Planning a Halloween Themed Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower with interesting themes can be fun and guests and the expectant mom will definitely enjoy the baby shower party. There are many themes for a baby shower. You can even create your own theme. One great theme especially during the months of October and November is to have a Halloween themed baby shower. It might sound strange but it can actually be fun. For one thing, you can use recycle or reuse decorations you have used during the Halloween.

You can start by thinking of a Halloween themed name for the baby shower party. Examples are ‘Mommy’s Little Pumpkin’ and ‘my Lil’ Pumpkin Baby Shower.” Next, you have to come up with a baby shower with a Halloween theme as well. You can make baby shower invitations shaped like a pumpkin or any other items related to Halloween. Those who are not artistic enough can download Halloween themed baby shower invitations from many baby shower party websites.

After sending out the invitations, plan the baby shower decorations next. This should not be difficult since you already have a theme and you can reuse Halloween decorations from past Halloween parties. Use black and orange colors and decorate the party place with pumpkins, witches, spiders, skeletons and many more. You can also ask guests to come in costumes.  You also need to prepare foods which go with the theme of the party. For example the baby shower cake can be a pumpkin cake roll or a butterscotch pumpkin bundt cake.

One of the most important things to do when planning for a baby shower party is to make sure that you have enough baby shower activities and baby shower games to make the party lively. Some good games you can have are: Halloween crossword puzzles, pumpkin bowling, baby pumpkin carving and trivia games about Halloween and motherhood.

Some of the unique Halloween themed baby shower games which are highly suggested by those who have tried include: ‘Baby Sounds’ and ‘Creepy Crawlers’. For ‘baby sounds’, you will need to record different baby sounds then make the players guess the sound or the activity related to the sound. For the ‘creepy crawlers’, put different Halloween related items in a small bag then let guests feel then guess what is inside the bag. These two games can definitely make the baby shower party memorable to those who attended the party.

Aside from games, there are other baby shower activities which can be done. You can have a Halloween onesies painting activity. Prepare white onesies and different paints. You can then ask the guests to paint the onesies with Halloween related stuff. You can also have a baby shower pumpkin activity. It is basically the traditional pumpkin carving but with a twist. Challenge the participants to carve something which is related to babies. For example, they can carve a crying baby or a diaper, a smiling baby and so on.

It is indeed challenging to prepare for a Halloween themed baby shower but it can also be fun. If you do lack baby shower ideas, you can ask help from people who have experience in planning baby showers or you can read books about baby shower parties. You can also search the internet for great ideas and you can even get some materials from some websites for free.

Best Baby Shower Foods Recipes Ideas

Are you running out of baby shower foods recipes ideas? Preparing for a baby shower may seem never to end, especially if you got stuck with ideas on what or how to serve a delightful meal to celebrate the coming of your little angel.

The worldwide web offers hundreds and even thousands of baby shower menu ideas. In the same way, cookbooks offer just as much to help you prepare for that day when your pregnancy is being celebrated. Throwing a baby shower might be fiddly but this is the beginning of your new responsibilities as a mom. This includes choosing the best food recipes for that special day.

The theme turns on the mood of your baby shower, but the food is always the jewel. You can enjoy this momentous moment by adding gimmicks and gags to your shower party like having some unique baby shower games but it is always superb to serve food recipes that would match the entire theme of your party and the taste of your guests.

You can start your baby shower with a punch! Everybody loves punch, you or your mommy-to-be pregnant guests, and kids can have some. Some of the most wonderful punches for a baby shower would be a raspberry punch, fruit shower punch, and even an orange juice would do! You can also make either a blue punch for a baby boy shower and pink for a girl. You can try looking for more ideas online to make your sweet tasting and themed- punch.

Now comes the centerpiece of the baby shower, the baby shower cake! Your baby shower cake should suit perfectly with your theme. It can come in many different shapes, colors and styles. Some of the most common are baby bottle cakes, diaper cakes, nappy cakes, teddy bear cakes and so much more. You can try using a vanilla or a chocolate on your base cake. Also, a pink baby cake regardless of its shape would indicate a baby girl shower and blue for the boys.

Don’t forget finger foods. If you are planning a picnic like baby shower or even just right outside your garden, you can always rely on finger foods as your appetizers. These include sandwiches, fresh fruit plates, chicken or veggie trays or cheese and meat trays. These are just some samples of the thousands of baby shower foods recipes ideas that you can get online.

You can also add luscious desserts and salads. Keep in mind that while some guests might be a pure vegetarian, some might have allergies to certain food such as nuts and sea foods. Thus, it is essential to make sure to offer a variety of food to each of your guest. If you are planning quite an enormous baby shower, you can ask friends and family members to assist you with the preparation of food.

There are so many baby shower foods recipes ideas and you can get them speedily online. These guidelines will surely make your baby shower a memorable one.

Achievable Free Ideas for Baby Shower Ideas

For cousins, sisters, best friends, or anyone close to the mother-to-be, planning and coordinating a baby shower for a person that is special to you is a daunting and pressure-filled task. From the sending out of invitations up to the preparation of the party favors, the to-do list of that individual will certainly be full. Not only that! It seems that a lot of women are getting pregnant these days and are in need of a friend to throw a baby shower for them. That is why achievable free ideas for baby shower ideas are on high demand these days.

Sorting Out Feasible Ideas

Because of the advent of new technology, there are a lot of websites at present that provide helpful tips and concepts in throwing a party. However, not all of them are attainable or applicable to every party coordinator. It will take a lot of time and effort for someone to sort out all of the information that can be found online.

That is the very reason why this article is created. All of the things a party coordinator will need in throwing a fabulous baby shower are right here.

Steps in Throwing a Successful Baby Shower

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the numerous tasks involved in throwing a baby shower. The different components included in the party must be handled and there are times when certain details were forgotten to be attended to. These hardships must not discourage the designated party planners for there are achievable free ideas for baby shower ideas that are available to come to their rescue.

Three Significant Ingredients of a Baby Shower

There are three important things about the shower party that every coordinator must decide on before anything else. One of them is choosing who will host the shower. The coordinator must also ask from the mother-to-be the date when she wants the party to occur. Last thing to decide on is the venue of the baby shower party.

After settling these things, the coordinator can now begin the preparations for the other components of the party.

Creating a List and Timetable

It is important for a party coordinator to list down the little details involved in a baby shower that must be attended to. Doing so will help her avoid forgetting the simplest details that should have been handled before the shower itself.

The timetable will also help the coordinator to see the flow of the party: from the pre-event, event itself, and up to the post-event details. Seeing the timeline on paper will aid the planner in checking on the things that still need to be done.

Selecting the Theme and Guests

The designated coordinator must check with the expecting mother which theme she would like to use for the baby shower. After all, this is her show as well as her baby’s. The menu, decorations and party favors can be synchronized with the kind of theme she likes.

The planner must also coordinate with her regarding the guests that she wants to invite, including how much guests can be covered by the budget.

It’s Time to Party!

Now that the event coordinator is armed with free ideas for baby shower ideas, she can now implement what she learned from this article into an actual baby shower party. She will be able to confidently plan the event on her own.

Water Bottle Wrappers Baby Shower

A baby shower would not be complete without the perfect baby shower gift, and one of the best gifts you can give an expectant mom holding her baby shower are water bottle wrappers baby shower.water bottle labels

A baby shower is one of the most anticipated celebrations especially since it is a celebration held for the coming of the newest member of the family. Throwing a baby shower for the soon-to-be mommy entails creativity and resourcefulness. From the theme of the party, the baby shower games, and down to the baby shower favors, everything should be as creative as can be. And one of the best treats you can have for a baby shower is to give out decorative water bottles as a baby shower favor.

This party idea will not only exercise your creativity but through you can also help save the environment. Instead of throwing away bottles, why not reuse them and – to make it look close to being new – wrap them with personalized and custom-made water bottle wrappers? These could make for great giveaways for a baby shower, especially water bottle wrappers baby shower fit for a party celebrating the mom-to-be’s safe and blessed pregnancy. You can decorate the food table with these colorful and customizable water bottles, or give them out to your guests.

If you are planning a baby shower, either for yourself or for someone you know, you might want to visit for fabulous baby shower ideas. is your number one resource when it comes to baby shower theme ideas, favors, printables, and many others. For water bottle wrappers baby shower, has offers a variety of colorful and thematic designs which you can choose from, such as  the Blue Camo, Cowboy, and Baseball. For the girls, there are the Flower, the Butterfly, and the Ladybug Bottle labels. There are also unisex water bottle labels like the Baby Blocks Baby Shower, the 2 Peas In A Pod Baby Shower, the Sage Water Bottle Label and the Pumpkin Water Bottle Label. There are even water bottle printable labels for mom-to-be’s expecting twins or triplets!

Apart from creativity and resourcefulness, making your own water bottle wrappers baby shower through will prove cost-efficient and time-saving. The size of a printable water bottle label is 10.5” by 2”, custom-made to fit both regular-sized and mini water bottle. You can also put in the baby shower details—like the soon-to-be mom’s name or the baby’s name or the date—across the water bottle label. There are three bottle labels in one sheet per design and all designs are priced at only $6.95 each.

Making the water bottle wrappers baby shower is easy. All you have to do is visit and choose a design for your bottle labels. Once you have chosen a design, fill up the order form, add to your cart, and wait until the printables are emailed to you. Once you have received the labels, type in your baby shower details and print in a white copy paper, cardstock or sticker paper and print as many as you want!

Ideas for Baby Shower Favors In Pittsburgh PA

Throwing a baby shower to commemorate the arrival of a newborn has always been a fun-filled occasion for the residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From the themes to venues, moms-to-be from this area really place a lot of effort in holding the perfect shower party for their babies. Among the details that soon-to-be mothers in Pittsburgh are worrying about is the selection of baby shower favors in Pittsburgh PA.

Why Selecting the Perfect Baby Shower Party Favors Is Important

Choosing the perfect and most adorable party favors for your baby shower is crucial in ensuring that this occasion will last in the memories of your guests. An adorable shower souvenir will put a smile on your guests’ faces when your shower party comes to an end. Whenever they see the keepsake you have given them, they will remember the shared laughter and the enthusiasm brought by the celebration for the impending arrival of your baby boy or girl.

Finding the Most Suitable Choice among the Shower Party Favors

Searching for the ideal baby shower favor will require you to do a bit of looking around Pittsburgh and checking which would be the most affordable and most appropriate for the theme of your baby shower. Ensure that you still have ample time before the shower is held so that you will have a clear head in selecting the perfect keepsake for your party.

Available Baby Shower Favors in Pittsburgh PA

Knowing why finding the perfect shower party favors is important, you must now check on the available options for you that can be found within the state of Pennsylvania.

One option is ordering cookies from the Pittsburgh cookie table collection of The Cookie Connection. This cookie collection is a recognized tradition around Pittsburgh that has already found its way into the different aspects of the residents’ lives. Their cookie favors have different shapes and decorations that would be appropriate for a baby shower. They are also individually wrapped for better presentation to your shower party guests.

Another option that you can easily find in the Pennsylvania State is the baby shower lollipops that you can order from the Chocolate Dreams and Wishes shop. They have a wide selection of chocolate-coated designs and ideas that you can choose from. You can even customize and personalize your baby shower party favors.

Their most popular chocolate lollipop product is the Chocolate Ultrasound Lollipop. This is really a unique choice for your shower party. It is, literally, a sweet way to announce to everyone the arrival of your baby. You can place an ultrasound photo of your baby at the center of the lollipop to make it even more special.

Another rare treat for your baby shower is their 3D Chocolate Favors. This delicious option offer molded chocolates embedded in cookies, hand-painted using luster dust to provide sparkle and color.

Both chocolate favors have clear cello bag packaging that is very glossy and comes with a bow.

In your search for the perfect Baby Shower Favors in Pittsburgh PA, you need not be overly pressured. Just remember that what matters most is the effort and thought you have placed in preparing them.

How to Make Baby Shower Free Invite Cards

For people who are thinking of throwing a baby shower under a strict budget, they can successfully organize one as long as they cut down on several expenses involved in the party while not affecting the overall ambience of the gathering. Among these expenses you can save up on is making your own baby shower free invite cards.

Why Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations?

Making your own shower invitations will not only help keep your expenses in check, but could also provide a personal feel for the cards you will send out. These invitations will be memorable for you because you personally designed them for the celebration of the arrival of your baby girl or baby boy.

Details Needed in Creating Baby Shower Cards

It actually depends on the level of your crafting abilities. If you are a newbie in making any kind of cards, you can search for preprinted cards and write down the important details you can include in the invitation cards you will be making.

A few of these details might include the venue of the baby shower party, the name of your baby, whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, when and where the party will be held, and your preferences with the gifts they will be bringing or your chosen gift registry, if you have any.

If you already have previous experiences in making baby shower free invite cards, then all you will need is to buy the materials for the cards, a colored printer, and your creativity.

Things to Keep In Mind in Making Baby Shower Invitations

In creating your own party invitations, it is best to stick to the theme of the baby shower you are throwing. This will help you conceptualize better on the appearance of your baby shower invitations. If you are finding it hard to come up with the actual appearance of the card, you can search for free printable baby shower invites over the Internet.

You can also make use of simple graphics software program that can aid you in reproducing the appearance of the card that you want to achieve. There are numerous downloadable fonts, photos and colors that you can choose from. You just need to let out your dormant creativity and design a card that would best represent the excitement you are feeling due to the impending arrival of your baby.

Another tip that you can use in cutting down the expenses for your party invitations is to send them through email instead of sending via snail mail. You will be able to save a lot from all the postage expenses you will incur if you opt to send them through the traditional way.

Lastly, creating your own baby shower free invite cards must be a happy and memorable experience for you, and this should be evident in the invitations you will be making for your baby. This is an activity that can help you bond more with the baby in your womb.

Create An Exceptional Baby Shower Invitation

How to Create an Exceptional Baby Shower Invitation

If you’re planning a baby shower, you know what an important event the occasion is. You are celebrating the soon-to-be birth of a baby – what more reason could there be to throw a party?

A baby shower invitation sets the tone for the day of the celebration, so it’s essential that the invitation you create makes an impression on each and every guest who receives it. If you are in need of some direction as to how to create the perfect baby invitation, look no further. We’ve got the information you’ve been looking for.

What an Excellent Baby Shower Invitation Looks Like

Everyone’s idea of excellence is different and the look of your baby shower invitation will be partially determined by the tone and theme of the baby shower you’re planning. A casual, fun-filled baby shower calls for a baby shower invitation reflecting that atmosphere, whereas a prim and proper baby shower calls for a more formal baby shower invitation.

What Your Baby Shower Invitation Should Say

While the style of baby shower invitations may vary, one thing remains the same. All baby shower invitations need to provide certain information. To ensure that your baby shower invitation tells your guests everything they need to know, you’ll want it to include the following:

Invitation Introduction

This portion of the baby shower invitation should contain a greeting. For example, if the baby shower is a surprise party, you may want to write something like, “Guess who’s having a baby? We’re throwing a baby shower for Jane, but don’t let her know! It’s a secret!”

If you know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, you can change “Guess who’s having a baby?” to “Guess who’s having a baby boy?” or “Guess who’s having a baby girl?”

The tone of the baby shower invitation’s introduction should reflect what the tone of the party will be.

Date and Time

Of course, you need to make sure your baby shower invitation informs the guests of the date and time of the party. After all, you can plan the best baby shower in the world and if no one knows when to show up, it’s not going to do anyone any good.


In addition to knowing when to attend the baby shower, your guests need to know where to go for the party. Make sure your baby shower invitation informs your guests of the exact party location. Telling someone the party is at “Jim’s Bistro” isn’t going to do them any good if they don’t know where Jim’s Bistro is. Give guests the exact address and the nearest crossroads so they can easily find the location of the baby shower.


If you want to know how many guests are coming to the baby shower, you’re going to need to have RSVP instructions in the baby shower invitation. Let guests know what phone number to RSVP to and ask them to do so by a specific date. This will ensure that your baby shower planning goes as smoothly as possible.

Gift Registries

If the mom-to-be has registered with a baby shower gift registry at any stores, let your guests know on the invitation. A simple statement such as, “Jane is registered at Babies R’ Us and The Baby’s Room” will do nicely.

Where to Have Your Baby Shower Invitations Made

Where you have your baby shower invitations made is just as important as what the baby shower invitations say. Nothing is worse than a poorly made invitation.

Some absolutely adorable baby shower invitations can be created at . Converting the baby birth announcement cards and children’s birthday invitations available at this website into baby shower invitations is not only simple, it’s also ingenious. Simply choose the design you like best, enter your text and send your pictures to

I know, I know. If the baby isn’t born you don’t exactly have baby pictures to send, right? If you know what gender the baby is going to be, you can send a stock photo of a baby boy or a baby girl. If you really want to personalize it, see if you can get an ultrasound photograph and have that put on the invitation instead. Some of the designs available at allow for two pictures, so you might want to add a picture of mom and dad as well. also offers a quick, easy and affordable way to make your baby shower invitations. Their Deluxe Planning and Games Kit has proved to be an invaluable resource to thousands of baby shower planners. You can create these baby shower invitations right on your computer and the kit also provides you with 75 printable baby shower games, a theme party planner and much more. Whenever someone asks me what shower planning kit I recommend, this is the one I refer them to. Not only does it include a number of valuable tools, it’s an incredible value at less than twenty dollars.

Whether you prefer the custom-designed baby shower invitations from or you’d like to take a hands-on approach with the Deluxe Planning and Games Kit offered by, finding the tools you need for the perfect baby shower invitations is literally a mouse click away.

Writing the Perfect Thank You for Baby Gift

Many women stress out over writing the perfect thank you forbaby gift. It should not be a stressful situation. A thank you note is supposed to be a heart felt way of letting someone know their baby gift was really appreciated. Taking the stress out of the situation is simple if a person knows how to write the
thank you note. Having an idea of what to write makes the process smooth and easy.

The first thing to keep in mind when writing a thank you note is that it is supposed to be a personal message. That means skip using the computer and handwrite the notes. It also means a little creative thinking will be needed, as each note should be unique and not sound like a form letter. With that in mind the
following steps should help anyone write the perfect thank you for a baby gift.

– The beginning of the note should specifically mention the gift. It also helps to mention the shower to remind the person of the event. Example: Cheryl, Thank you for the baby manicure kit you gave me at my shower on Saturday. – Next the note should talk about how the gift is appreciated and will be used. Example: I was hoping to get one of these kits as I really needed it. I’m sure I will get plenty of use out of it once the
baby arrives.

– To add a bit of personalization to the note, tie in the connection between the person and the gift, if possible. Example: I remember how you said how much you used a manicure
kit when your daughter was a baby.

– To end the note include something personal to update the gift giver on how things have been since the baby shower. Example: I have been getting ready for the baby’s arrival. She should be
here any day now. I hope you can come visit once she comes home.

– Close the note with a thank you and signature.

These steps are all a person needs to do for their perfect thank you note. Writing the perfect thank you for baby gift is really not too hard. Following these steps is simple and will make writing the notes fast and simple.

The Snoopy Baby Shower – Decorations and Activities

Are you putting together a baby shower? Looking for something fun to add a little energy to the gathering? How about a theme party around everybody’s favorite canine philosopher, Snoopy? A baby shower party game or two with Snoopy might just make real party animals out of you and all your guests!

It’s easy to develop a Snoopy baby shower. Images of Snoopy abound online and off. Print them from the net or buy Snoopy products from the grocery store and use the package (such as Snoopy fruit snacks). Make dog bone cupcakes! Find some Snoopy balloons! Let your imagination go wild and have some fun with it; your guests will too.

Here’s a fun Snoopy baby shower game to get you started. Once you get on a roll, you’ll have some ideas of your own.

Find yourself a Snoopy poster, or print one from the net. (To make a 17″ X 22″ poster yourself, find a suitable picture of Snoopy on the net, then copy it and paste it four times into a Word document. Use the picture toolbar (it’s under “view”) to crop your picture into 4 quadrants. Enlarge each quadrant by clicking the picture, then dragging the bottom left corner downwards and outwards until it reaches the limit of your margins. You’ll have four pages when you’re done. Print them, cut out the images and match them up, taping them together from the back. Put your Snoopy masterpiece up on the wall and play Pin the Nose on the Snoopy!

Don’t forget to use the Snoopy cartoon on your invitation. You could even cut out butcher paper paw prints to leave outside and mark the path. You never know… the Mom might just love it so much she’ll use it for her baby’s birthday parties themes for years to come.

Sentimental Baby Shower Ideas

Sentimental baby shower ideas are for the mom-to-be that wants to remember every moment of her pregnancy. Many moms -to-be wish to cherish every moment from the minute they find out they are pregnant. It may be the hormones or just how pregnancy makes women more emotional, but sentimental baby showers will help a mom-to-be to never forget her baby shower.

A common theme of sentimental baby showers is creating a keepsake at the party for the mom-to-be. a good example is a picture frame that everyone at the party signs with their name and a message. The picture frame is then presented to the mom-to-be. Another idea of a keepsake is a journal where each guests writes about an experience or time they remember that they and the mom-to-be shared. Another keepsake idea is one where each guests brings with them a picture of the mom-to-be from sometime in the past. Some guests may have known her since she was a baby herself and can bring pictures from her childhood, while other guests may be able to bring pictures from a past decade when they first met the mom-to-be.

The photos are then put in an album for the mom-to-be share with her new baby one day. Another ‘bring to the party’ type activity is where each guest is sent a quilt square to decorate and bring to the
party. The squares are then sewn together for a quilt. Sentimental baby showers can also include sentimental games. One idea is a remember when game where guests take turns talking about a time they remember when about the mom-to-be. Another game could include pictures of each guest as a baby where the
other guests must match up who is who.

Games and keepsake gifts are a big part of sentimental baby showers. Sentimental baby shower ideas revolve around creating a feeling of nostalgia for the mom-to-be. Remembering past times or creating things for the future are sure to make any mom-to-be start feeling sentimental.