Free Ideas for Baby Shower Decorations

Putting together a baby shower can get expensive. Any idea that saves money is always welcomed. One way to save is on decorations. While guests enjoy the way decorations set the mood of the party, the truth is they most likely are more focused on the new mother and the fun activities of the party. So chances are nobody will mind if a fortune is spent on the decorations or merely a few dollars. In fact there are many free ideas for baby shower decorations.

When a person thinks free they usually think the result will look cheap, but that is not the case. There are many ways to decorate a baby shower for free and still keep the party looking good. The following list are some free ideas for baby shower decorations.

– Use the gifts brought to the shower as table decorations. As guests arrive they can place their gift at the center of their table. Many times gifts bring decorated bags or nicely wrapped gifts with beautiful bows, all of which look nice as centerpieces. The added bonus is the mom-to-be can unwrap each gift at the table of the guest who brought it so they can witness her reaction first hand and she can thank them without having to yell into a crowd of people.

– Use baby items that the mother can take home afterwards. Items like blankets, bibs, pacifiers or bottles can all be used as decorations. The mom-to- be can then take the items home with here after the shower as a gift from the hostess.

– Use things from the garden. Flowers are a wonderful decoration. If the shower is in a time of year when flowers are in bloom, flowers from the hostess garden can become decorations.

– Be crafty. Many recycled items can be added to with a little paint or other embellishment to create a nice looking decoration. Old candles can be melted down and poured into old tea cups to create new, unique candles that work nicely as a centerpiece.

These ideas are all free, yet all impact as baby shower decorations. It does not take a lot of money to create a beautiful shower. Free ideas for baby shower decorations only take a bit of creative thinking and a little work to look more beautiful than anything that could have been bought. Plus guests and the mom-to-be are surely to appreciate the effort that went into the decorating.

Double Duty Table Decorations for Baby Showers

One of the toughest parts about planning a baby shower is trying to figure out how to decorate. A new trend in decorating is sweeping baby showers everywhere and making the job of hostess much easier. Making decorations serve double duty. What this means is that the decorations also serve another use at the party.

This idea saves time and money and is one of the most popular trends in baby showers today. The most popular double duty is table decorations for baby showers.

Table decorations are easy to make double duty items. Both food and non-food items work great as table decorations because they are easy to set up and look great. There are two main ways double duty table decorations work. First they can also be the party favors. The party favors are set at each place at the table or in the center of the table.

The guests then take them home at the end of the party. Second they can also be food items. A very creative example is a watermelon with fruit kabobs as a centerpieces. Guests then take and eat the kabobs. Other ideas include flowers, balloons or anything else that may be given as a favor or eaten by guests.

The ideas are endless and only limited by creativity. Table decorations for baby showers do not have to be a bother. By simply using other items from the party a person can create a great looking table decoration that serves for other uses as well. Double duty decorations are appreciated by everyone and cut down on costs and work for the hostess.