Writing the Perfect Thank You for Baby Gift

Many women stress out over writing the perfect thank you forbaby gift. It should not be a stressful situation. A thank you note is supposed to be a heart felt way of letting someone know their baby gift was really appreciated. Taking the stress out of the situation is simple if a person knows how to write the
thank you note. Having an idea of what to write makes the process smooth and easy.

The first thing to keep in mind when writing a thank you note is that it is supposed to be a personal message. That means skip using the computer and handwrite the notes. It also means a little creative thinking will be needed, as each note should be unique and not sound like a form letter. With that in mind the
following steps should help anyone write the perfect thank you for a baby gift.

– The beginning of the note should specifically mention the gift. It also helps to mention the shower to remind the person of the event. Example: Cheryl, Thank you for the baby manicure kit you gave me at my shower on Saturday. – Next the note should talk about how the gift is appreciated and will be used. Example: I was hoping to get one of these kits as I really needed it. I’m sure I will get plenty of use out of it once the
baby arrives.

– To add a bit of personalization to the note, tie in the connection between the person and the gift, if possible. Example: I remember how you said how much you used a manicure
kit when your daughter was a baby.

– To end the note include something personal to update the gift giver on how things have been since the baby shower. Example: I have been getting ready for the baby’s arrival. She should be
here any day now. I hope you can come visit once she comes home.

– Close the note with a thank you and signature.

These steps are all a person needs to do for their perfect thank you note. Writing the perfect thank you for baby gift is really not too hard. Following these steps is simple and will make writing the notes fast and simple.

The Snoopy Baby Shower – Decorations and Activities

Are you putting together a baby shower? Looking for something fun to add a little energy to the gathering? How about a theme party around everybody’s favorite canine philosopher, Snoopy? A baby shower party game or two with Snoopy might just make real party animals out of you and all your guests!

It’s easy to develop a Snoopy baby shower. Images of Snoopy abound online and off. Print them from the net or buy Snoopy products from the grocery store and use the package (such as Snoopy fruit snacks). Make dog bone cupcakes! Find some Snoopy balloons! Let your imagination go wild and have some fun with it; your guests will too.

Here’s a fun Snoopy baby shower game to get you started. Once you get on a roll, you’ll have some ideas of your own.

Find yourself a Snoopy poster, or print one from the net. (To make a 17″ X 22″ poster yourself, find a suitable picture of Snoopy on the net, then copy it and paste it four times into a Word document. Use the picture toolbar (it’s under “view”) to crop your picture into 4 quadrants. Enlarge each quadrant by clicking the picture, then dragging the bottom left corner downwards and outwards until it reaches the limit of your margins. You’ll have four pages when you’re done. Print them, cut out the images and match them up, taping them together from the back. Put your Snoopy masterpiece up on the wall and play Pin the Nose on the Snoopy!

Don’t forget to use the Snoopy cartoon on your invitation. You could even cut out butcher paper paw prints to leave outside and mark the path. You never know… the Mom might just love it so much she’ll use it for her baby’s birthday parties themes for years to come.

Planning a Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Baby Shower

When planning a baby shower a simple way to make everything more organized and easier to do is to choose a theme. A theme allows a person to tie everything together and choose supplies based upon the theme. Themes allow a person to set up specific color schemes and symbols that will be used. A now I lay me down to sleep baby shower is a great example of using a theme to simplify the planning.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep is a popular children’s prayer. Almost everyone has heard of it and it evokes a sense of security and comfort when people hear it again. Using this theme for a baby shower is quite simple. The first step is to determine the color scheme and symbols that will be used. Commonly used colors include blue and yellow. Common symbols include pillows, stars, moons and praying hands. Once the colors and symbols are chosen it is time to start planning.

The important aspects of the shower should all be tied into the central theme. The invitations can incorporate the now I lay me down to sleep poem on the front or inside. Food is the next essential item. The cake should be decorated with coordinating symbols and can also include the poem. The next thing to consider are the decorations and favors.

Decorations and favors are where the theme really comes out and is tied in with the party. Decorations should clearly spell out the theme of the party. Some great ideas are to use the stuffed animals that say the prayer as table center pieces. After the party these can go home with the mother-to-be for the baby. Glitter is often used with this theme and can be used to dress up tables as well. Streamers in the colors can be used around the party area. Favors are another great way to incorporate the theme. A creative idea is to make potpourri sachets that look like small pillows with the prayer written on them and the baby’s name or just use “Baby” and the last name. There are many store bought options that tie in with theme as well.

A now I lay me down to sleep baby shower has an atmosphere that evokes the peacefulness of a baby sleeping. The party should be kept low key and relaxed. The atmosphere is set with the decorations, cake and favors. Once the party is underway all the planning will be worth it.

Hilarious Baby Shower Fun

If you’re putting on a baby shower, you’re in luck! There’s almost nothing as fun as a baby shower. Everybody loves them. Why? Because it’s the happiest event of all events, a time to welcome a new baby to our beautiful blue and green jewel of a planet.

If you’re searching for something to jazz up your baby shower, drop everything else and start thinking about baby shower games! They can be so much fun that you and your guests will be rolling around on the floor laughing. And that’s the other side of the baby shower coin: If you do it right, everybody has a good chance to get in touch with the happy, innocent, laughing child that resides forever inside of them!

So let’s look at a few baby shower game possibilities. Once you’ve read these, you’ll want to go check out some more. There are hundreds right on the net! Have a ball!

Baby Pictionary: Pictionary is the kind of game that creates hilarity wherever it goes. Baby Pictionary is no exception. You don’t need the board game to play it. Just write out some baby-related phrases on some index cards and have a guest try to draw what’s on the card within the time limit (two minutes, usually). Use a big pad of newsprint on an easel and a dark marker. The artist cannot speak! This game can be played in teams or with just individuals drawing for the whole group.

The Baby Food Game

Put out some baby food in tiny, unmarked disposable paper cups. (Make sure you can identify what the baby food was!) Each guest gets to taste the food and guess exactly what it might be! (Choosing the less common flavors will make this game more fun.)

Figure out a cute prize for the winners, like a big safety pin with a blue ribbon with the name of the mom being honored on it. Let loose and have a ball!

Creating a Great Couples Baby Shower Using Couples Baby Shower Supplies and Favors

Finish Mommy’s Phrase / Finish Daddy’s Phrase

One of the newest trends in baby showers is a couples shower. A couples baby shower includes the mom and dad to be, plus guests of both genders. The popularity of this idea is fueled by today’s more shared parenting responsibilities. Part of planning a good couples baby shower is to adjust to the idea of men being at the party. Couples baby shower supplies and favors can help to integrate the couples theme into the party in an easy way.

A couples shower is obviously going to be much different from a traditional women only affair. The usual games and finger foods need to be revised, as do the decorations and favors. The emphasis should be on the family instead of just on the mom. Food at a couples baby shower is usually more filling than the traditional light finger foods usually served. Having a meal, like sandwiches, works very well for a couples shower. There is still favors, decorations and other supplies that need to be adapted to a couples shower.

Try to be creative and pick a theme for the shower – this will help to plan out the decorations and favors better. Storybook themes, Noah’s Ark or almost any theme that brings together men and women or the idea of two is a great couples theme. Base the decorations and other supplies around the theme. When it comes to the favors a person needs to consider that men might not be as amused by the cutesy items usually handed out. The whole idea is to make this an equal opportunity party.

A couples baby shower can be a great event. It gets everyone involved and helps everyone enjoy the celebration of the new baby. Planning the couples baby shower supplies and favors are not too difficult if a person chooses a theme and keeps in mind the adjustments that are needed when men are added to the guest

More Games For A Couples Baby Shower

Buying Philadelphia Eagles Baby Gifts

Most mothers-to-be have some sort of theme picked out for their baby’s room and accessories. If the mother-to-be is a
Philadelphia Eagles fan then she may just choose this as her baby’s theme. Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out how to follow the theme when buying a gift. Choosing Philadelphia Eagles baby gifts is simply, though, if a person has a good idea of what type of gift they want to buy.

There are two main classification of gifts with a Philadelphia Eagles theme: collection or practical. Collection type gifts are basically not going to be used for or by the baby. Instead they are simply decoration or keepsake items that will be something for the child to treasure their whole life. Practical items are the more traditional gifts that will be used for or by the baby.

When using a Philadelphia Eagles theme it is possible to not have to buy actual team licensed products. For the gift giver on a budget, simply using the colors instead for the gift. So a person could buy green blankets or other green or silver colored items. Another option is creating a homemade gift featuring the Philadelphia logo.

Finding the Philadelphia Eagles merchandise is not too difficult. The Philadelphia Eagles website sells baby merchandise like, bibs, pacifiers and blankets. The merchandise can also be found in almost any department store. Other merchandise can be found throughout the internet with a simple search using Philadelphia Eagles.

Having a theme like Philadelphia Eagles makes choosing a baby gift much easier. It provides a limit to the gift choices and ensures that the new parents will enjoy the gift. It also limit’s the seemingly endless choices available for baby gifts, which can be a blessing for the gift giver. New parents who are Philadelphia Eagle fans will truly enjoy a gift showcasing their favorite team for their new favorite little one.

Baby Shower Fun Activities

Baby showers are a wonderful time of celebration. Part of what makes it so great are the baby shower fun activities that go on. Games are among the most popular things to do at a baby shower. There are also fun activities that involve everyone working together to make something special for the mother-to-be. Baby shower fun activities are a way to celebrate and honor the new mother.

Games are always a highlight of any baby shower. There are many different categories of games from brain teasers to physical challenges. There are also games that run the range of humor and bring a lot of laughter to the party.

A good example of a fun baby shower game is one where guests are presented with a range of baby foods whose labels have been removed. The guests are then responsible for naming what baby food is in the jar. An incredibly humorous baby shower game is called smell the diaper. Various candies are melted or crushed and placed inside a diaper. The guests then have to smell each diaper to guess the name of the candy. A good example of a physical game is where guests work in pairs to diaper a baby. The fun part of this game is that each guest can only use one

Games are one way to bring some lively fun to a baby shower. Another great activity for baby showers is something that can last the new mother for years to come. These types of activities can be something that begins even before the party. One example is a quilt. With each invitation is included a scrap of material that they are instructed to decorate for the new mother and baby. The guests then bring their piece of material to the party and it is then constructed into a quilt. Another example of this type of activity that can happen at the party is laying out a poser board or picture frame or other item that can be written on and having each guest write their best wishes to the new family.

These types of activities engage everyone and create something for the mother-to-be to remember the day by. Baby shower fun activities bring the party together. They create laughter and memories. These activities are a way to liven the party and entertain guests, as well as to make the day the best fun for the new mother.