Precious Moments Baby Shower Decorations Make a Difference

There are many great baby shower themes one can choose from when planning a baby shower party.  Examples are western baby shower, pooh baby shower and precious moments baby shower. Among the many baby shower themes, the precious baby shower theme is one of the most popular. Having a precious moment baby shower theme means that you should use soft neutral colors in your precious moments baby shower decorations, invitations and so on.

As mentioned above, a precious moment baby shower should use powder soft pastel colors such as baby blue, pink, lavender, peach, mint green and other colors of the same hue. You can pick one or combine any of the colors for your motif. Starting from the baby shower invitations to the decorations, all should be coordinated to truly make the party feel like a precious theme baby shower.

Ideas for a precious moments baby shower decorations can be taken from books, web sites and you can also refer to the precious moments websites owned by Hallmark. There are also some web sites which can teach you how to coordinate the different colors with the different precious moments baby moments patterns. It has been noted that many people appreciate precious moments baby shower parties and many are also using the precious moments theme in other parties such as christenings, anniversaries and so on.

It is actually not hard to come up with items for the decorations. If you are a collector of precious moments products, you can use them for the baby shower decorations. You can use tall figurines for the baby shower centerpiece and you can place the smaller figurines around the room. Just take precautions to make certain that the figurines will not fall down. Place them strategically around the room in such a way that they can be fully appreciated but at the same time; they should also be in a safe place especially if children will be present during the party.

Those who do not have the time to coordinate the decorations can simply buy precious moments baby shower theme sets or kits. There are more than 20 precious moments baby shower items you can choose from. Examples are precious moments balloons, plates, tissues, tableware, favors, keepsakes, figurines, invitations and many more. So if you do not have the time to make the decorations by yourselves, you can simply buy. There are many stores and online shops which sells precious moments products.

There are many reasons why people wish to throw a precious moments baby shower themed party. One of them is that, it is easy to come up with decorations and ideas since you can just refer to the precious moments product for ideas. In addition, the colors can be easily used for a baby shower for a boy or girl. In addition, the decorations can also be used for other parties as well.

Precious moments baby shower decorations are not hard to come by these days. Precious moments baby shower kits and sets are available in many gift shops and other stores. People who are fond of collecting precious moments figurines do not need to buy decorations if they are planning a precious moments party. They can use the figurines for the baby shower party. They can just add some items as long as they use neutral colors.

Baby Shower Poems to Say Thank You

It is customary these days for people who attended a baby shower party to receive a baby shower thank you note afterwards. Preparing baby shower poems to say thank you is one good way of making those who attended the baby shower feel special. Giving or sending a thank you note or card after the baby shower is a very good way of expressing your appreciation for your friend’s effort when they prepared the party and also for their baby shower gifts. Preparing a baby shower poems thank you will make them feel more special because making a poem in itself is already difficult.

Why the need for a baby shower thank you note? We all should remember that planning a baby shower is not easy. There are many things to prepare such as the baby shower invitations, decorations, cakes, food, activities and games. In addition, buying baby shower supplies and thinking of the baby shower theme is not as easy as it sounds. Aside from the party itself, you also need to express your gratitude nit only for the gifts but also for the presence of your friends and relatives.

Expectant mothers who are creative and who are good with words will have an easier time to prepare a baby shower thank you note or poems. You can prepare a thank you poems for the baby shower itself or the baby shower thank you poems can be for the gift. Thank you poems can be fun and exciting to make. Those who are good writers or good poem makers can make a special poem for each of their friends and relatives who attended the baby shower. However, you can also just prepare one baby shower thank you poem which you will read during the baby shower itself.

If you plan to make a thank you poem for the baby shower to all those who attended the party, you can just prepare short but meaningful poem. One stanza will do. Those who want to make a thank you letters or poems but they are not exactly good at writing or making them can get ideas from poem collection, poem books and from the internet. There are many sites which provide sample baby shower thank you poems. You should not copy the poems but at least you can have an idea. Some people just prepare a two-line poem but it is still appreciated by the receiver. The poem does not have to be perfect.

The important thing is you express how much you appreciated your friend’s efforts and gifts. Making poems for your friends can be a fun activity for expectant mothers. It will help you relax and you can also have fun thinking of adjectives to express your gratitude. Baby shower thank you poems are also necessary because they are more personalized as compared to sending generic cards to your friends. If you make a personalized thank you note or poem for them, they will feel that their efforts were not wasted.

Baby Shower Gift Thank You Note Wording Ideas

Baby shower parties are fun and exciting not only for the expectant mother but for those who will attend the party as well. Those who will attend the baby shower are all expected to bring gifts for your baby. After the party, it would be good to prepare a thank you note for baby shower. Expectant mothers are normally tired because of their pregnancy so sometimes writing a letter or a thank you note can be exhausting for them especially if they have write to many people. To help expectant mothers with this problem, some companies came up with the idea of providing baby shower gift thank you note wording.

Planning a baby shower can be fun and tiring at the same time. It all starts with the baby shower announcement then the baby shower invitations should be sent. A unique baby shower theme is chosen which will be the basis of all the activities during the baby shower. Examples of baby shower themes include baby shower for baby girl or boy, butterfly baby shower, and diaper party baby shower and many more.

Those who are planning the baby shower should prepare baby shower decorations, baby shower cakes, baby shower games and other activities. Since all this preparations for the baby shower can be tiring and requires a lot of effort for the party planers and for those who will attend the party, it is a very good gesture on the part of the expectant mother to prepare a baby shower thank you note to express her gratitude.

As mentioned above, it can be difficult sometimes to write even a simple thank you cards or notes for the baby shower. Fortunately, there are good sources of baby shower gift thank you note wording expectant mothers can use to help them come up with unique and special thank you cards or letters to those who attended and planned the party. A baby shower thank you note usually includes the name of the person of course, the type of gift they gave and how much you appreciated their gift and presence during the baby shower.

It is better to write the name of the person instead of using a common heading for all. It is also good to mention the gift because this will make the receiver feel more appreciated. For those who have time, handwritten notes, cards or letters are better because they are more personalized than printed ones. However, these days, your friends will not think ill of you if you send thank you note though email. Just make sure that it is not generic and that you wrote the note or letter yourself. You should not just copy and paste. Your friends will feel that you do not appreciate their efforts if you do so.

If you do not know the proper baby shower gift thank you note wording or you are not sure how to start, you can read some sample thank you notes online. You should not copy them verbatim, but it will give you an idea on how to write your thank you note.

Make Your Own Baby Shower Footprint Invitations

Making invitations for any kind of occasion has been a trend for a long time. Many people love it because it looks very personalized. If you are planning to have a baby shower, make you sure you have a baby shower checklist because you do not want to miss out anyone. But if in case you want to have your baby shower footprint invitations made before you finalize your guest list, then make sure you have a lot of extra invites. Most of the time, parents want their baby showers to be unique’ and unforgettable. Browse through the internet and look for baby shower ideas.

Whether you are planning a baby shower for yourself or organizing one for your friend, your goal is to make it as fun as possible. You can make your own baby shower games and decorations or you can buy some ready made ones available in the bookstores. Baby shower footprint invitations are quite easy to make. Thanks to the development of technology, there are now a lot of baby shower invitation templates which can be downloaded from the internet for free. You can choose from a long list of designs and each one can still give have its personal touch. You may add you own designs and wordings.

Baby shower invitation themes will make the very first impression about your party so make sure it is suitable for your party theme. Please do not make an invite using a jungle themed baby shower invitation and then suddenly decide that you want a fairy-themed party. Baby shower  invitation seems like a little thing but it may give a very strong impression. If you think you are artistic enough, you might not need the help of the internet to make your very own baby shower  invitations. Just go to the craft store and buy some materials and you are ready to go. Most crafts kits come with instructions so it would be easy.

If you want, you may add your baby’s ultrasound photo or you and your husband’s baby pictures as well. There are some nice footprint cut-outs that you can find in bookstores or specialty stores. Just make sure you lay-out your items artistically on your baby shower invitation and it does not look too crowded. You may also make your own baby shower invitation wording to make it more personal. This way you can really say what you want to say about how important your coming baby is.

There are so many things that you may want say but if you do not have time for this, there are a lot of choices in the internet. Baby shower invitation ideas are limitless but a lot of people still agree that baby shower footprint invitations are still the best. It has an emotional impact to the parents and it will really look good on your baby’s first album. Baby shower invites are fun to do and create. So let us not rely on the over the counter general invites for your baby. So make your own personalized baby shower invitations and be proud.

Hosting a Coed Baby Shower: Jack and Jill Baby Shower Invitations, Food and Games

Times have indeed changed. While in the past, shower parties used to be only attended by girls, now men are starting to get involved in the celebration. Through a coed baby shower party, also called Jack and Jill baby shower, anyone can now participate in this joyous event. However, like planning for any type of party, planning for a Jack and Jill baby shower entails an enormous amount of effort especially in preparing Jack and Jill invitations, food and games. Here are some tips for hosting a successful coed baby shower:

Planning a Baby Shower for Guests of Both Sexes

• Invitations
The couples shower invitations should clearly state that the baby shower is a coed event and can be attended by both female and male guests. If there’s any particular theme in mind like barbecue party or nursery theme, it should also be written in the invitations so that guests will have a clear idea of the party. The guests should also be considered in selecting colors and party motifs. Choose neutral colors and softer hues.

• Theme
The shower themes can be a good way of showing a couple’s personality and the way they want the party to be. Some suggested coed themes for a baby shower are barbecue party, football theme and nursery theme.

A barbecue party can be done outdoors and is a very casual theme that will allow guests to bring family members. The football theme is a great idea if you’re expecting a baby boy. Your guests will also have fun with this theme especially if they like football. In a nursery theme, guests can bring baby shower presents and help arrange and decorate the baby’s nursery. The theme will also be interesting for the men if they have tasks such as putting up furniture, setting up wallpapers or hanging pictures.

• Food
The menu or baby shower food should be prepared with the male guests in mind since they have bigger appetites. Serve hearty meals in food bars to make the job easier. For dessert, make a creative cake to go with the theme. For example, if your theme is nursery, make a cake that is shaped like a baby, bottle feeder or any baby item that you’d like.

• Activities
Baby shower games add more flavor and fun to the celebration. If you decide to have games for the guests, some fun suggestions are baby bottle drinking race, baby stroller race and pregnant twister.

• Favors
Prepare baby shower party favors that would be appreciated by both male and female guests. You can either prepare gender neutral favors or purchase different items for each gender. The baby shower game prizes may also serve as party favors for guests to enjoy. Be creative in choosing them.

Coed baby showers are usually casual get-togethers where the people in attendance can exchange stories and the expectant parents can heed some parenting advices from those who already have a baby. By using Jack and Jill baby shower invitations to include male guests in the party, the celebration will have an opposite sex’s different perspective on parenting and expecting a baby. In the past this was usually done by mothers-to-be with female guests only but now, the males have become a welcome addition to the party.

Cake Ideas for Baby Shower: Tips on Purchasing Cakes or Making Your Own

A baby shower cake is one of the things to think about in planning a baby shower party. There are many cake ideas for baby shower to choose from.  While it is important that the cake goes with the desired party theme, it is also necessary to consider the size, price and taste of the cake. The cake should not only be affordable and delectable, but should also be big enough for all the guests.

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Girl

“Forever Baby Diaper Cake”-Boy

Things to Consider in Purchasing Cakes

  • Decide between cakes and cupcakes. Both are cute and adorable ideas for dessert.
  • Consider your budget so you’d know what you’re going to get with it. If you’re going to purchase baby shower cakes, this will help you compare prices and search for a bakery or cake maker that will give you the best deals. Meanwhile, if you’re going to make your own shower cakes, you’ll get an idea what materials can be bought with your budget.
  • Look for a cake design that fits your baby shower theme. For example, if you have chosen a ladybug theme and will be sending ladybug invitations to guests, it would be nicer if your cake also looks or is designed like a ladybug.
  • To buy or to bake – that is the question. If you can’t bake, look for reputable bakeries in your area to design and bake a baby shower cake for the party. Meanwhile, if you have the skill then bake and design the baby shower party cake. You can also look at cake images online for some inspiration.
  • Nothing beats experience so ask for advices from your friends who have experienced holding baby showers. They might be able to help you find affordable cake makers or give you tips on where to buy cheaper materials or alternatives that cost less but still serve well.

Other Considerations to Make

  • Determine when the cake should be ordered. If you’re planning to hold a baby shower during a busy season like Christmas, you have to make sure that you place your order early on. By doing this, there will be plenty of time before the actual date of the babyshower. You avoid getting in a frenzy looking for a bakery or cake maker during the last hour.
  • Estimate the number of guests for the baby party to determine the size of the cake. It should be large enough for everyone attending the party. If it’s going to be custom-made, inform the cake maker how many guests are invited.
  • Choose one among the baby shower cake ideas that you have in mind. Select whether you prefer a chocolate or white cake. Choose a specific design and appearance for the cake and let the baker know about it. Some baby shower cakes to choose from are baby blocks, baby bootie or baby carriage cakes.
  • If you’re planning to make DIY cakes, a few suggestions on the design include bunny, ladybug, peas in a pod, Noah’s ark, teddy bear and many more. Just keep your preferred baby shower themes in mind in decorating the cakes.
  • Consider making or buying baby shower cupcakes. They are good alternatives to the traditional cake and will also save you the trouble of slicing a portion for the guests.

In considering different cake ideas for baby shower, the most important things to consider are the budget, theme and deciding on purchasing or making your own cake. But above all, the essence of baby showers should be the primary inspiration in holding a shower party.

Tips For Planning Rubber Duck Bath Time Theme Baby Shower Favors

Your friend might be having a baby soon and you want to make the baby’s arrival as special as possible. Planning a baby shower is the best way to celebrate that with your friends and family members. One of the most popular products associated with children in general are rubber duckies, which is why planning your own rubber duck bath time baby shower favors a traditional option for a theme for such an event.

To fully understand why this is a popular option for duck baby shower theme, it is important to examine the history of rubber duckies. These baby items are actually a misnomer since they are not made out of rubber, but instead are made from vinyl plastic. They are used by parents for enticing their child to have a bath and make the bathing experience more enjoyable.

A rubber duck could come in variant sizes, colors, and shapes to suit your child’s preference. However, yellow duck is the most popular color option available. Some of them are manufactured to produce whistling or squeaking sounds to capture the child’s attention or make bathing time more fun than usual. Give these characteristics, it is no wonder why rubber duckies are quite popular.

You can now have several ideas that you can use given this tradition that you can incorporate into planning your rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors.  So, how do you come up with the design concepts for this party? Some of the obvious elements you can incorporate into the design will involve rubber duck, and other components that would remind one of bath time for kids.

You can go over the top with the design and table decorations for rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors. An ideal location for this party would be to hold it poolside wherein you can adorn the pool with extra large rubber duck. You can also serve small rubber ducks floating into the punch bowl for more fun.

You can go as far as incorporating the rubber duck baby shower theme into the menu. For instance, you can add a half-inch football mold into a round cake. Then, you can decorate it with small plastic bubbles to make the cake look like a tub.

When sending out invitations for the rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors, you can ask the invited guests to bring items that would suit with the bath theme. In fact, you can ask them to dress up and stay with the bath time theme.

Finally, deciding on the best gift idea for rubber duck bath time theme baby shower favors need not be as difficult as it seems. If possible, avoid buying a rubber duck for a gift. But still, you can remain consistent with the bath theme by giving other bath products such as baby shampoo or soap, bath kit, and other similar items. This is therefore a fun and innovative way to celebrate the arrival of a new child with duck themed baby shower and keep up with a long-running tradition.

Water Bottle Wrappers Baby Shower

A baby shower would not be complete without the perfect baby shower gift, and one of the best gifts you can give an expectant mom holding her baby shower are water bottle wrappers baby shower.water bottle labels

A baby shower is one of the most anticipated celebrations especially since it is a celebration held for the coming of the newest member of the family. Throwing a baby shower for the soon-to-be mommy entails creativity and resourcefulness. From the theme of the party, the baby shower games, and down to the baby shower favors, everything should be as creative as can be. And one of the best treats you can have for a baby shower is to give out decorative water bottles as a baby shower favor.

This party idea will not only exercise your creativity but through you can also help save the environment. Instead of throwing away bottles, why not reuse them and – to make it look close to being new – wrap them with personalized and custom-made water bottle wrappers? These could make for great giveaways for a baby shower, especially water bottle wrappers baby shower fit for a party celebrating the mom-to-be’s safe and blessed pregnancy. You can decorate the food table with these colorful and customizable water bottles, or give them out to your guests.

If you are planning a baby shower, either for yourself or for someone you know, you might want to visit for fabulous baby shower ideas. is your number one resource when it comes to baby shower theme ideas, favors, printables, and many others. For water bottle wrappers baby shower, has offers a variety of colorful and thematic designs which you can choose from, such as  the Blue Camo, Cowboy, and Baseball. For the girls, there are the Flower, the Butterfly, and the Ladybug Bottle labels. There are also unisex water bottle labels like the Baby Blocks Baby Shower, the 2 Peas In A Pod Baby Shower, the Sage Water Bottle Label and the Pumpkin Water Bottle Label. There are even water bottle printable labels for mom-to-be’s expecting twins or triplets!

Apart from creativity and resourcefulness, making your own water bottle wrappers baby shower through will prove cost-efficient and time-saving. The size of a printable water bottle label is 10.5” by 2”, custom-made to fit both regular-sized and mini water bottle. You can also put in the baby shower details—like the soon-to-be mom’s name or the baby’s name or the date—across the water bottle label. There are three bottle labels in one sheet per design and all designs are priced at only $6.95 each.

Making the water bottle wrappers baby shower is easy. All you have to do is visit and choose a design for your bottle labels. Once you have chosen a design, fill up the order form, add to your cart, and wait until the printables are emailed to you. Once you have received the labels, type in your baby shower details and print in a white copy paper, cardstock or sticker paper and print as many as you want!

Fun Ideas For Baby Shower Cakes Recipes

Planning a baby shower can be a lot of work with so many preparations to do such as decorating the venue, coming up with table decorations, planning the games or other activities. This is why the menu is often neglected, which often leaves your guests unsatisfied. There are several fun baby shower cakes recipes that you can try to suit the party’s theme and enable your guests to enjoy good food.

Below are easy yet delicious baby shower cakes recipes for you to choose from.

Jell-O Cake

This is one of the most innovative baby shower cakes recipes that you can prepare for the event. There are two sets of ingredients that you must prepare for this cake recipe: one for the cake and another for the topping. For the cake, you must prepare a package of white cake mix and a package of Jell-O. For the topping, you need instant vanilla pudding, 1 ½ cup milk, and whipped topping.

Follow the instructions on the white cake mix package and use a 9 x 13” greased baking pan to prepare the cake. Then, dissolve the Jell-O while the cake baking and pour in half a cup cold water to reach a syrupy consistency. Punch holes into the cake while it is still warm and pour the Jell-O into the holes. Store the cake into the fridge and let it cool.

To prepare the topping, you must mix the milk with the vanilla pudding. Wait until it thickens so you can add the whipped topping. Apply it onto the top of the cake and chill in the refrigerator.

Pineapple Baby Shower Cake

This is one of the simplest baby shower cakes recipes that you can serve to your guests at the party. It is also quite simple to prepare and the ingredients used are easy to find.

You can start by baking two regular sponge cakes. Once both cakes are ready, soak them in pineapple juice. Whip some heavy cream and layer it onto the cake before you add the pineapple at the center. Apply the whipped cream on top, then add some more pineapples and cherries.

Your guests will surely enjoy the wonderful taste and texture of a pineapple baby shower cake. It is also a good alternative if you cannot find or prepare your own pudding.

Stork Baby Shower Cake

This is another one easy recipe that your guests will love at the baby shower party . You must bake two rectangular shaped cakes that are 12 inches in measurement. Then, make two more round cakes, each measuring at eight inches and 12 inches in diameter.

Start by cutting the rectangular cake in a diagonal manner. Place it onto one side of the eight-inch round cake to serve as neck of the stork, while the round cake itself serving as the face. You must set the broad diagonal pieces on the round cake while the ones with pointed ends will serve as the beak. Finally, the 12-inch round cake will become the body of the stork.

You can add the neutral color icing onto the face and main body. You can use deep chocolate icing on the legs using melted chocolate. You can also use chocolate drop to form the eyes and lines on the facial features of the stork.

The Building Block Cake Recipe

You will need:

  • pound cake (frozen)
  • 2 16-oz. containers of cream-cheese, vanilla or white icing
  • 1 16-oz. container of pink strawberry icing
  • 1 small bottle of food coloring- blue, pink and yellow
  • 1 tube prepared white icing with screw-on plastic star tip
  • 1 Glass filled with hot water
  • a sharp-edged knife


Cut the frozen pound cake into three using a ruler. Trim the edges to make a cube like appearance for each slice. Now for the frosting, take some white frosting in a medium-sized bowl then add the blue food coloring. Mix the frosting and food coloring well using a hand blender. Repeat this procedure for the yellow and pink frosting. Refrigerate the frosting before use. Get the sharp-edged knife and dip into the glass of hot water then frost the cake cubes – one cube in yellow, one in pink and one in blue. After this, draw a letter or number on each of the cubes using the white icing tube. Arrange the cubes in a way that the pink and blue cubes are sitting side by side and the yellow cube is resting on the top edges of the pink and blue cubes. You will then have a charming baby shower cake shaped like building blocks.

The Butterfly cake

Bake two heart shaped cakes and about eight cupcakes. The cupcakes will form the body of the butterfly so they have to be placed in a row. Put the heart shaped cakes on either side of the row of cupcakes to represent the butterfly’s wings. Now you can start with the icing. Use white vanilla frosting to ice the cupcakes and yellow or pink strawberry flavored frosting for the butterfly wings. Complete the cake by creating the antenna using pick frostings. Butterfly cakes are perfect as baby shower cakes for girls.

Try any of these baby shower cakes recipes to serve on your party to treat your guests to a delicious and fun meal.

Planning a Baby Shower

If you are in charge of planning a baby shower there are many steps that you can take to make things easier on you. Some people feel that planning a baby shower is too much to handle, so in turn they forget about this altogether. While there are many details that you must take into consideration, it is not quite as time consuming as you may think. If you take your time and stay organized you should be able to plan the perfect baby shower in no time at all.

The first step to planning a baby shower is deciding where you are going to have it. There are a few options that can be considered when it comes to the hosting site. If you are the parent to be you may want to have the baby shower at your home. Of course, you could also have it at a friend’s house or even at a neutral location. The choice is yours, and there is really no right or wrong answer.

The next thing to consider is how many people you are going to invite, as well as who you are going to invite. This can be the most difficult part of planning a baby shower for obvious reasons. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time when working on the invite list. This way you will not leave anybody out that you definitely should have invited. If you want to take the easy way out you may just want to invite family and your closest friends. Your invite list should be based on personal preference.

Also consider the type of activities that you will have at your baby shower. Are you going to play games? If so, do you have any in mind? Make sure that you have all of the activities planned out in advance so that you do not find yourself scrambling later on. You should also consider what type of food you will have at your baby shower, if any. Many people expect to eat when they come to a baby shower, but if you do not want to spend the money on this there is no reason that you should have to.

As you can imagine there are many details that are important to the overall success of a baby shower. If you are in charge of the planning process the main key to success is to stay organized, and move forward without skipping any details. If you do this you should not run into too many problems when planning. And remember, a baby shower is supposed to be fun. Do not get so caught up in the planning process that you cannot enjoy yourself when the big day arrives!