Free Ideas For Baby Shower Center Pieces And Party Decorations

The decorations make your baby shower party lively and welcoming for your guests. This is also where you get to exhibit the various elements of your chosen baby shower theme. The table center piece is a crucial component in your table decorations but it does not have to be ultra extravagant since you can get free ideas for baby shower center pieces to make your decorations stand out.

Before you start gathering free ideas for baby shower center pieces, you must first decide on a theme for the party. However, there are several ideas that blend well with nearly all types of baby shower themes you have chosen. You can try out these classic ideas to add more aesthetic appeal into the overall decoration.

Floral arrangements are among the most classical ideas to use as center piece for any table decoration. In terms of using it for the baby shower decorations, it would suit well with any theme you have chosen for the party. To add more appeal to your baby shower centerpieces, opt for fresh flowers or potted plants. You can choose flowers that are of the same color scheme as the baby shower theme to serve as a nice complement to the other decorative elements.

Another traditional choice on free ideas for baby shower center pieces would be to use candles. This will give a nice touch of sophistication to the table decoration. In addition, candles could also make as nice keepsake ideas that you can giveaway to your guests for this lovely occasion.

Since a baby shower is supposed to be fun and creative, you can think of other fun ideas that would suit well with the baby theme. For instance, you can use balloons to adorn the table. This is a creative yet inexpensive idea that you can use. Meanwhile, the use of diaper cakes is also fast emerging as one of the top choices on free ideas for baby shower center pieces.

The use of food as the table center piece would also make a great idea, specifically desserts. You can make a tower of the baby shower food, such as edible cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. On the other hand, you can also prepare a fruit arrangement and choose ones that are color enough to become the highlight of each table decoration. You can also try other fun snacks to place on the table center piece, such as chocolates, jelly beans, and truffles.

This will serve a dual purpose. First, your guests will have something to nibble on while observing the activities of the baby shower from their table. Second, it will add some much needed color and vitality into each table. The hostess must choose favorite food items from the new mom to make it a more personalized center piece.

Deciding on the perfect center piece decoration for your baby shower tables need not to be expensive. You can pattern the same decorative elements and themes from celebrity showers without the same cost. Use these free ideas for baby shower center pieces and add your own personal touch to it to make it an even more memorable party.

Double Duty Table Decorations for Baby Showers

One of the toughest parts about planning a baby shower is trying to figure out how to decorate. A new trend in decorating is sweeping baby showers everywhere and making the job of hostess much easier. Making decorations serve double duty. What this means is that the decorations also serve another use at the party.

This idea saves time and money and is one of the most popular trends in baby showers today. The most popular double duty is table decorations for baby showers.

Table decorations are easy to make double duty items. Both food and non-food items work great as table decorations because they are easy to set up and look great. There are two main ways double duty table decorations work. First they can also be the party favors. The party favors are set at each place at the table or in the center of the table.

The guests then take them home at the end of the party. Second they can also be food items. A very creative example is a watermelon with fruit kabobs as a centerpieces. Guests then take and eat the kabobs. Other ideas include flowers, balloons or anything else that may be given as a favor or eaten by guests.

The ideas are endless and only limited by creativity. Table decorations for baby showers do not have to be a bother. By simply using other items from the party a person can create a great looking table decoration that serves for other uses as well. Double duty decorations are appreciated by everyone and cut down on costs and work for the hostess.