new child with duck themed baby shower and keep up with a long-running tradition.