Baby Showers In Houston Texas, An example of a shower theme

Baby showers are often centered around a theme. One great theme idea is to use the geographical location. For example, baby showers in Houston Texas are often tied in with a favorite past time of the area, BBQ. Using this theme is actually quite practical. After all the party is to celebrate the baby coming to its home. What better way to do that then celebrate in a traditional way.

Using Houston as an example, planning this BBQ baby shower can be a breeze. First of all, this is a good idea for someone wanting to invite everyone to the party. Women and men will both enjoy this theme. Houston also offers great weather for a BBQ. Once the theme is secured it is time to get planning.

The theme will help make ideas for other aspects of the party, like invitations and favors, come easier. For a BBQ shower invitations could be something like a wagon wheel with wording that says ‘Help the little one roll into town’. Decorations could include bandana napkins, cowboy hat cups or other western type items turned in decorations or supplies. The party favors should be also themed. A cute idea are small cowboy boots filled with candy. Once the décor is taken care of it is time to look into the other important factors: food and games.

Food and games are going to be the highlight of the party. A person can get very creative with the BBQ food. They can serve baby back ribs and baby ears of corn if they wish to be cute. Of course the guests won’t care as long as it is tasty. Games are a fun way to get everyone involved in the party. Since the party is being held outside and there are going to be a variety of people the games can be of a great variety. Water balloon tosses or even a piñata are great ideas. There can also be more traditional games. If possible the games should somehow tie into the BBQ theme.

Baby showers in Houston Texas are only one example of the types of geographical themes a person can use. The BBQ theme lets the party be more of a family celebration then just the mother and some friends. It also allows for much creativity and many ideas.

Baby Shower Twins Invitations Ideas

Twins are always a welcome surprise. The new mother is sure to need plenty of things for her new babies and all in duplicate! This makes a baby shower very important, for providing everything a baby needs is expensive and when there is a need for two of everything, well, expensive becomes really expensive.

An important part of planning a baby shower is the invitations. Baby shower twin invitation not only give the important information about the party, but also let every guest know there are going to be two babies instead of one.

The baby shower hostess can have plenty of fun choosing invitations for a twin shower. There are many different ways to go about it. A popular theme is ‘two peas in a pod’ where the invitations can be made to look like a pea pod with two peas inside.

This design is easy to create with two contrasting shades of green construction paper. One color can be used to make the outside or ‘pod’ and the other color can be used to cut out two circles or ‘peas’ for the inside. The ‘peas’ are glued inside the ‘pod’ and the information is then written on the outside and on the ‘peas’. Another popular idea is the story of Noah’s ark. The ‘two by two’ story of Noah’s ark is very fitting for a twins shower. The ideas are limitless.

Twin shower invitations are basically a play on the idea of double. Anything the evokes the idea of two is a great theme for the baby shower twins invitations. The new mother will surely be grateful to the hostess for making sure all guests know the about the double surprise and guests will be grateful if they didn’t already know so they can buy two gifts for the shower.